Rescue 911 - "Conrail Train"

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Ramsey New Jersey the kind of town where

nothing much ever happens but on Monday

May 1st of this year something

frightening did most of the people

involved have returned to help us

reconstruct the events of that spring


conductor Anthony falls on a short haul

from New York to New Jersey this

engineer Richard component we had 19

loaded cars one engine we're eastbound

on New Jersey Transit approaching Ramsey

Kate Pritchard was just returning home

from doing errands in town my usual deal

on Monday morning please to do my

grocery shopping so I packed up the kids

in the car I went to the grocery store

and came home this was about a quarter

of 11 when we came home when Kate and

her husband Gary were looking for a safe

neighborhood in which to raise a family

this place it seemed perfect we live in

a corset with many many children they're

always playing out there knowing that

they're not allowed in the woods knowing

that they're not allowed to even go near

the train tracks at all

Kait trusted her over some table to look

after his younger brother Scott while

she took the groceries into the house

there is such an amazing difference

between these two boys todd has always

been very cautious and a more intense I

mean if since he was little if you told

him don't touch that because you will be

hurt if you do he wouldn't and then

there's Scott I think if I had had Scott

first I probably wouldn't have had

another one till the Scott was in

college he's fearless he's just

basically fearless and the tracks are

temptingly close less than 300 feet from

the Pritchard family home we always had

a fear of the tracks in the back of your

mind you always think god I just hope

these kids always learn that they never

should go there

but on this morning they did one and a

half year old Scott and three year old

Todd made their way through the woods to

play on the tracks just feel

they saw something moving and it moved

like something alive not like wind

blowing something you know something

like that

whatever was there going to hit

when I trained mr. just

engineer just let his hand down and that


and then she kept swallowing I just had

this horrible gay feeling that something

was definitely wrong with the boys

a train was slowing down but it didn't

appear to me that we're going to stop on

time I could not get out there faster I

mean those legs and mine just moved not

intense enough my go down to the end of

the driveway and the whole time I was

running out there I was screaming for

Todd just screaming out his name

I lost view from the front of the engine

I can't see directly down in front of me

the wide snowplow on the front of the

Train at only twelve inches of clearance

even with the brakes off the weight of

the 250 ton train carried it more of

hundreds of people past where the boys

were playing on the

as soon as the train stopped they jumped

off to see what happened see if Tony was

alright I thought the little boy was

killed Rick the fashion all of this tax

plan he didn't sleep in an ambush okay I

just remember seeing the snow plow two

locomotives kept the smallest child in a

head I just automatically thought severe

head injuries thousand screaming at me

to go calm him y'all done wanted him to

go get an ambulance apparently I just

know that someone had to go get help

where's at 11:05 a.m. a call for help

came in okay well 15-year veteran Glenn

Karpovich was the first officer on the

scene when I heard the call I expected

the worst normally a person involved

with a trained any degree it's a fatal


I dialed my husband and I said Scott was

hit by a train and I said just get home

as fast as you can I do not know the

danger all at what state this baby was


Mountain to top of the head

we got to get you to hostel like the

places wait a few more minutes for my

husband knowing that if he got there and

saw us gone before a guy would have just

fallen apart

I wanted him there with me you're

running all these kind of scenarios what

happened what went wrong how did what

was he to him there

where where where was everybody

when the paramedics arrived Scott was

taken to the hospital for examination

after six stitches on the forehead and

seven on the chin Scott was released no

rackets neither boy was seriously

injured my only imitate other mothers is

that if you're living in a situation

where you have train tracks never living

by a busy road don't wait for something

like this to occur before you put up a

fence that I turn the other way and I

got into those train tracks and it had a

Anthony Bell who hadn't been on that

train or it hadn't gone the way it did I

probably would have laid down away for

the next train it snapped my priorities

in line in like 20 seconds where you

know you get so wrapped up in the

day-to-day oh you know yeah

actually given the success thing with

your business and to providing for your

family and this and all of a sudden was

just like there is nothing but the

family let's see if we can hit one all

the way back by those guy well we

basically adopted a conductor I told

Gary has to put an extension on the

house we now have a third son and he's

become a big part of our lives and he

will always be a big

my life I think we've become very close

I think that's the best Lord of

everything I don't have any children so

made me see that we tend to overlook

things because a lot of people tend to

be so concerned about themselves

and I said well if I was childen the two

children lived that's the way I would

have wanted it because I'm 35 years old

I've done a lot in my life and I still

have a lot of my life left but these

children have their entire life left

my first impression looking at the car

was sort of please anyone come out of

that car alive