[Quick Guide] Fairytale II - Until Fairy ring unlock

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hi and welcome to my quick guide up to

quest fairytale part 2 until we unlock

the fairings the quest requirement is

fairytale part 1 and there are no stat

requirements and the only item that we

will need is a dremel staff and for the

recommended items once they own a potion

and some weight-reducing armor because

we just need to run around for about 5

to 7 minutes for the teleports none

maybe one after the quest is completed

where to start this quest is at the

exact same spot where you start fair

tales part 1 which is in Draenor market

let's talk to Morton and select option 2

after this conversation is over

Martin will check all of his crops and

that will take 5 minutes so keep

yourself busy for the next five minutes

but do not pick pockets Martin else the

five-minute timer will be changed into a

15 minute one so just do anything else

maybe like pickpocket a master farmer

pickpocket some stalls chop some use do

a farm run or just simply look out for

the next 5 minutes






all right cool the five minutes are over

that sort of Martin and select option

two and then one


right next we will need to go to genres

we will now need to go to NAS clinic and

if you remember from fairytale one that

is located just north of genres Bank









all right north of the scenery's bank

has entered this alcove and you will see

a cutscene


after the cut-scene is over just ease of

you they'll find next to the potion

shelves a healing certificate take it

and then go south on your way south

south or bang there is a cooking range

we will need to go to that cooking range

and on our way there right-click on the

certificate and then study next here at

the cooking range you will find fairy

chef talk to her next let's go east

let's go back Maria fought tanglefoot

during fairy tales part 1 we basically

need to go to the cosmic runecrafting

mysterious ruins


all right once you have made it to the

mysterious ruins goes south of it and

they will find a couple of regular and

irregular trees between the most

southern one there should find at the

wall a balloon temple sign read it then

close it

and now we'll need to go to the

Godfather who's located next to shelter

the combat staff of deep Slayer master




alright once we've made it to fairy

godfather talk to him and select option

1 three times


next let's go north and let's go to the

fairing which is located just west of

the wheat fields


at the transportation sign just west of

the wheat field there should find a

fairy ring and fairy fix it

talk to fairy fix it and select option

one since you have the permission from

the Godfather and you have let fairy

fix-it know that you have the permission

you are now able to use the fairy rings

simply equip your drum and staff

right-click on the fairy ring and

configure and I will put a link in the

description of this video to the wiki

page that has all the fairy codes and

all their locations now if you are doing

this quest just for a hard clue and you

need to go to the fairy queen they will

need to use the code a ir then dl r then

DJ q and then a Jes with enough

certificate in your inventory and they

will arrive at the current location of

fairy queen so you can continue with

your clue step all right it shows my

cricket how to unlock fairy rings by

completing the first half of fairytale

part 2 hopefully it has helped subscribe

rate and comment

okay thanks bye