IPHONE Sim Locked To 3 Network (How To Reset) Code

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so the video today is about the iPhone 7

being locked to three network this is a

sim lock issue which is where three have

encrypted the phone so it can only be

used on their network the problem I got

I bought this iPhone 7s two years ago

outright so pay for it put a three SIM

card in there and I've been using that

for a couple years

unbeknown to me that they had actually

locked this phone to this to their

network now to try and get this unlocked

it's a bit of a pallava it's not an easy

thing to do but I'm going to go through

all step by step with you so that you

can try and avoid the mistakes and the

pitfalls that I came across while I was

trying to do it first thing I did was to

take it back to the shop back to the

Carphone Warehouse where I bought it

from and said to them you know can you

can you unlock this the response from

them is we can't unlock phones we don't

do that you've got to go to a specialist

on unlocking shop which is what I did so

I went back to the the nearest unlock

phone shop I could find took it in there

they took one look at it said it's

locked two three there's nothing I can

do with that so ok fair enough so then I

start trawling the internet and I found

these codes there was a guy on there who

said if this works for everything it's

an amazing thing so we went through all

of that where you put the codes in

there's all these kind of codes it took

you into submenus which which would try

to unlock it pulling SIM cards out

resetting this resetting that okay so

now we're into the screen will pop the

SIM card out

there is lot the horror three simcard a

pain a lot of pain okay we'll get rid of

that now we're going to put this code in

we're gonna go into the phone settings

and we're gonna go star 300 one hash one

two three four five hash star call takes

us into the menu now we're in here we

need to go into these each one of these

boxes didn't work so I go into it with

three on their website which I'll show

the procession through so I open up the

three up on your phone and then at the

bottom right hand side you press the

more icon once it's done its thing okay

so we press more and it gets us into

here we go to support we go to


it takes us through this following

screen when it loads up it's just

loading here we go contact us choose a

topic so there we go look sim problems

simin device support and then we go down

here to the device unlocking the three

device then we're going to go to wait

says fill the form in there at the

bottom we just click on that and that

will take us into the page where you put

all of your details in and send that off

and then that should take seven days for

them to reply to you that's what should

happen that was that was what they

stated in their information they didn't

respond so the next step was to ring

them all well you try and get in touch

with three it's the nightmare it's

really really difficult

there's no direct phone number as such

to just go I you know customer support

can you help me out so the first thing

you've got to do to get this phone

unlocked from 3 is have a three SIM card

in it that works you've got to have the

phone connected to three you then dial

three three three which takes you

through to the three Network to their

customer services you get then a whole

load of options that you can deal with

so you go to cancellation cancel

contract so the option for counseled

contract you then takes you through and

then you just keep following that as if

you want to cancel your contract

eventually you'll get two customer

services and they will try and help you

out that's when you've got to go through

all the rigmarole saying you've locked

the phone to three you need to unlock

the phone they will ask you for the code

for the EMI code again you've got to be

patient with this it takes ages they're

really really slow

once they've got that code if they can

understand what the saying goes ah I've

got all the recording on the phone and

I'll put this on at the end of the video

of the conversations that we had with

three it's really really difficult you

go to India it's really hard to

understand that the the guy's comments

it's really difficult to take it all in

but you've got to be persistent with

them because they're not interested in

helping you out you've really got to be


it took three phone calls of around

about 40 minutes to finally get this

unlocked now what they tried to do was

to say there's something wrong with the

phone and then it's an Apple issue and

they transferred me after talking for 40

minutes on the phone to him trying to

sort it out they transferred me to Apple

support which Apple's just asked me for

the code for the phone I'll give him the

code know him now it's not a problem

with the phone the cart the phone is sim

locked to three network and they are the

only ones that can release it from that

from that lock so been ringing him back

again and again in the end the final

thing that you got to do once they

definitely say that it's been unlocked

you turn the phone on you put your other

SIM card in and it works just like that

what Apple over there is no code to put

in the phone there is nothing like that

we didn't even have to plug it in you've

got all these things that say ah get

into itunes restore reset the phone

through iTunes doesn't work none of it

works the only thing that works is from

their end somehow they through the code

through the EMI code they release the

phone and it worked as soon as the final

guy said yes I've definitely done it


I put the an o2 SIM card in here and it

worked and that is it so it's a bit of a

it's a disappointing video for you that

there isn't a code you can put in just

to sort it out it's got to be done

through three you've got to be

persistent and you've got a persevere

all in all

to get it done and get it unlocked it

took three weeks that's the honest truth

I hope that's been a use to yet

watch the video if you really want to if

you compare severe it of the phone

conversations I had with three trying to

sort it all out it's all going to be on

at the end of this video

it's a beaver well if anybody from three

is listening listen to this the

conversation that's coming up because if

that's what customer service is it ain't

worth having so thanks for watching I'm

hoping you can help me out and I'm

having some real problems with you at

the moment I don't know if you need to

pass me on to another department but

it's the phone I'm speaking to you on

now it's an iPhone 7

I bought this phone outright and two

years ago we've been using it on a three

SIM card and we need to contract'

transfer this one over to an O two SIM

card but the phone's locked to your

three network now I've put the

requesting on on the three app to a lot

so I did that and I heard nothing so

then I rang you a few days ago and I

went through a whole load of pallava

with yourselves and you know ended up

asked me you transferred me and not

yourself but whoever it was talking to

transferred me over to Apple's support

because you said it was a phone issue so

I went through to Apple support they've

checked everything out and say no it's

not a phone issue you've simply sim

locked which is what we know it was

anyway and so the phone is locked to

three now I mean this is totally

disgusting because I bought this phone

outright it's never ever been on a

contract I paid for the phone up front

and for you to actually lock me two to

three on this phone and not allow me to

to change over it's and it's not very


no no this the sim card that's in this

phone at the moment is it's been

canceled so on the 20th of January this

this this this SIM card will cease to

work but this defined this phone it's

going to be I need to use it on an o2

network it's just I mean the last time I

say it was a couple of days ago I was on

the phone t-cells I was on a fellow at

nearly an hour and eventually they

transferred me to Apple support and they

telling me they took all the details of

the phone and said no it's SIM locked

and which is just I'm just going around

in circles it's driving me batty batty I

can't believe how old this is oh yeah I

say please help me out because I've got

two other contracts with three and four

fact for myself and me to miss son and

if I can't at least saw the old lots

going it really is okay so you see

you'll transfer me over yeah thank you

thank you

yeah hi there I hope you can I don't

know have you need any details have you

had any information of what the

conversations about yeah I'm not doing

very well at all to be fair I'm having a

nightmare with you that's right yes

that's the problem is that this this

phone I've got here and I'm speaking to

you on its own it's an iPhone 7 and I

need to change this phone over to a Oh

two SIM card now I bought this phone

outright and for some reason you've

locked it to your three your three

network which is an it's not acceptable

and I'm trying to get it changed over

but you just seem to be not over to help

me out I spoke to somebody a couple of

days ago and you they pass me from

pillar to post ended up with Apple

support an apple of check the phone out

and saying it's nothing to do with Apple

it's down to is down to yourselves and

that you symbol up the phone is this a

you show you is going to send me the

former I put the IMI code in and go

through all that pull over again because

I I've done that I've done that already

I'll filled out the form already yeah I

filled the form out over a week ago and

I sent it all off off the three off the

three website and I heard

thin back so that's why I rang up

yesterday I rang you up and and they

said they'd received it but they they

then looked at it and said oh this is an

iPhone 7 and it shouldn't be similar to

all you need to do is plug it into your

computer and do a full reset through the

iTunes I've done all of that and it

doesn't work so so so that's this is

this is the issue of God so ivory quit I

have done another request this morning

I've put the request in on the on the

website again today so I can get another

code out but I'm just ringing you

because I don't think it's going to work

I don't quite know what you're gonna do

you've got to sort me out somehow what

have you telling me it's not working


i-i've killed out I mean I filled out

the form on the website it's done he's

filled out and you haven't sent me a

code so you must be able to see you must

be able to see this information that

I've filled it out you've got the

information already so where's the code

and what do it you know look just look

at my history because I you must have

lots of information on that I rang you

I've rang you and I've inputted this

code like twice now


yes you check check now you've got to

check on Spanky supervised because I've

got to sort this out I've got two of the

contracts with you and this has got to

be sorted it otherwise the old lots

going say sagen sorry yes that's right

it works in I've got the the ORAC the o2

SIM card that I want to put in this

phone is working at the moment in an

iPhone 6 and I put it I put it in this

seven and and it refuses to use it he

says SIM card lots is similar to won't

do it's not a strong Network this phone

will only work on three so you've locked

this phone out to a three account and I

can't use any other SIM card in it like

I say which is Ritchie's determined

because I paid for this phone outright

yes oh it's not a contract phone okay so

you can speak to you say four hours an

hour yeah I'll wait I'll hold yeah yeah



so I got that's wrong yeah what yeah we

went to the three store abour brand

brand-new mom a Sunday t-ball brand new

iPhone X and I took out another three

contracts oh this was his his you know

he was using his phone so that's why

this one needs cancelling so yeah we've

taken out another three contract with

you and he's bought a new phone so

that's why I need put this one on time


in the morning 9 o'clock well sure you

can you can call me in the evening but

it's got to be after half-past seven

what was also hiding anything

yes yeah okay yeah please please so me

out with a small thank you kids as far

as I'm aware it was year that should

have caught me on the 24th regarding

unlocking this this iPhone 7 but I

didn't receive a call from you so that's

why I've called you back was it you that

I spoke to the other day because they've

just told me they were passing me

through to the guy that I spoke to the

other day that was supposed to be

calling me back on the 24th

okay well basically the phone this phone

deny that I've calling you on today it's

an iPhone 7 and the account it finishes

on the 20th of January I've cancelled

this account and because I've got

another I'm gonna buy a new phone but

the the phone itself is locked to 3:00

and now I bought this phone outright two

years ago and for some reason you've

locked it to your network and I can't

give that it's gotta give this to my

wife and she's on o2 so I can't use it

now about numerous phone calls this is

the third time I've called you now to

try and sort this out you were supposed

to be or somebody who's supposed to be

bringing me back on the 24th with a code

to unlock this phone we've been on to

Apple support with it because it's not

an apple an apple which say it's not an

Apple issue it's down to you three

you've locked it on a network then

network lock the phone service is rate

for some unknown reason so I need you to

or not this phone and I can't believe

I'm about to call you back again this is

just unbelievably bad customer service

and it shouldn't be locked to you anyway

but it is so you've got to sort this out

it's ridiculous

you've had all of that you wanted you

want the last four digits is six seven

eight so long easily now is put another

seminar and it should work when you say

connect it to iTunes wait what do you

mean you mean go to the App Store yeah

so you so much say you saying connect

the phone to iTunes with it with a lead

in it and that's gonna work

are you saying you've done this because

I've done this before and it didn't work

so have you done something

have you done something differently

right okay I'll try that then okay

thanks for that kids no I just needed

this phone to be sawed and if you've

actually done they said that's great

news thank you okay close up

nope oh boy