How to Enable 2FA in Fortnite 2020 ( Xbox Version ) + Giveaway Announcement!

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hey guys it's lunch seriously back with

another four night video for you guys

but today for today guys this video is

going to be a bit different to the video

as a person in the past today I'm going

to be doing a tutorial video on how to

enable 2fa in 2020 now I know you guys

are probably thinking flood shot why the

heck would you already post this video

when there are so many people already

doing it well this is gonna be a bit

different because there's gonna be an

Xbox version to be honest it's not

really gonna make it different because

all the fake gaming platforms are

basically the same but we for today

we're just gonna be doing an Xbox

version of this guys just know that you

might need a device and also a parent or

guardian help you out well guys I guess

without further ado I will switch to my

device and let's do it alright guys so

basically the first thing you want to do

is just type up epic games and such

that's good then it should come up with

this which honestly doesn't matter on

which one it comes in it'll just it'll

basically bring you to the same screen

anyway so now guys now that we're in

epic games all you got to do is you've

just got to click on sign in on the top

right now and now guys since I've

already done this it might just

immediately Marama direct me to my

account but still guys I will be able to

explain to you what to do and what will

come up so it might work here but it

might not if it doesn't all just okay

yeah it does alright so now that if

you're on Xbox it should show up to here

on number the ps4 and basically all of

the other platforms should be the exact

same so basically basically what you're

gonna want to do is you want to sign in

to your Microsoft account if you guys

don't know where to exactly find that I

will give you a short little thing

on how to find out what your email is so

what you want to do is this is only if

you're on Xbox what you want to do is

you want to go what you want to do is

like want to press the Xbox button you

go to settings and click on settings as

soon as you're on settings you go to

account then you go sign in security and

passkey then it should ask for home then

like I should ask for your passkey

unless you don't have a passkey and then

now I'm and now your email should be

hovered under show on home so that's a

sort thing on how to how to have a look

at what your email is attached to your

xbox yes they know what you wanted to

eat basically just want to sign in with

this market open to Microsoft and your

password self so I will quickly sign in

alright guys so now I am successfully

signed in to Epic Games if you guys sign

in it should just come up with the home

screen and then now something something

will be different on the top right I

won't be sign-in it'll be your name so

simply what you want to do next is you

want to click on your own o on your


and just go account that's what you want

to do so now so now guys if for your on

tablet or iPad it should show up with

this and now now what you want to do if

you're on an iPad or tablet is go to

password and security then go down and

it should show up with two-factor

authentication if I were you're just

doing it on phone you actually don't

need to go to the password and security

I'm pretty sure you just keep going down

you can't scrolling down until you find

until you find this to the two factor

authentication so now see now my one is

going to be different right now your one

your one is going to be different simply

because I've already done it so now so

now what you want to do

it's basically you want to go down to

email authentication because I find its

easiest so now I've already done mine so

so I'll basically just have to do it for

I'll have to briefly explain what to do

so now what you want to do is you just

want to go an able email authentication

person out what it should do is it

should ask to send an email to your Xbox

email I know that sounds really

confusing so so what it's going to do is

Epic Games is gonna send email

toreano your email attached to the Xbox

right yes you know what it's gonna do is

it's gonna end is that it's gonna send

that an email to ask to verify that

email so now what you want to do is that

you might well the thing is you might

need two phones for this so I'll

recommend to get a guardian to hope

because they would probably know best

best about this because since yes it's

like your parents most likely have the

email that's attached to your Xbox who

knows you you guys you guys might have

your own email as such the Xbox but I

don't so simply what you want to do is

is that if you need a guardian

definitely get a guardian because they

will definitely help that's what

happened with me so now what you want to

do is that you want to make sure that

you get your guardian to go to their

email attached to the Xbox email wait

that sounds so complicated so so like so

it's like a what it's like what what you

need to guard to do is that oh you need

them to sign in to to their email that

is attached to the Xbox that's wrong you

need get your parent to sign in to the

account that is attached to the Xbox and

then simply they basically should see an

email saying that you need to verify

this email just say verify once you

click that it should come up with like

I'm not sure how much letters I'm not


as it is but still like it will be a

code thing and then nothing new post

down a code what you want to do is right

under that there should be a thing

saying send code to this email which one

I do is you want to send the codes and

email and then simply just go back to

your II um

Susumu says if we just go back to your

email then I'm it should just come up

with the code what you want to do is

basically basically that you can you can

rather just real remember it or like you

can just copy and paste it make sure

that you put that code in and simply

that's it that's all you have to do as

soon as you do that it should say that

the next time you sign into two epic

games you need to verify yada yada it

doesn't matter so right after you do all

that you should be able to get this


alright guys so that was it for today's

video I really hope this video helped

you out and I hope you guys really enjoy

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