World Conqueror 4 1950 Conquest Map and Scenario Maps

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hello folks and welcome back to another

episode of world hunger for and today

I'm so gonna be looking at the cold war

scenario so I have just unlocked the

Cold War scenario about five years ago

so right now let's get into it

first of all what I'm gonna go on is the

scenario here in the Senedd salty

mission so this is the scenario so we

cut the first mission the mission is

called from mission the NATO fleet

appear in Indian sari in the Indian

Ocean and headquarters believe that they

are intend to enter the Persian Gulf

where they can attack our oil field in

it because to repel them

I would should deploy in the Middle East

can write effectiveness so this is the

first native word sorry NATO mission I'm

sorry uh not NATO WTO WTO mission so we

got Zhukov yes all right now let's not

have a look at it sorry I'm a bit sick

okay so we got our first year so my

troop has completely completed the

landing operation but they still need as

many reinforcements as possible to hold

the frontline so the royal fleet will

attack the enemy pots and at the same

time I will send my immediate

reinforcements okay commander please

keep an eye on NATO reinforcements stop

the enemy from landing and wipe them out

in the sea okay so this is our first

frag mission so we got Soviet fear we

got the America it also kinda Soviets

here as well and also got these you know

Allied troops here too

basically this is an Android if you have

asked this is on Android this is not on

iOS is not they released an updated

version yet but if it does then they

will update it and I will do an easy

with the review because why not I'm

doing a - recording right now first this

is the we had the video recording I'm

doing on my laptop

using BlueStacks and I'm too

a sound recording using my iPad because

the voice recorder of my computer is

[ __ ] is totally [ __ ] and I cannot use it

and it's really a waste of money but

forget about that so right now let's

have a look here so we got the United

Kingdom we also got troops here at the

South we got Bradley here yeah so that

is the first mission of the WTO and I

will do more video later on for you guys

for more updates so right now let's exit

and let's have a look at the NATO NATO

first mission so ok so the Soviet Union

has bigger a mission after its victory

against Germany in the East battlefield

obviously they seek to gain more

interest while taking advantages of the

weakening Europe countries at prison

every country in Europe is no match for

a powerful Soviet Union so you must from

my force with other European country to

stop it expansion so this is line of

Europe this is gonna be the attack

between the NATO and WTO

okay so we got Cologne here we got

manage we also got Vasilevsky we got

Cornell level 4 she attacked amazing or

so God Netherland was oh god Belgium

you know Kingdom France right now so

it's like they are fighting against the

Soviet all alone and all this [ __ ] to

stay there do nothing [ __ ] man ok so

that is the first WT us are in NATO

mission yes so right now let's head over

the HU let's see we'll see what do we

have anything shoe so not much the same

nothing change it's the same nothing at

all the same thing but the only thing

that we can do is that we can upgrade

him to another ring so if I had known

that you can't upgraded him from green

from blue to green and from green to red

which means that he his health will be a

bit more higher than his normal

now when you buy him from the ex you so

that's good and it's very tough to get

around him I got around 2000 medal

because I crying a lot or maybe I just

do some tools okay so because this

technology the same thing okay so we got

one here at the Persian Gulf we got one

at Turkey we've got one had the water we

also got one year and Ukraine so I guess

you only got oh we also got one in San

Francisco and one in New York so NATO we

have one here at Germany then fire at a

Belarus number four and zuga now number

two at career at the Korean War yeah

also with another one okay number three

at Cuba and we're in several for really

handsome before ok never falls over now

they supposed to have the number six

whereas number six they should attack

the Soviet you know to make number six

of scenario or maybe they only just have

five you know mission for them so yeah

right now let's have a look at the

conquest what do we have for the time

class so you pay yourself because to use

gonna see something that you have never

seen before and I cannot express your

feeling right now so this is 1939 this

is 1943 and this is 1950 yeah this is a

1950 we got through Parrot France

we got Belgium we got Amsterdam

Netherlands United Kingdom Denmark

Norway Sweden Poland Soviet Union

Hungary Romania Bulgaria no Yugoslavia

no Italy Greece Spain Portugal

we also got a plan here Egypt's of Egypt

yeah we also got e G before Brazil

Brazil nothing much but we got here we

got a

Cuba yeah pick up Shoebat right now we

also got Cuba in 1943 by train ago so

got him in 1950 yeah Oh and China yeah

China won the Civil War

we got no career we kind of thought

career week our time on yeah small dude

here gonna get nuke Philippines America

we still got Singapore under the British

colony I don't know why it has to be

something out here you know like try to

expand the space you try to get other

country suggests you know Indonesian

I've also got Iran we also got Iraq we

also got Turkey so nothing maybe we

should have a look at the Soviet Union a

bit okay okay so 1915 we start off with

a level-5 technology we also got Zhukov

oh damn babe

damn look at that [ __ ] damn [ __ ]

come five stars long infantry fight

style on the Tillery damn dude amazing

yes maybe we should find something like

this diplomacy thing we surely have a

conquered world

yeah okay oh okay so oh nice we got

gonna oh my God look at damage damn 91

damage in 161 for for trans damage

there's oh god this dude here there's no

got notes okay man Stein so Germany is

neutral the dairy on March 9 there's no

remote control Mohit committed suicide

1943 after he was framed that he was

tried to you know stage a coups again

Hitler yeah so he committed suicide

South Africa because Egypt same thing

Spain same thing because Iran

we got Iraq you got Egypt

so Egypt is communist back now so we got

Thailand you still haven't got Vietnam

we got China

we got Taipei because this dude linked

by Danville to him he's good though

fiestar Tillery to star to star every

level 3 level 2 and level 1 that's good

though ok what do we have next

okay oh we also have a customized units

here Japan no supply plus 50% in city

that's good car militia not a this okay

so we got Judah so to the other very

skill it's really amazing

oh my god I'm so sick okay so we got

paid [ __ ] we paid noise of the word

we also god this guy here was named

Fresno yeah couldn't connect so we also

got this dude but Caribbean

yeah okay Changchun we got shoot s why I

don't know how to pronounce that just

take it out

also we got the Korean War here we got

ko Chow we got chow

we got tone oh my god

they look like a twin brother you know

like Choa Choa Choa Choa yeah the Chow

at Cheong yang and the chocolate song

yeah nice name though Hey so Japan

Toyota ha ha ha

with ozawa not Mario 7 at the console

nothing this guy who's our not Mario

Java Hey Oh camera dot and also we have

this nutrients in here risotto condo not

condo its condo Hey ahsoka who's here

this guy was named

flaw in not Clark Kent is Clark hey we

got Bradley we got it Smiths and we

answered a house painting which we

haven't seen Peyton

so let's just zoom the map of it okay

let us zoom out of it okay so that is

the America I should have a look here

sorry I'm a bit sick okay so we got the

whole communist over here yeah and

neutral countries are Saudi Arabia India

not much Germany Italy Yugoslavia yeah

just just for it all so uh this one this

little guy here

Switzerland yeah this guy stay neutral

for forevers life

he won't join the war okay so we gotta

look up ski or chalk off so that this

guy this is the end of the video thank

you guys so much for watching and don't

forget to like this video