Girls' Frontline - 0-2 Leveling Guide (Ultimate Edition)

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Hello everyone, Ceia here. Today. I have a long long guide here for you

This style is about 0-2, which is more comprehensive since you want to run this map as cost efficiently as possible

Since this guide is rather long. I put up some time stamps for the subjects I'll be touching on today

So you may want to jump to that time stamp for the specific topic. I'll put those time stamps in the description box

There is also a document version of this guide I made some time ago, which is also in a description box

You may be wondering, how do you even unlock chapter 0.

you just need to finish chapter 4-4E to unlock chapter 0, then you can clear 0-1 to unlock 0-2.

Why do 0-2?

Since it has the highest core rate currently in the English server. That is draggable

It has around 40%

Core drop rate each run compared to let's say 4-3E's 15 to 20%

This statistics is pulled out from my personal spreadsheet which has around 5,000 0-2 runs and around 3,000 4-3E runs.

So, this Is pretty accurate according to me at least?

There are two routes we can do for 0-2, the middle route which goes through four out of five nodes where by

dolls that are three stars and above can drop

and the left route

You do not as much damage as the middle route

Due to lack of Jaeger and Vespid. However, this route will grant you less cores.

Since most of the nodes that you run through don't drop any 3 star and above rarity dolls.

You can clear this map by either fully supplying your team or dragging or corpse dragging

with 2 ARs, or 1 AR.

For the tanks you can use to 0-2, you either use SMGs

shotguns or m16

M16 is the best choice here since she can equip both an

T-EXO and an armor plate, reducing the damage taken by her significantly

I'll address the tanks

That can be used here in detail later. But for now. Let's talk about how do you run this map?

Okay, so you wanted to do it in full supply approach, what is you need to meet these criteria

You need your dolls to be at least level 80, at least 4 links.

You want a grenadier like 416, SOPMOD and FAL.

You want a grenadier SMG like Skorpion, PPS-43, Vector

For equipment you want green T-EXO or better for your tank

And blue critical scopes and a high velocity ammo which is your AR ammo and above for your DPS

This will be the bare minimum to run 0-2.

Around once or twice before your SMG needs to repair. So you need to repair very often here

However, it depends on your equipment as well, and what skill levels your dolls have as well

It's a bit of hassle, but kiting will significantly preserve your SMG's longevity for tanking.

Or to even survive a single run

For newcomers that just stepping into the game, I advise you to grind 0-2 during EXP up events.

Since 4-3E dragging is still more cost efficient than full supply 0-2.

Now, onto double AR dragging, if you're not familiar with corpse dragging,

I'll suggest you check these videos out. They have touched up this topic already

For this you will require one grenadier AR, like 416, SOPMOD, FAL.

Paired with a self buffer AR like AR-15, G41 and the like.

Both for which you want them to be at 5 links.

Their skills should also be leveled especially the grenadier's skill You want their skill levels to be at level 8 if possible

Next, your dragging team should at least include one buffer. Be handgun or submachine gun

The best buff to give her DPS in this case would be a fire power buff, or damage buff.

such buffers include Single Action Army, Mk23,

PPS-43, UMP45 and the like. As for equipment you want gold critical scopes and high velocity ammo

Best to be decently enhanced or even better, maxed out.

An enhanced T-EXO for your tank will be ideal as well

It will be the best for her to have a gold T-EXO

But if you don't have one you can use a green T-EXO

You could kite 0-2 all day or night, but your sanity will take a beating

Your SMG will take less repairs, though.

However, if you do 0-2 while AFK, the most you could get out of her will be two runs

Keep in mind we need to use a total of 4 ARs in double dragging.

Two of them, you have to rotate out after every run

You also need one grenadier AR and one self-buff AR.

Oh, that's a total of two grenadiers and two self-buff ARs at 5 links.

So double AR dragging is not as simple as you think

Then lastly, we have single AR dragging.

This option is the most cost efficient and convenient if you meet all the conditions

For this, the best candidates we have are 416, FAL, SOPMOD and G11.

Their levels would be to be level 90 and above with 5 links. Of course

Their skill levels need to be level 8 and above or SOPMOD and 416.

For FAL and G11 they want level nine or ten

For the equipment you want

+7 and above gold critical scopes and high velocity ammo to be cost efficient

As for SOPMOD, she'll need a decent EOT as well. A gold EOT - decently enhanced would be preferred.

As for tanks. We need m16a1 which is level 90 and above. Though, she can start at level 80 as well.

She'll need a +7 and above gold T-EXO and gold armor

Do not use a SMGs for this. She will not survive

You need one buffer, be a handgun or submachine gun to be efficient in this

If you have all the criteria fulfilled, you should have four to five runs before you have to repair your m16

As usual if you kite your M16,

She'll have a longer lifespan in the field, you could expect up to 8 runs per repair

Okay with all that out of the way, let's talk how you should build your formation for your team to level in 0-2.

I'm referring the tiles on the formation grid to the position

On the number pad, not the phone pad, but the number pad on your keyboard

We want the tank to be on number pad 6.

Anywhere else, the mobs will leak anywhere.

No girl is to be placed as 3, 8 or 9.

To prevent any damage from getting to her

Have your buffer buff your DPS as usual

You can place the rest of the buffers in these zones - 4, 5, 1, 2

Or even seven if you need to

F formation works as well. However, like I said, you have to retreat

Your off tank whenever

The battle starts, which is very troublesome. You want to avoid that so we stick to this formation

And don't worry mobs won't run past

M16 here, they'll just stop here and shoot her here

Okay now I'll be getting into the tanks - which should you use, you ask?

Okay, let's say we take SMG for example.

They'll require a good T-EXO to tank well. An SMG - maxed T-EXO should be able to tank about two runs

Before needing repairs when using that in to 2 AR dragging

Using an SMG as a tank when dragging with one ear with 1 AR will most likely get them killed, so don't try it

Next we have shotguns

They require gold armor to tank, they'll need to be enhanced decently as well or even better, maxed out.

However, due to their abysmal

evasion, they tend to suffer greater HP loses when up against the hoards of enemies 0-2

Throws at you. Repairing a shotgun will also drain your resources a lot

Don't believe me? Try preparing a shotgun. You see that it costs a lot more than an SMG or m16

Speaking of m16, let's move on to her. She require both a T-EXO and armor, both gold and

Enhanced as much as possible. Armor plate should be enhanced + 7 and above

M16 will be able to tank 4 to 5 runs before needing repairs

and without kiting.

For this, she'll need to be at least level 80

With a gold T-EXO and green armor, all of them maxed, she'll be able to take 3 to 4 runs with two AR dragging.

Before needing to repair

She'll only stay alive for only two runs with one AR dragging. So you can see that

the armor makes a big difference here

I highly recommend you get the gold equips and enhance them accordingly to whatever criteria that was given.

Also as any other tank, kiting will allow her to stay for

more runs before she'll need any repairs. As of this date, it's not available to farm yet,

But in 6-4N, the last mission

of chapter six night,

It'll drop M16's special equip - an exoskeleton that technically serves as an armor plate which can further improve

m16s tanking capabilities

Okay, next up I'll explain why 416, SOPMOD, FAL and G11 in particular

Are recommend for 0-2, single AR dragging.

Let's start off with 416.

She has a grenade skill.

She can one-shot with her grenade. If her skill level is level 8 and above.

But it doesn't clear all the enemies, so she has to pick off the remaining enemies one by one. With that

her single target DPM is actually pretty subpar

So she'll take a while before she picks off all of the enemies in the map

resulting in more damage taken by your tank.

416 does have a special equip in the future, but it won't come anytime soon

Next up will be SOPMOD. Send with 416. She can one-shot enemies with her grenade


SOPMOD can do it without firepower buffs, if her skill level Is at level 9, or even better level 10

SOPMOD does have better single target DPS than 416.

due to her ability to equip both of critical scope and an EOT. Same with 416,

She will leave a bunch of enemies after her grenade strikes

But she can pick them off faster than 416.

Next up we have FAL

The skill spreads her 3 grenades around, though not as strong as

416 and SOPMOD's grenades

her grenade does not one-shot the enemies they hit.

she also require a firepower buff or two to be efficient and

her skill level needs to be level 8, or even better maxed out to be even more efficient

If FAL is set up properly

She can be more efficient then SOPMOD and 416 due to having her grenades being launched separately

Then whatever monster she leaves behind we only have a little bit of HP left

Easy for her for her to pick off in a shot or 2. Lastly. We have g11

She's not a grenadier.

But she has a unique skill that changes her single shot to a triple shot, if her skill is level 9 and above.

But G11 just needs

Firepower buffs and rate of fire buffs to be able to clear mobs efficiently

G11 also requires a lot of upgraded equipment or even better maxed out equipment

for her to function well

If all the conditions are satisfied. She is the best in clearing 0-2.

Okay, so

That's it. Let's do some data analysis for the above 4 ARs.

For the data constants for this data analysis. We'll only have a

sample size of 100 to 150 run each

with two different buffers

the DPS and

M16A1 have

their skills and equipment maxed out. They are oathed as well. There is no kiting involved in any of it

first up we have

The HP loss to m16 with Grizzly, maxed linked as a buffer

with 150 runs sample size, so

this is how

they line up

With the shown data you can see that

FAL and g11 are actually tied up

SOPMOD places on third and 416 comes out last

Next, we have Welrod, same thing, maxed links with only 100 run sample size

so this is how they

match up

G11 is still first, SOPMOD comes out second, FAL comes up third and lastly 416.

So what we can see from these data and analysis above right

G11 will be

more flexible

Since she can be used with different


So you can be used with any scenario with any buffer

FAL would prefer a firepower buff

to keep her grenade damage high,

To reduce the amount of shots she needs to deal out


SOPMOD actually works well with both

candidates for the buffers

Unfortunately for 416, she is not what need here, so it's not recommended to use

After you have the above three ARs maxed out.

Alright this last part is only actually relevant

After Fairies is implemented to the English server


Feel free to skip it if you want but

It is actually a very important topic to address

I feel you should know, before the time comes

My personal speculation is for them to come before the deep dive event

Which should be around spring or summer of 2019

With fairies, many more options are open to you, allowing you to use a wider

varieties of ARs to drag called on 0-2.

The above 4 candidates I mentioned before will still stand as the best

However, there'll be new dolls that will be able to drag in 0-2, let's say K11


G36 MOD 3, AR-15 MOD 3, M4A1 MOD 3, and the list goes on

Fairies also have levels as well. So you can raise low leveled fairies in 0-2 if you want to and it is cost efficient

It's not the best place to level fairies.

0-2's EXP penalty starts at 112

So should you have modded dolls in your leveling team, Keep this in mind

Also since 0-2 is one of the easier maps to clear without having to retreat like 8-1N, 10-4E

You can do your daily map clear quests in 0-2 with ease as well.

Alright that's the end of the 0-2 guide. I would like to thank Hina for all these content that he provided me with


So if you like this content maybe give me a like,

maybe subscribe, maybe share this guide with your community found it useful and

I will see you guys next time