How to Reset the Combination to a 3 Digit Master Lock

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hello this is Jim and hey look what I

have today I have a little master lock

combination lock it's a three digit lock

these are pretty cheap mate I think I

got this one for five or six dollars

they can be fairly useful you can stick

them on luggage or little cabinets or

what have you there's lots of little

uses for these tiny locks and the cool

thing about these locks is you can

actually set your own combination and I

will show you how to do that today so

this particular lock is the master lock

six thirty D lock now if you don't have

this particular lock you might try this

technique but it may or may not work if

it doesn't then just kind of do more

research check out another video for

your particular lock so this is the

master lock six thirty D now again this

is just to reset the lock if you forget

the original three-digit combination

well you're sort of out of luck you're

just gonna have to try your luck and

with a whole bunch of combinations so

this is if you know it you can reset it

using this method now when you first get

this lock it is usually set to a code

one zero zero now the one is just there

just to keep it locked it's actually the

code it comes with is the zero zero zero

and so you can see it just opens up just

like that now to reset this it's pretty

easy now if you look right here it has a

little stub piece of metal right there

that's kind of sticking out hopefully

you can all see that and if you kind of

turn it around and look at this ring

portion you'll see that right about here

this is a little notch right inside the

ring it is not anywhere else you can see

there so it's just on on this side kind

of 90 degrees basically from the end and

AB as you turn this 90 degrees so this

little rod piece there you can fit in

there and you can just a little bit of a

spring right like that and this is how

you're going to reset it now it is set

to zero zero zero

and at zero zero zero I can press this

down if it was back to one I couldn't

really set it in because it's not really

meant to lock in so you have to keep it

at the combination the original

combination to do this to start with

so I rotate it 90 degrees I press it

down keeping it down

so I'm putting tension on that little

spring here so I keep it down and now I

could change the combination so I if I

could do one I'll just go to two and

I'll do three so the new combination

will be one two three and then I lift up

and that's all you have to do it's set

so when I rotate it I could put it down

now and I'll just move that one and it's

locked now to unlock it I just bring

them back to the one two three and it's

unlocked now the interesting thing about

these little blocks if I change the

combination there and try to push it

down it won't push down you really need

it to be at the combination before you

lock it and then you basically change

the combination and then it's locked so

that's how it's done and - I'll quickly

do it again back to zero zero zero so I

set it to one two three the current lock

I open it up I rotate it 90 degrees I

depress it on the spring kind of hold it

down and then I'll bring it back to the

zero zero zero like that I lift up and

now it's locked again zero zero zero so

I hope this video helped you out and I

will see you next time bye bye