New Nintendo 3DS Jailbreak Guide - LEGACY GUIDE

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the Nintendo 2ds and 3ds family of

consoles are easier than ever to

jailbreak with less steps and more

reliability in this video I'm going to

show you everything that you need to do

to jailbreak your Nintendo 2ds Nintendo

3ds or new Nintendo 2ts or 3ds console

and it all starts right now

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miss out all of the links in this video

are listed in the description below and

I'm using the incredible guide listed at

3ds max dot guide for this video they do

fantastic work I've donated to them and

I hope that you'll consider doing the

same here we go a note of caution before

you get started

Nintendo has dropped the ban hammer on

some jailbroken to Deus and 3ds consoles

that were not protected and then went

online make sure you stay tuned all the

way to the end of the video to learn

what you can do to protect your 2d S or

3ds jailbroken system and go on live

without the risk of being banned you're

gonna need to be able to have and do a

few things to get this done and I'm

gonna have to make a few assumptions in

the interest of time first you're going

to need official firmware 11 . 13 so

make sure you do a system update before

you proceed with the guide you're gonna

need an SD card or micro SD card for

your 2d s or 3ds and I'm assuming that

you know where to put it in your 2d s or

3ds console if you have one of the new

Nintendo 3ds that requires that you take

the battery cover off the back I have a

tutorial linked in the description below

to show you how to do that if you're not

comfortable with it you'll need a PC or

Mac computer and you'll have to have an

SD card slot in order to access files

from the computer and you'll need to

keep your 3ds or 2d as plugged into the

wall for full power the entire time you

do this process

the first part of the jailbreak process

uses an exploit in DSiWare and your

friend code on your system in order to

break the encryption on your 3ds or 2d s

it's wise to run a test before you do

this because if you can't use this

process than going through the seed

miner process itself isn't going to work

you'll need to use an alternate method

to get started with the test go into

your system settings first you'll be

able to look in the bottom right corner

of the top screen and see what version

of the firmware you're on in this case

11 point 13 to do the test itself go to

data management and in data management

go to DSi where if you see the DSiWare

menu then everything's fine

you'll be able to proceed forward but if

your system crashes and goes back to the

home menu you will not be able to

proceed with seed miner and you'll need

to use an alternate method to do the

jailbreak process I've linked it here in

the video and also in the description

below so that you can look at some

alternate methods for doing a jailbreak

for your 3ds once the test is complete

just go back to the home menu from here

power off your 2d s or 3ds and remove

the SD card and put it in your computer

your 2d S or 3ds is going to write a

series of folders on your SD card and

you're gonna need to get a 32 character

string off one of these folders so with

your SD card inserted go into your file

explorer from here go to the card in the

list on the left in this case it's

called USB Drive you'll see some

miscellaneous things on here that are

related to being on a Mac from using

parallels for Mac you probably won't see

them on your Windows PC but before you

go any further I strongly urge you to do

these two things in file explorer go to

the View tab from the View tab check

these two boxes

file name extensions and hidden items

you'll need these in order to complete

the guide to grab that 32 digit

alphanumeric code go into the Nintendo

3ds folder look on this folder right

here that is the ID 0 number that you

need so to get this code single click on

the folder name and then right click and

pick copy there is no reason to try to

type all of this out in the website

that's coming up in just a minute

do yourself a favor just copy it from

right here let me stress this again use

your code don't use the one you see in

the video keep the SD card in your

computer but go ahead and power back on

your 2d S or 3ds tap on that orange

smiley face icon that's at the top

center of the bottom touchscreen that's

your friends icon when you go in here

you may have to go through an initial

setup by just clicking through some

necks like I did if you don't use the

friends icon very often or even at all

and if you don't have a me set up on

your 2d S or 3ds you're going to need to

set up a me first before this will work

but I already have a me on here what

you're looking for is a 12-digit friend

code that's going to be in the bottom

right corner of the top screen jot down

this information because you're gonna

need it in just a minute in order to run

the first part of the jailbreak with the

ID 0 and friend code in tow go to this

website linked in the description below

it's called the brute force movable

website it's going to create a file that

you're going to need to continue through

this process so scroll down on the

website until you see these two data

entry points the first one is to put in

your friend code exactly as you saw it

on your 3ds or 2d s console

once your friend code is entered in

scroll down and then paste that id0 code

right here that 32 digit alphanumeric

code again don't try to type it in just

paste it right in here quick reminder

use your codes here not mine or you can

risk breaking your 2d s or 3ds then

click the green Go button in a moment

you're gonna see a message that tells

you to register the bot from seed minor

on your 3ds and your friends list and

it's going to give you the very specific

friend code you need to use so let's go

ahead and do that now back at the

friends menu on your 3d s or 2d s tap

register friend and then internet type

in that code exactly as you saw it on

the seed minor brute force movable

website this code may be different by

the time you watch this video depending

on the servers and how they work from

their end

so don't necessarily use the code you

see in the video use the code you got

from the website then add a name for the

bot that you'll easily recognize once

that's done go back to your computer and

the brute force movable website this can

take some time depending on the speed of

the internet the speed of the server

access and so forth but in short order

you will get a file ready for download

called moveable dot sed moveable dot

seed file once that files ready go ahead

and download it to your downloads folder

once the moveable dot C download is

complete you're done with this website

you'll need the latest version of looma

3ds from the github so go to the link in

the description below for looma 3ds on

the github website scroll down to the

assets tab and grab the most recent

version and zip format

once it's downloaded you can go ahead

and close this website go to the USM or

unsafe mode website linked in the

description below upload your moveable

dot seed file to this website what it's

going to do is give you a file back out

that helps take advantage of the unsafe

mode exploit on your 2d S or 3ds console

so download the unsafe mode file to your

downloads folder it's this file that

makes it possible to install the

exploits moving forward once it's

downloaded go ahead and close the

website you just have the following

three files in your downloads folder you

should have the looma 3ds file moveable

dot seed and the unsafe mode banner bomb

three go ahead and extract luma 3ds it's

good practice once you've uncompressed a

compressed file to delete it just to

save from confusion so go ahead and

delete the luma 3ds compressed volume

then uncompress the unsafe mode banner

bomb three compressed volume

and once you're done with it go ahead

and delete that compress volume as well

your SD card should still be in your

computer you'll need to go into the luma

3ds folder and grab two files grab both

of these files boot firm and boot three


copy both of these files then transition

over to your SD card and paste both of

these files on the root directory of the

SD card

go back to the Downloads folder you're

gonna need to grab two files and put

them in two different places out of that

unsafe mode banner bomb three folder

the first one is US MDOT bin it's a

binary file copy this file then go to

the SD card and paste it right on the

root of the sdcard go back to the

Downloads folder and back into the

unsafe mode Boehner bomb three folder

this time copy the food for 3ds bin

binary file

and you've got a very specific path to

put this in so go to the SD card then go

to Nintendo 3ds that 32 character folder

called ID 0 going to it the next 32

character folder is called ID 1 and into

the Nintendo DSi folder if you don't

have one like in this case because this

is a white clean card to start with just

go ahead and create it just make a new

folder and name it Nintendo DSi where

and if you have anything in an existing

Nintendo DSi where you'll need to back

it up somewhere else but going to the

Nintendo DSi where and this is where you

paste food for 3ds dot bin with all of

the files copied over go ahead and eject

the SD card from your computer insert it

into your 2d s or 3ds and power on the

system with your console fired back up

go into system settings

go into data management and then tap on


tap on SD card and you just got the red

screen of death well thanks for playing

just kidding what it actually did was

exploited part of the Wi-Fi system in

the Nintendo 3ds for 2d s in order to

install the banner bomb 3 and ultimately

luma 3ds power off your 2d s or 3ds

system and then hold the following

button combination to turn it back on in

safe mode left shoulder button + right

shoulder button + up on the d-pad + a

and then press and hold the power button

until the system comes back on holding

all of those buttons together

when the system goes to safe mode the

first thing that's going to do is want

you to connect to the internet and do a

system update go ahead and attempt to go

through the process you're gonna get an

error message at the end of it which is

exactly what you're supposed to get

through this process so tap on okay I

accept and okay it's going to attempt to

connect to the internet and do an update

but it can't do that because you've

replaced your Wi-Fi profile temporarily

to do the jailbreak so it's going to

tell you there's a problem and give you

an error code that is perfectly okay

it's supposed to do that and don't worry

your Wi-Fi profile originally on your

system is safe and sound

so tap ok when it asks if you want to

configure your internet tell it yes it

has temporarily replaced your original

Wi-Fi connection settings with these

past ones for the jailbreak tap on

number one then tap on change settings

scroll all the way over to the right and

keep tapping on the right until you get

to the last screen then tap proxy

settings then detailed setup you're

gonna see another red screen on the

bottom but on the top you're gonna get

luma 3ds loading this time and you'll

get a message that says luma 3ds is

ready and to press any button to reboot

and start the luma 3ds setup process so

press anybody when the luma 3d s setup

menu comes up you need to use the d-pad

to navigate to this one particular

setting is called shown and or user

string in system settings then use the a

button to mark it

then just press start on the console to

restart this will save your changes and

take your two TS or 3ds back to the home

screen let's restore your Wi-Fi settings

so you can get your 2d S or 3ds back on

the internet go back to your system

settings data management

DSiWare and tap on your SD card and back

to green you go all of your original

Wi-Fi settings have been restored right

back to connection 1 then your console

will reboot and go back to the home

screen power down your 2d s or 3ds

console and remove the SD card and put

it back in your computer go back to File

Explorer you need to delete the food for

3ds bin file so that it doesn't

interfere with future use of your 3ds or

2d s so go to the SD card then go to the

Nintendo 3ds folder the ID 0 folder that

32 character folder ID 1 folder which is

the second 32 character folder then go

into Nintendo DSi or folder and then

delete food for 3ds min you're not going

to need it anymore

let's put some great apps on your 2d s

or 3ds while we've got the SD card in

the computer an M&E lets you set custom

themes and wallpapers on your 3ds or 2d

s to download it just scroll down to the

assets section and download the CF file

Check Point lets you take save games

from your cartridges move them to your

SD card and vice versa

grab the see a file from the github

homebrew launcher wrapper lets you

launch homebrew software including some

of the things you're downloading right

now go to the assets tab grab the CF


god mode 9 is critical this is the

custom software that lets you do so many

great things with your 2d S or 3ds

including making backups of your

cartridges grab the zip file from the

github DSP 1 lets you have sound

available on your homebrew applications

and games grab the SIA from the github

FBI lets you install the SIA files onto

your 2d s or 3ds and use them as

programs you'll need to grab 2 files


the FBI dot 3ds x file and the FBI CF

file the CTR no time offset is important

because it makes sure that the system

clock and the clock within god mode 9

match up download the 3d SX file luma

updater will help you keep your luma 3ds

installation up to date with the most

recent versions come down to assets and

grab the CF file with all of this stuff

downloaded let's go put it in the right

place on the SD card with the SD card

still inserted in the computer you need

to make two new folders in the root the

first one is called 3ds

and the second one is called CEA's CIA s

I'm gonna slow my roll just a little bit

here to show you a little strategy to

help save you a bunch of shuffling

around click on tight and what that does

is it sorts all these files by

tightening all of the CF files are gonna

live in exactly the same place on the SD

card the CEA's folder so just grab

everything that has a see a file

extension on it and copy it then go to

the SD card go into the CS folder which

moved because of the alphabetizing and

then paste them all at one time

this saves a ton of going back and forth

between the Downloads folder and the SD

card go back to the Downloads folder

there are a few more files to grab here

grab the 2/3 DSX files CTR no time

offset and FBI copy them

then go to the SD card and go to that

3ds folder that you just made and paste

them regular

go back to the root of your SD card then

go to the luma folder you'll need to

make a new folder in here and you need

to name it payloads PA y l o a d s this

is where you're gonna put the payloads

that you install to run the custom

firmware on your 2d s or 3ds back at the

Downloads folder you'll need to extract

the god mode 9 zip file that you

downloaded because you'll need to get to

specific things out of it and put them

on the SD card in two specific places

once the compressed volume is extracted

go ahead and delete it as you can see

these things start to pile up in the

folder so getting rid of those

compressed volumes helps eliminate

confusion and clutter go up to the gm9

folder that you just uncompressed you

need to grab two things from here the

first one is God mode 9 dot firm copy

that file go to the sdcard then go to

the luma folder and the payloads folder

that you just created and paste it right

here luma 3ds will boot God mode 9 dot

firm by default but if you add

additional payloads in here luma 3ds

will pull up a menu and let you pick the

one that you want but the way we're

setting this up for you by default it

will automatically pick god mode 9 then

go back to the Downloads folder and into

that God bone dive folder that you

uncompressed then grab the gm9 folder in

its entirety and copy it go back to the

sdcard and paste it right on the root of

the sdcard

that's everything so go ahead and close

out File Explorer and remove the SD card

put it back in your 2d S or 3ds and

power the system on this may seem a

little bit redundant

if you've already updated to xi dot 13

but the guide calls for it and it makes

sense because at this point you can do

these OFW system updates and they're

completely safe they're not going to get

you banned and they're not going to

break the jailbreak that you're doing so

go to system settings other settings and

scroll all the way to the right until

you get to system update

go ahead and attempt to perform a system

update like you would ordinarily in this

case it's already an 11 dot 13 it's

gonna say it's on the most recent

version that's no problem go ahead and

click I accept and let it seek for any


and of course it's already up to date so

moving on with the system back at the

home menu scroll over until you get to

download play then tap it to start once

download play comes up press the left

shoulder button down on the d-pad and

select at the same time and this will

launch what's called the Rosalina menu

in this menu scroll down with the d-pad

until you get to miscellaneous then

select it with the a button inside

miscellaneous press the a button on

switch the HB title to the current app

once you've selected that just press the

B button to continue

then press B button to return to the

Rosalina main menu then press B again to

exit the Rossellini menu and then press

home to close download play now to

launch download play again except this

time instead of download play you're

gonna get the homebrew launcher very

cool launch CTR no time offset from the

homebrew launcher then press a to set

the system offset to zero what this does

is it sets the system clock to match the

real time clock date and time then press

Start to return to the homebrew launcher

from there launched FBI FBI is a file

management system that lets you access

content among other things on your SD

card and it also installs CIA or CF


so using FBI go into the SD directory

use the d-pad to scroll down one menu

selection to install and delete all see

us and press the a button then press the

a button again or tap on OK to confirm

this will copy over all of the CF files

that you copied over to the CS folder on

the SD card and it does them all in bulk

and cleans them off of the SD card when

you're done

very convenient just press any button to


then press the home button to go back to

the home screen but you'll see that

you've got a whole lot of new software

waiting on you which is awesome time to

unwrap some gifts

I love unwrapping gifts

first opened ESP one and then run the

program it will do what's called a DSP

dump which is what enables you to have

sound for your homebrew games and

applications for example and then it

will self delete right off of the card a

clean shot now the DSP one is done it's


just press the B button to delete it and

go back to the home screen go and power

off your 2d s or 3ds to fire it back up

press and hold the start button and the

power button what this will do is go

ahead and launch God mode 9 if you hold

select and power it on it launches the

luma 3ds launcher so you can pick which

firmware you want but since there's only

one just go ahead and press start and

launch Cabo not there's some settings

that you need to adjust here first if

you're prompted to do an essential files

backup you want to do so press a then

press a to continue you might also be

prompted to set the real time clock if

that's necessary press a to set the

clock then use the d-pad to scroll up

and down through the year month day hour

minute and second choices using the

d-pad right and left to go to each one

then press a to continue


premier press home to load the action

menu then scroll down to scripts

select gm9 mega script

then scroll down and select scripts from

play Lex guide that's the 3ds max guys

from here choose set up luma 3ds to CTR

NAND and press the a button what this

does is copies luma 3ds over to your

internal memory on your 2d s or 3ds so

that you'll still have the jailbreak

even if you don't have an SD card in or

swap out your SD card so press a to

continue you'll have to enter a passcode

to be able to write to your system

memory and it's DL u da down left up

down and the a button once lumba 3ds has

been written over to your system memory

press the a button to continue

back at the god mode 9 main menu scroll

down and select cleanup SD card when

you're prompted press the a button to

proceed and once it's done press the a

button to continue

then press B to go back to the main menu

let's do some backups to protect all of

this work that you've done and your

valuable 2d S or 3ds pick back up

options and then select cyst and backup

when you're prompted press a to confirm

and start the backup process this takes

a while and you're gonna need to have at

least one point three gigabytes free on

your SD card will transfer the back up

off of the SD card and onto your

computer to get that space back but you

definitely want to go through this

process because you want to preserve

your cyst and exactly as you have it

written right now just in case anything

happens once the system is done writing

press a to continue and then press B to

go back to the main menu for god mode 9

use the d-pad to scroll down to the word

exit and then press the a button

when prompted press the a button to lock

the system and write permissions you

definitely want to protect your system

memory back at the god mode 9 main menu

shift your attention from the bottom

screen to the top screen from here you

want to use the d-pad to scroll down

until you get to M :

memory virtual and select it with the a

button from here again using the d-pad

scroll down to boot 9 dot bin press the

a button and if you look in the bottom

display you'll see a change here scroll

down to copy to o : / GM 9 / out and

press the a button and once it's copied

over press a to continue now press the

home button to get the Action menu then

select power off then remove your SD

card put it back in your computer for

the last time in this tutorial with the

SD card back in your computer let's pull

that system back up off the SD card and

preserve it on your computer go to your

SD card then the gm9 folder and the out

folder all of these files need to be

backed up so select all of these files

and copy them

I wrongly urge you to make a folder

somewhere in your computer and paste

these files it's critically important to

back them up in case anything happens to

your beloved 2d s or 3ds so I'm just

gonna make a new folder right here on

the desktop for now and name it 3ds

backup then just go into the folder and

paste all of the files

you may even want to consider making a

backup of this backup somewhere just in

case now that everything's backed up on

your computer you can go back to the SD

card then go back into gm9 and the out

folder and you can delete two of the

four files you can delete these two

files right here

they're the files that have Delaware

month date prefix on them but leave the

other two there now you can close File

Explorer remove the SD card from your

computer put it back into your 2d S or

3ds and power it back on we're almost

done but I promised you at the beginning

I would give you some steps to take to

prevent being banned from online play

with your newly jailbroken 3ds or 2d s

let's get rid of some of this data

that's being sent to Nintendo servers go

to system settings

then go to internet settings then


from SpotPass disable the sending of

system information option tap it and

then tap no to turn off sending of this

data then follow up by tapping ok it'll

confirm that your settings have been

changed now you can just back out of

this so just tap back all the way back

to the settings main menu and then close

it back at the home screen go back to

your friends list which is that orange

face icon in the top row of your home

menu go to the friends list settings and

then go to friend notification settings

you'll see a screen that says allow

friends to see your online status select

no and then select ok because your

friends are not the only ones looking at

your online status then select close to

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