Stereo Reset Code For 06-11 Honda CIVIC (LOCKED RADIO) In 5 minutes!!

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what's up guys welcome back gaming today

we are gonna retrieve the stereo code

from this 2009 Honda Civic so if your

stereo got locked up you replace your

battery or whatnot stay tuned so I can

show you

without we're inside the vehicle and I'm

gonna walk you through the process and

then I'm gonna do the process that what

you guys can do this yourself so right

now we're inside the vehicle the stereos


I'm gonna put the cake the ignition I'm

gonna turn it to the on position I'm

gonna heat the number six and number one

at the same time six one and then turn

the power on on the stereo and a code is

gonna appear on the actual screen on the

stereo that's gonna be the serial number

for the code we get and write that code

down and then we're gonna write down the

V number of the actual vehicle and then

we're gonna go to the computer and we're

going to input it on the website and

then this website is gonna give us the

code okay it's ready alright let's do

this alright so here we are you guys can

see it's locked

so we're gonna hit 6-1 and then turn it

on okay so it's off you turn the car on

right there so we're gonna hit 6-1 enter

there it goes that's the serial number

right there

now we're gonna input that number into

the website so let me go show you guys

so here we are in the computer that is

the website right there

I'm also gonna put a link to it on the

description but it is radio radio - Navi

code that Honda comm here it is gonna

give you the instructions right here on

the first page you need your vehicle V

number which we already have and your

device serial number which we already

got from the procedures I just showed

you so now we're gonna go to get codes

and we're gonna fill out this form right

here the VIN number the zip code my

phone number email address and the

serial number this one is if you have

navigations navigation system on your

Honda or not and then we're gonna hit

some units and it give us a call so let

me feel it out this information real

quick all right so here we are all the

information is filled out now we're just

gonna hit and submit boom and there it

goes right there up to 2009 honda civic

LX that is my code right there of course

v number and a serial number so there it

goes that simple that is easily take you

to because less than five minutes to

keep in mind this code is only for this

specific honda so each vehicle is gonna


on specific codes so make sure you guys

follow these procedures on your own

vehicle that way you guys can retrieve

your own code but it is very simple like

I said I'm gonna put a link to the

description to this website that way you

guys can go through it yourself I do

have another vehicle coming is gonna be

a Acura TL I believe we're also gonna be

unlocking that stereo so stay tuned for

that video as well that's these guys

plain and simple all right guys well I

really hope this video helps somebody

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will catch you guys on my next video

thank you for watching and you guys have


great day