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sup YouTube I'm going to show you how to

unlock the Nokia 1208 so just turn it on

without the SIM card it'll say insert

sim then you're going to want to do

pound P and W plus the unlock code which

is five nine seven six one zero two one

one zero four five three four six so

this will vary then you're going to want

to do plus one and then pound phone

restriction off so to get your code all

you got to do is go to unlock cell

procom as you see I'm at the main thing

so all you have to do oops sorry

all you have to do is get your code by

entering the IMEI bread and it will be

like you'll just have to pay a little

fee and you'll have your phone unlocked

so I put in an AT&T sim in to show you

it's fully unlocked

okay AT&T sims in there and the link

will be in the description to unlock

cell pros website right there

so it says t-mobile and AT&T so it works

perfectly I'll even send a few text

messages really quick to myself but no I

don't want to do that but c 18 t case