World Conqueror 3 Tips and Tricks

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hey house corner once warmer still here

so today episode is gonna be a bit


this episode is requested by Blitzkrieg

talking about the world conqueror 3

vanilla version I do have the vanilla

version but it doesn't have a high level

which I can explain to get a good and

also cheap general basically this is

like a World Congress a tip and tricks

but I'm using this smart as a referendum

however this mod it's only unlimited

medals and only a few mission changes

but for general status and other stuff

they're still the same so this is for

blitzkrieg and for other friend who are

still playing will conquer 3 on your

mobile device or on your PC or on your

NOx emulator so uh let's start off with

some good setup so remember in your mind

that will conquer 3 doesn't have a

language changes which means that people

download a Chinese version it's going to

be in Chinese so I have this Chinese

version so it's gonna be in Chinese it

doesn't have English if you download

from Google Play you will have English

and second thing is that real Congress 3

doesn't have a backup like milk hunker

for in world conqueror for you have a

backup if you lose your data if you have

problem with you're destroying your data

if you change a new phone you will get

exactly the same file that you have in

your game but if you're playing well

Congress 3 you need to restart all over

again ok so that's that's the two first

thing you need is number three number

three remember that always play the same

mission all the time some missions

require a lot of strategy requires a lot

of tactics and maneuvering so to be able

to understand it you need to play it a

few times like five time or six time

don't care about losing care about the

tactics ya care about it care the most

important thing of the tactics yeah so

this is just an example okay don't don't

try to cut me over this is just an

example and number four is make sure

that your upgrades are on top so you can

see I try to operate as many

as possible if you are playing in a axis

version please upgrade your tank and

your HP if you're playing in the ally

version please up late upgrade your

artillery and also your infantry and if

you're playing in America Americans

missions or Japan please try to upgrade

your ships and also your air forces and

if you're playing in a challenge please

upgrade your forts and also in your HP

as well because if you're playing in

German in the axis campaign which is

basically Germany Italy and other

fascist country they most likely use a

lot of Tanks and having the highest

upgrade a regardless of level on where

you're at is always a fundamental and

basic thing you should have which will

also have use to in achieve the goal

faster better and yeah it's easier right

so get the tanks and for allies play

against artillery guns and for Americans

and Japan please get a upgrades on -

sorry battleships and air forces and

also HP and if you are doing a challenge

because some challenge are way easier

than the others some are hard there I

think that's like four challenges and

those four challenges I think a

breakthrough encircle encirclement

supply economy and also have your ally

so the easiest one is economy but it

depends on the mission as well some

mission requires a good general some

mission requires not a really good

general yeah

a just a normal thing and if you are in

the World War 2 version please don't

don't try to take nukes or rockets or

anything or anti-aircraft just get guns

artillery tanks for ships HP and finally

D at air forces those six things the

seven things are the most important if

you are in World War 2 era and try to

play some conquest because conquests

have its different levels and I'm going

to go through it later again - and if

you're in the cold war version yes

you can upgrade your nooks upgrades to

enon cannon

upgrade your Rockets those are most

important you'll also upgrade your

anti-air equipment those are also

important because you will know later

why I'm saying this and Generals

generals I will talk about it later but

now let's have a look at the mission

SOSE mission they have three stars they

have three stars so this is a mod it's

not an actual game if I can have a look

at it it's a mark actually it's Japan

invading China it's a mod so I will just

have a simple explanation so mod so

sorry a vanilla game the first mission

is bronze the king is silver the certain

it's gold

so bran is easier gold silver is medium

and goal is hard actually it's not that

hard it's pretty easy it's the same

thing it's follow the same thing it just

require a better general or maybe

there's no general required or it's just

only requires the better technology and

upgrades in your mission those are the

three main thing and please try to get

some tutorial so that you can get free

metals and it was also cover up the

metals as well and if you guys have a

look at this we have defense economy

attack breaks through encirclement I'm

really at NATO right now we also have a

supply yet so we got five not six one

two three four five yeah five upgrades

sorry no a break five mission challenges

which is pretty good you should do it as

much as you can try to make sure that

you know what the enemy are trying to do

or some time try to play it without

using general right try to play it

without using general if you use a lot

of general sometimes you might rely a

lot on general and later on you will

lose the game so try to play first

without using general that is called why

it's called a strategy game so it's a

bit different okay so another one I want

to add up is the HP so HP if you compare

will conquer three a health pony just

missing the HP to European war for HP

it's been different for European war for

there's a general tape where you can

equip two equipment for your generals it

can be a supply and also you guys can

use a medical aid for your general right

but in working on three now HP is only

+8 that's all in Level eight and if you

stay in the city the HP will grow by

itself that's the most annoying thing

but it's fun most people prefer and also

play a lot of well-hung or three when it

came out and what Congress knew was the

first ever franchise to get a lot of use

on easytek official YouTube channel

you're gonna check out about yourself

and yeah and I can see here the second

tape which is the headquarter plans so

you can see here which is you can trade

this is the unlimited medals actually

inconsistent mark so don't try to trade

again with this guy this guy is a

cheapskate a real yeah

hopefully you took long to monetize that

one that guy is a cheapskate and a

badass don't trade with him he's a

badass he's an the price doesn't

doesn't really add up so trust me don't

trade with him if you really have a

metal get in general or maybe you guys

can spend your own money to get a

wanders because there are some other who

give oh sorry some wonder which give

free metals like this six metal six

metal just for like six or five minutes

six medals for three of three five

minutes so it's like if you played the

whole conquest game you can get at least

30 or 100 so which means that the more

you have the better you're gonna be

because those wonders give different

things so you can also look at X u this

one right here this one I think the

Meiji the Forbidden City

let's give different stuff ok this one

give HP 15 this works in campaign and

also in your conquest so it healed 10

plus 10 HP 15 20 25 5 and 10 and also 15

Taj Mahal Great Wall of China Coliseum I

don't know this one this one a thing in

Scotland no no this one I think this one

belonged to Hitler Austria I think this

one is Atlantis or maybe a fan I don't

know the hanging garden in Persia sorry

in Iran

Winter Palace same for this bird Renault

this one maybe somewhere around

we don't is the Kremlin space and all of

these spaces well so don't try to get to

space it's useless

okay but try to get this one de

non-canon de algún and it's the most

most most useful thing you ever had in

World Congress suite and it's a bit

different from well hunger for walkin

was for eating on Canada will be

provided and it's free and it can be

used in the conquest tape but in working

for three you need to bill it you need

to upgrade it if you guys won a enon

cannon and this one it's pretty good

it's pretty good it's really good I love

it because sometimes you cannot rely a

lot on yourself right you cannot rely on

your general so you know cannon is a

good thing and all of these wonders

works best and I think there's someone

some wonders which give free metal so

yeah I think there's more so this one is

Egypt right so yeah Egypt gives free so

I think I think there's a few more so

it's it's like this so let's say each it

where's Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt

gives you ten twenty thirty thirty

twenty ten forty fifty five and ten

Eddie there's a lot of metal think it 10

or 100 metals just for sitting there and

waiting for the game so yeah it's pretty

it's pretty easy I mean it's kind of

hard when you try to wait for time to go

on and also it's kind of easy as well

it'll be like you get free metals but

you just need to be little grind your

resources so that you can get to the

point where you think like oh now it's

time it's time to get these it's time to

get there it's time to upgrade and also

one more thing try to send your generals

on mission so there are two types of

mission the blue sorry the yellow one

and the red one the red ones are way

easier than the yellow one the other one

is a bit hard but if you get it right

you will reward it okay heavily rewarded

so the red one so this one you need to

understand this so this one requires

this type of skill and you can have a

look at your general watch

have this kind of skill but I will

explain it later to the usefulness and

if you guys have a tang it will add in

like seven point let's say I go away

munch line seven points seven points

yeah that's it

so which means that you can't yet you

can only use two and you need one which

have this kind of a camouflage which is

knit Schmidt you can see here so when I

- when I deducted knit Smith and Smith

is not there and Raul and munch Stein

can only give 50% of this mission so

which means that 50% relies on tank 50%

relies on camouflage so camouflage is

available in niche with at level 4 and

doníts also I think this doesn't have

that one okay so all in it so yeah it

gives you around 100 percent so that's

pretty understandable right so let's see

another one which is a Tillery in

Scandinavia so you get a shelter experts

a tang and a artillery let's say you go

for munch line and go for Rommel it only

adds up right so if you're for another

time you can only add likes 3 or 2%

let's say you add a Hillary general

let's go for you Gulf only a fuse right

and if you - this guy and add the one

that has the shelter expert which link

buddy has it I guess yes

it go max to 88% and Eve - dad and and

and Hillary it goes at 88% as well so

remember this skill is mandatory but

this one is really needed so try to

understand that the ones on the right is

better than one on the left

if you have a bad general please don't

don't don't get a hangover yourself try

to look on the right thing try to look

on this one the gold one so the more the

better and the other one here at itself

so we got a camouflage and a Air Force

that's gay let's say I go for marsh

light my shine only give like four is

53% which is a go for amo only 69% right

imagine I go with niche MIT 100% you see

that's the difference for this one

that's a different for dönitz only six

why because he has only two stars in Air

Force right so it's kind of you guys

understand right if you try to follow up

with it you might get to hang what I'm

trying to say let's say you're not a one

here in the South American so let's see

you haven't you need camouflage

you need a ships you need a f4 so which

means that we basically just need Mitch

Schmidt and doníts let's put the DeLeon

only eight even sent let's put munch

time only twenty four percent that

doesn't mean that it doesn't mean that

oh I already have a good channel why do

I need this naval general so sometimes

you don't really have the amount of

medals to get these so it's best to use

cheap generals and I will explain why in

a few seconds let's say you go for


oh oh you see here a 10% auto and for

this one which is work the same you need

a higher rank you need a shelter expert

so click on a general who also have the

shelter expert linked by Nimitz who's


this guy doesn't have it this guy

doesn't have it but he has a rank right

so just put all your general who who has

all the highest rank which is basically

the illogical thing you ever do and you

can see here it doesn't matter how many

journals you have because in the end it

can only give a few percent but if you

pick the right general with the lowest

skill but half those skills

it feels beneficial you see here so now

the final thing so final thing that

people wanted to know is general which

general who should we pick so let's go

to the Germans Academy so Germany they

are regarded as one of the greatest

generals headquarters in a world which

have so many different generals so let's

see Paulus Paulus is coffee turret 90 he

got a retaliations and also an infantry

leader this guy cost only Syriana but he

got creeks and a tank that's a

good one

it's cheap it doesn't have anything but

they have a three silver stars of tank

and a level two Panzer leader and a

level two blitzkrieg that's already good

for only 300 medals imagine because when

you start the game you got like 500

medal for free and if you finish the

first missions of Soviet Union and axis

Germany you get it around like 600 which

you can buy twice of these guys and

these guys look at him cause 410 medals

has an infantry through star one stars

on tank also have fortifications which

help rebuild a city and also level force

of blitzkrieg which also help to attack

the enemy without getting a retaliation

so only a 410 yeah so sometimes these

small general which is cost less has a

better effect than all of these generals

but sometime remember that when you are

fighting a huge scale war getting a good

general is always better let's see for

this guy only level 1 we level 2 but he

has these stars this level right here

for me is it a good choice not really

the most important thing is the skill

this state this status aren't really

matter at all

and for this guy level 1 blitzkrieg

level 1 plane fighting but look all of

his field he's mixed up with tanks

general sorry tanks infantry and

artillery and also Air Force which is

not really good it's a mixed up which

means that it doesn't make sense

it costs foreign 20 way way more

expensive than these guys who only cost

300 miles you guys get the point right

and for this one Panzer Li the tide of

Iran final 7 d also level threes tanks

level 2 artillery and level 2 on

mobility so it's good picking this guy

and this guy is the right choice but if

you pick this guy which one no no no no

no the other one yeah this dispatch turd

damn bad choice ever made in your whole


trust me so picking these two would be a

beneficial at an oyster name but I can

check his name in English and this one

this guy to level two infantry level 2

pen Panzer level 2 artillery level 1

blitzkrieg level 2 recovery and also

level 3 defensive it sees a good choice

not really if you are rich you can buy

him if you

have a lot of metal please don't buy him

it's only good at defensive being

defensive if it weren't for

aggressiveness it's a no for me yeah

and for these guys level to Tillery

level two defensive level one

fortification level three stars on

salary ability level two it is a good

price for 860 no that's really expensive

if you don't really need this kind of

skill here okay these guys a 950 with a

I think it's called explosive skill

artillery barrage and artillery leaders

four star one stars on mobility it is a

good choice yes get this guy way easier

it's cheap it's useful and really

effective for this guy level one on tank

level one until we level one on on a

airforce level two on a by unit charge

level two on a defensive level two on a

mountain level four on inventories good

choice no 150 too expensive this guy

that was three on infantry in early was

level three on retaliation reliable for

on a explosive cost a thousand twenty is

it worth it no why the Freak do we need

a Air Force when we got an infantry

skills useless okay

this guy level to this Creek level one

type of ayran level one explosive cost a

thousand forty car level four of panzer

skill a panzer ability level three on a

mobility is it worth it yes take the sky

it's way better this guy compared to

these two guys it has a different

measurement so if you if you have like

mm metal and you want to get three

channel for instant get this guy this

guy and this guy right here

and for raider level three on naval


level 2 on Wolfpack level two on sailor

and all of these trades is just worth it

for a thousand and seventy yes get him

for Bob

vodka is a bit different Bob got four

skill bar got level three Panzer level

three Blitzkrieg level to recovery level

to urban defensive cost a thousand seven

one thousand seven ninety is it worth it

no just because he got for skill doesn't

mean he's worth it for almost two

thousand medals keep that in your mind

okay let's see Bruce which prefers which

I think it cost around two thousand as


he got a positive tang level two on

mountains and tired of irony reader

that's pretty good get these guys for

Lee also the same cost around two

thousand got level three con level fire

abilities on a Tillery got level one is

it good yes Catherine why didn't I get

him first of all look at his skill it's

all mixed up

he has no actual skill like going have a

look at Gary Gary even though he doesn't

have any skills but we have testing

which really useful if you are playing

in a conquest it helps provide more

money it helped arise more health it

happens more engineering and oil he also

got a level one been in a charge which

means that if you are defending a city

is also good why did I get him because

he's not useful in my own scenarios


more than cost around three thousand but

look at all of his skill he caught five

skill useless that's not good that's not

good even though he cut four star three

star by in a charge defensive recovery

shelter and urban that's not a good


let's see done it's not a god five star

mixed I think he's constant on three

thousand and all of these skills are

useful Rahman he got what Panza leader

tide of ayran ace force explosive and a

desert plain fighting sorry desert

fighting pretty good for good Ariane is

a must-have general even though it cost

a lot man a must-have for munch time all

the same thing as well so I hope you

guys get these ideas of picking in

general let's go to the Moscow

headquarter for Buddha Yanni ready for

that know this guy no cuz that's enough

yes for two hundred medals only for a

naval yes pretty good for all this guy

no I think he's aiming a shopping

should call for something like that and

this guy 440 410 no not good for Cho two

to four 440 470 know this guy also know

this guy also know this guy is yes I

think it's name is Warren often I gotta

know yeah so we got Revell to artillery

level two unexposed tanks explosive

levels one and camouflage and level one

on mobility level three on Tillery those

are the main important thing cause only

eight hundreds if you finish two mission

you will get worn off and this guy here

not worth it

don't get him trust me get these guys

better this guy has a more attacking

sets and malinovski for attenti for a 1k

for level four level two Bernina charge

recovery and also for level two

guerrilla warfare

is this a good choice to happen yes also

a good choice to happen okay so I guess

that's enough for this I don't want to

explain it a lot

I know people might get bored by looking

at these so I hope you guys enjoy this

episode of World Congress three tips and

tricks it's been a while this game

release in 2013 I'm just doing a typical

Street in 2018 which doesn't really add

up but it's for the fan is for blitz

freaks he requested this video so hope

you guys enjoyed this some kind of evil

eye someone subscribes and a good thing

is that my internet is back so which

means I can upload it right now see you

guys next time and have a nice day