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hello what is up everybody in today's

video I'm showing you guys how to get

the jump shot creator super fast and

super easy I got mine within an hour of

playing my career now if you sit there

for an hour maybe 2 hours of playing my

career on 5 minute quarters go on pro

difficulty and they'll show you the data

they're going to powerful is less

centers to this point guard shooting

guards are small forwards so if you guys

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as well now what you want to do to get

your jump shot creator you want to be in

the starting lineup to check if you're

in the standing line I've just go to

stats and go to your minutes and it will

show you right there I'm getting 28

minutes of power for this I got it on

the exact same day on my point guard and

powerful now my friend got it I at the

middle of November so as soon as you get

the starting role on your my career

depends how you play my career now I got

on a December 4th

on my powerful I'm gonna show you what

data got on my point guard but my friend

got it around the 25th of November so

it's around 10 to 20 games to get your

might to get your jump shot creator now

as I said it all depends on how well you

play in my career but it took me 22

games in my power forward experience

under show how much it took me am a

point guard experienced but it does very

poor player the team that you play on

but I do think the Lakers is the best

way to get it and you know you got the

Gustin jump shot creator as soon as you

see Chris Brickley and his bald-headed

guy walk out together as you guys can

see Chris Berkeley walks out and that's

when you get and he had the Chris

Brickley worker it took me to December

fourth a gamble December third was the

game that I played took me about 18 to

20 games to get to my

the custom jumpshot creator now this is

the drills you do and you get four times

badge progress every single time you do

it which i think is amazing and want to

see all also going to show you guys the

best jump shot that I have created I'm

going to show you that a little bit

sooner in the video but I just want to

talk about stuff like custom jump shots

okay now you operate a video yesterday

on the best non custom jump shots on su

K 20s to go check them at the top right

hand corner the video they go check that


obviously I have the best jump shot on

the channel I'm going to upload every

single week as a new jump shot I'm gonna

upgrade upload for you guys when they

have a special jump shot just for this

video but this is what happens when you

do the custom jump shot creator okay so

how to get it you do these simple drills

some of the drills you don't have to

really do anything that's like some of

these countdowns soon as you get you

three stars you don't really have to do

any more because what you - III start

set for this one because it does the

count the time up so once you get to

like 10 or 12 and produce all the score

you will finish the this one they have

three or four different things that you

do you have three different three for

shooting and one for play making four

times you play making badges and three

or four times to your shooting badges so

you get like 12 times to shooting and

then four times to play making you know

which is really good easy way to get

badges as well got one shooting badge

out of this 2600 every single drill that

you do which is incredible as well and

this is the playmaking one but I want to

stand in for too long I just want to say

thing goes for watching the video and

I'm gonna show you my custom jump shot

I'm going to skip straight to that but

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please hit me up on Twitter but let's go

straight into the custom jump shot okay

now that I finished the drills that's

what it pops up on the screen

congratulation you work with Chris

Brinkley has pay dividends go try out

the new custom jump shot creator will go

write it and show you the custom jump

shot that I'm using it's what I use on

Park personally I've been really playing

parking that much but this is the jump

shot I found out I put on my stretch

playmaker I feel like it is a really

really good jump shot my friend cred I

don't know who created by my friend put

it on my account

cuz I don't play my Kent that much more

people play on my account more than me

now but I do have base jump jump shot 98

release is gonna be rudy Gay once I find

it cuz then I'm pretty hard to find

everything but I have rudy Gay as the

release 2 for this jump shot and then

the released released one is rudy Gay

sorry release two would be Zach Lavine

that is the best upper release and upper

releases I've found with jump shot 98

blending is 70/30 Rudy gays way but that

is the jump shot that I am rocking with

on Hall of Fame's quick draw for this

video but this video helped you out at

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