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you're always going on lies it is JT

here back with another 2k video so today

guys we're gonna be addressing some of

the changes that came with patch four


so among other things there wore a full

list of changes that were made most of

them were little bug features nothing

too crazy in the collection now you can

clear notifications which is pretty cool

because no one likes seeing that little

red exclamation mark in there all the

time but what are the main changes and

one of the things that they did listen

to people which is really good because I

know so many people struggled with this

and complained about it and raged about

it as well but it is unlocking the

auction house so having the ability to

just search for anything on the auction

house be able to sell anything on the

auction house so you have to unlock this

is not just granted at the start of the

game and previously you would have had

to win a game of my team unlimited and

Triple Threat online but now things have

changed a bit people have had their

voices heard and 2k have lower the

requirements because winning a game with

my team are limited i know'd like to me

it is very easy but I know to some

people are there that is a bit of a

grind the games are pretty long and you

could just come up against a lot of

tryhard people so these are the new sets

of objectives that you have to complete

to unlock the auction house and they are

a lot easier than before so domination

you've just got to beat one team very

easy indeed trip with that offline

you've got to win one game very easy

triple threat online and my team

unlimited online you've just got to

compete in a game you do not have to win

it anymore that requirement is out of

the door so you only have to play it and

you will get the objective ticked off

and then you just have to complete a

weekly challenge as well so now it is so

easy I mean I've in theory I imagine you

would be able to rage quickly online and

offline games and it would still count

as competing in the game so you could do

this in well under an hour now which is


the domination game half an hour to 40

minutes and then a triple threat game

and then the weekly challenge depending

on how long that challenges but that's a

very very welcome change from 2k I know

a lot of people

welcome fighting about it where everyone

who comes in at Christmas and now gonna

be able to have this game and enjoy it

to its full potential at the beginning

which is great because beforehand yeah

it did kind of limit who could access

the auction house to me it wasn't a big

deal like I said but a lot of people on

Twitter and all the reddit's were

complaining about it and fair play to 2k

they have actually listened which is not

something they have done much in the

past four years so that's a very welcome

addition to the game that is for sure so

there's a quick little video guys to

keep you updated with the changes from

the patch from yesterday so I hope you

guys did enjoy this video as usual

please like subscribe and I'll see you

next time peace