How to: Unlock Expert Staff Ghosts - Mario Kart Wii

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all right today I'm going to be showing

y'all how to get expert staff judged for

the unlocking baby luigi was eight of

them and unlocking funky Kong quiz for

this and your maid outfit day with all

32 alright yo guys Tom trao yeah Tom

trop then you pictured person really

doesn't matter who you are then you come

to where you can picture vehicles go

ahead and pick your doesn't matter

whichever you are then pick automatic or

manual then you'll come to the courses

just look the really doesn't matter what

course as long as right there at the

bottom say that time that is I've

already beaten it and that's how long it

took me

and then at like motion Gorge right

there it shows lines that means I

haven't been to yet ah

so if you go to one that has lines in

fact hadn't meet just guarantee it and

then you should come up to this right

there it will show the on dude the

person who was the vehicle that he raced

in the time it took him to do it and

where it was at then you press racing

this game then you would get into the

whole race three laps three mushrooms

that is fall quick you will lose and it

usually if you beat about with seven

seconds it should submit should say that

a fast um staff guest has appeared

on issue either say faster expert but

fast staff and an expert guess is the

exact same thing so if you can win that

then you can win at all