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people welcome back to the channel thank

you so much for stopping by welcome back

to more early wb2k 20 footage as I'm

sure you know by now 2k flew us out let

us capture some early gameplay and one

of the things I was most excited to

check out was the 2k original stuff so

what we're gonna go through right now is

the fiend tower so you actually have to

play through this tower to unlock the

fiend and we're gonna talk about the

little delay of bump in the night in

just a second but as you can see these

towers are completely text-based there's

no there's no voice over there is voice

over in the main in the main like

showcase portion when you're playing as

Finn Balor there is some voice over from

Bray Wyatt where he's kind of like

commentating the match I have some

gameplay on that as well I'll show you

guys at another time but either way the

2k original stuff was one of the things

I was looking forward to the most I was

a little disappointed what I saw it was

pretty much just text base but this

arena in particular this brawl area is

probably one of my favorite in the game

for sure there's a lot of stuff you can

interact with much more than some of the

other arenas some of the other arenas

just did not get as much love as this

one you can use the broom you can use

the book over there to the left all the

tombstones you can pick up there's a car

as well so this one has a lot more

interactivity but real quick let's talk

about the bump in the night

2k originals packed to begin with so it

was announced today on Twitter that even

if you pre-ordered of it every 2k 20

from what I understand you will not get

the bump in the night

2k originals DLC pack on launch it's

gonna come out a week later so from what

I understand the game comes out on the

22nd and the 2k originals bump in the

night DLC is actually not playable until

the 29th not really sure why they're

doing that

hopefully it's to fix some of the bugs

that were in it because there were a lot

of just kind of gameplay slowdown

moments in some of these arenas so I'm

assuming that that might be why it is I

can't really think of another reason why

they would delay it like that but you're

gonna either way as soon as you get it

you're gonna have to play through this

six match a little showcase tower in

order to unlock the fiend you won't be

able to use them without doing it as far

as I understand you can't unlock them

with the accelerator you can't unlock

them anywhere else you actually have to

play through it which

that kind of dig this first met super

quick just bust them over the head with

a tombstone and Bob's your uncle and

that's that now if you want to make

these matches go a little longer and get

like four or five stars in the match you

can unlock more vici by doing that but

seeing how once again vici is pretty

much irrelevant in this game you don't

really need to worry about that too much

just have to beat the the matches one by

one that's all you have to do nothing

special no special objectives to


you just got to beat all six matches and

you can unlock the Fein so here we go as

you can see they give you full red

health they give you a full red body so

they do kind of stack the deck against

you a little bit but I found these I

found these matches to be super super

easy very quick to fly through I think

we get through six matches in like less

than twenty minutes so it was super

super quick to unlock but I'm going over

here just to check out some of these

other things we can interact with on top

of a car here lining up jake the snake'

Oh ray doesn't have that kind of range

but it is what it is we got Jake up now

gonna plant him again I think they're

their health check Jake's health oh

maybe not it felt like their health was

going down a little bit quicker than

normal and one of my favorite things to

play with in this arena is definitely

the book and this was this was one of

the first things I recorded in the 2k

original stuff so at this point I didn't

even know that you could use the book as

as a as like us you couldn't I didn't

know you could open it up and have the

stuff there's lights and stuff shining

out at the guy I found that out a little

bit later so right now I'm just

molly-whopped them in the back I think

it's either the next match for the one

after this that I figured out that you

could use the book in a different way

and when I did I I was excited about it

I was like oh that's actually kind of

cool because as you guys know I dig the

rkd wacky stuff I know that that might

just be me but it is what it is we're

gonna Molly watch Jake with everything

we can in this arena till that man is

done I'm kind of just walking around at

this point seeing what else you can

interact with because like I said this

was my first time playing through in

this arena and I definitely I definitely

like this one a lot this is one of the

better ones for sure you can pick up

pretty much every tombstone that's in

the area and plus oh wait never mind

here comes Jake fighting back jake the

snake' and interesting Oh sister Abigail

connecting an interesting choice here in

this in this collection of tower


if that one finisher in tow just waiting

for Jake to get up come here Jake Bohm

kick to the midsection

Oh swinging a Miss even though he's

right in front of me oh I think he

busted me open they're swinging a Miss

again targeting for the cow are you

doing and now Jake able to get the upper

hand because of a miscue but it is what

it is here comes Jake but nope pray why

is fighting back are we gonna hit this

man with it

look at this dropping him no reversal

from Jake Jake reversed it each other

I'm trying to get this man beaten he's

almost there but he's reversing

everything connecting there how about

now about this no again Jake with

another reversal its man not playing


jake the snake' came to the graveyard to

do damage and the fiend is in trouble

you don't see that a lot oh I throw me

into the fence but okay never mind you

can't throw him into the fence you just

kind of stumbles a little bit let's keep

it moving here comes Jake lining up the


reversal I got none left so we got to

hit whatever we got here we got to hit

something big oh I miss again that hit

detection Maggie I love it Oh finally

Wyatt able to connect back up to that

finisher let's see if we can put this

man away what I'm gonna use here let's

go let's go with the witch's broom let's

get the broom out let's sweep this man

away whoo that's one that's two

Oh actually connected that's 300 so we

gonna miss Oh swing and a Miss oh there

it is right to the lower back with the

soft part of the broom I'm sure it hurts

a little bit

and here comes the fiend Noah ten

difficult if out he's slippery kind of

like a snake in everyone let's not go

there Jake now lining up the fiend

another reversal we got one each

I wasted mine here I come mandible claw

mandible claw Jake get out of that one

he can't that's a wrap it's over match

two in the books onto match number three

the fiend Bray Wyatt versus Papa Shango

this is a matchup for the h's here

in this I almost called it a backstage

brawl can't really call it backstage

brawl the graveyard brawl here we go

I'm gonna use this pop right across the

head let's see what else I want to use

here dude to do let's go with the yeah

let's go with the tombstone let's go

with the tomb so yeah these towers they

get a little repetitive you know after

the first couple matches you kind of

like okay you know I get it I get the

point but like I said you have to play

through this if you want to unlock the

fiend otherwise you can't use them he's

locked forever and you will never ever

ever ever be able to get them I'm sure

there's probably some other way to get

them at some point but as of right now

you got to go through the tower here

comes Papa psych no Papa comes the fiend

I am oh I don't know that was he's gonna

toss him across the graveyard and pick

up this tombstone

once again bust him over to back with it

one more time

bust them over the back with it one more

game bust them over the back with it how

about a fourth time do it again I don't

think that connected that one counted

them oh just pick it back up it's fine

let's just wear this man down we're

trying to get Papa Shango out of the way

and move on on this towers you can see

in this match also completely red health

completely red body so they try to put

you at a little bit of a disadvantage

but like I said you can blow through

these matches super super quick not

gonna take you too long and before you

know he got the fiend on your roster oh

what's the oh he just picked up a

pumpkin I don't know what he just picked

up big old pumpkin on a stick I don't

even see it there I think I'm looking

for it right now I'm trying to find it

keep picking up the the tombstone by

accident but I want to find that big

that big pumpkin he just picked up i'ma

knock him down and I'm gonna try to look

for it would give me that pumpkin on a

stick where is it

hello searching searching searching oh I

got it I got it oh it's not a pumpkin on

a stick its pumping out Oh or what okay

let's just keep moving big strike across

the forehead of Papa Shango wild-looking

weapon like this stuff this stuff is so

wacky so ridiculous but like I do dig it

I mentioned even in my review video one

of the shining points to me in the game

is the 2k original stuff cuz I like the

wacky rkd stuff here we go now Papa


got a wrench back on that arm but the

Fein fights back I don't know why they

give you look at the top right corner

they gave you twenty minutes they give

you twenty minutes to do this match I

got this man the mandible claw already

oh I should just wait it one more minute

he would have been done but like they

give you way way more time than you need

to complete these Mountain ejected but

just to complete the match in general

big reversal working up back to that

signature here we go playing them Oh

went for that DDT but no Papa Shango

it's that double reversal and now our

reversals are frozen ah one of the most

frustrating things happened to you in

this game like I get it I get it I

understand the feature but it's when

that happens to you it's just like ah

when you don't have reversals you feel

completely naked in these matches you

feel like you can't do a damn thing John

go had a chance to put me into the car

but he decided not to go and after the

knee jungle with an interesting offense

here but he's got to bring it if he

wants to defeat the fiend if he wants to

beat the fiend in the graveyard

Jean goes got to bring it big right hand

oh I'm busted open he's bringing it

don't don't go for the stick oh he's

going for the stick oh no he's not no

he's not he's going he's walking away he

doesn't want it anymore he's like you

know what I'm over this getting a

bird's-eye view

and decided against it apparently god I

wonder what the AI is thinking I would

really love to know why it back to his

feet though Papa Shango took way too

long I may be not able to get a move in

before the before the fiend can react it

close on again I don't know how I'm

missing these reversals not really sure

how that's happening but it is what it

is there it is dang come over got him

it's over it's over from Papa it's over

for Papa plant this man oh let's do that

over okay well one more should do it

thank him here sister Abigail Papa

Shango defeated match three of six

completed we are more than halfway

through moving on to match number four

the fiend versus Cain battle of the

demonic forces here let's see if mayor

Kane can keep up with the beam because

so far

no one's been able to Bray Wyatt has

been absolutely dominant here in this

graveyard and he doesn't plan on slowing

down anytime soon

this is this where I use the book as

like as a spiritual power thing I don't

remember oh my goodness

clocking him across the face it's funny

when I was playing this there it is

there is one of the I think one of the

developers walked up to me he's like

have you tried to grapple with that yet

and I was like no I don't think so

he's like try it let me know what you

think and I was like oh my god that's

absolutely insane

that's so friggin cool and now that also

takes Kane's hot away it did for a

little bit anyway so he's kind of he's

blind for a few seconds there nice

little addition to that feature just so

it does something besides just just

damage okay with a big reversal was that

a double reversal

it sure was but it's okay we continue

the fight Oh psych never mind he's got

another reversal and Here I am again oh

boy wait he left me open come on no oh

we missed oh but he's not gonna miss

this one he's not gonna miss this one oh

I couldn't reverse I had my reversals

locked here we go

fighting back though being able to hit

that chokeslam that's it a lot of damage

I'm actually surprised I didn't knock me

out because I've only got a little bit

of red health at this point I was

surprised one finisher wasn't enough to

knock him out ooh

face-first goes Kane right into that

cement gonna toss them towards the car

what is the fiend thinking here we're

gonna use this broomstick pop to the

knees the knees up just to okay that's

all I need sometimes that's all you need

here comes the fiend we got a signature

in tow sister Abbie Gale nice to meet

you one more big move should do it

mandible claw to put this man away just

over two minutes into this match we got

him she's choking he's choking oh but

he's still at it he's still at it not

able to take him out probably should

have worn him down a little bit more if

we did if we just did a little bit more

damage to Kane I mean that would have

been 2 minutes and 10 seconds it took to


match so as I said a lot of these

matches are super easy we're just

getting really bad luck with with the

reversal cats the reversals cancelling

out and running out of reversals so take

it a little bit longer than it needed to

well we'll get the job done here comes

the fiend

he's got Cain drop some on the back of

his neck

what are we going for here let's grab

one of these tombstones one of these


cement tombstones they could decapitate

a man come on Cain

get up get up Oh broke right across his

head but still not enough to take Cain

out this man is tough this man is tough

among Cain one more should do it one

look at his head it's dark magenta oh I

know still still not enough up to 55% we

might as well try to work back up to our

signature now

tossing him down with that suplex and

the fiend is feeling it but we got to

put the demon away we give this man an

opening to fight back he will take

advantage of it and before you know it

my ass he's getting chokeslammed again

big head but almost there here we go we

got him up this should do it this should

do it one more sister Abigail

it does mad BAM and it's over match

number four in the books

nighty night Cain two matches remain in

the tower and now we got a face sting

how about this the fiend versus thing

imagine that imagine that in some

otherworldly timeline that these two

actually get to go at it but we get to

do it here in 2k 20 where dreams of

truth let's try to show you something

sting just set there and taking it

ruined a big moment here wait a bachchan

sting way to go

suplex tossing sting now I'm mad now the

fiend is angry you pissed them off see

this time we start with yellow health

instead of red health so it's getting

easier as you go along which is

interesting already got a signature

awesome to feed into the car here comes

sting swinging a Miss with that leg here

we go

I already got to finish her but I'm not

using it just yet I'm gonna wear him

down a little bit it would be great if

you could suplex him onto a car that

would be amazing but I'll keep dreaming

lifting up sting here comes the fiend no

reversal from sting he's got three

reversals I've got two got to keep an

eye on those sting though not really

capitalizing on the fact that why it was

a little woozy there only one verse left

on wasted Oh Bulldog from sting and he's

got a signature of his own now got to

keep an eye out for that here comes the

stinger Oh around the lower back of the

fiend again you got a 20 minute time

limit to complete a match that will take

you a maximum of five minutes so you

really shouldn't have too many issues

running through this one but if you do

let me know I'll walk you through it

I'll give you some tips Oh God big head

but sting already down to red health we

already got one finisher oh my goodness

mandible claw the stings oh and look at

that in under two minutes why it

finishes sting and we move to the final

match in the tower here it is all or

nothing the fiend versus the Undertaker

can you think of any better match to

close this one out to close out the

fiends Tower here in 2k originals

Undertaker 91 doing battle inside the


we're gonna make quick work of this man

sister Abigail already that took a lot

of help down from The Undertaker

we got a finisher already but I'm sure

it's not gonna be enough I'm gonna hit

it anyway that mandible claw on the dead

man got it locked in oh my god and

that's enough in 30 it took 30 seconds

to beat the final match in the tower and

guess what you just unlock look at those

rewards the fiend Bray Wyatt chaos at

the crypt the tombstone weapon some

gloves some pants some hairstyles mostly

all the fiend stuff and the tower has

been completed like I said people very

easy that's how you unlock the Fein

that's how you get to play with them in

2k 20 and that's that got much more 2 K

originals 2k 20 content coming your way

make sure you hit that thumbs up button

before you go stay tuned for much more

and I'll see you next time