The BEST 800 Meter Prediction Workout

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hey what's up everybody Nick here and

today I am showing you my favorite

800-meter prediction workout now I get a

lot of messages from people saying Nick

I ran this workout what could I run for

this distance the only way to know what

you can run for a given distance is to

lace up and have at it but there are a

few really key indicator workouts this

happens to be my favorite one for the

800 meters now this workout is insanely

difficult it encompasses three laps

almost all out so you run a lap rest 4

minutes run a lap rest 4 minutes run a

lap throw up because invariably I end up

throwing up after this one it's harder

actually than an 800 and I used to dread

this workout every year if you want to

learn about that workout and many others

you can download my 2012 training log

absolutely free I'll link that in the

description below but it's not 2012 it's

2019 and I am genuinely curious what I

could run for 800 meters so I'm gonna

run this predictor workout and we'll

find out about what kind of shape I'm in

let's have at it here's the key to this

workout if you want to get really

accurate information the goal is to have

each lap be pretty much the same you

don't want to go out super conservative

and then have two great laps because

that's gonna slow your average down the

goal is to have the fastest average

across all three laps

similarly you don't want to go out on

suicide pace and then pay the price on

your second and third laps so my goal

here is to meter out my energy to have

the three fastest average laps it's

easier said than done sometimes I'll

have to really feel this one out I

haven't done this workout in about three

or four years so this is gonna be tough

for me




alright 61.65 now the challenge in this

workout is to get your heart rate down

as quickly as you can the recovery clock

just started I've got four minutes to

bring my heart rate down to get oxygen

back in my blood

and to come back out and hopefully run

another 61



sixty point four Oh lap two always hurts

that dudes the hardest one lap one your

fresh lap three takes care of itself

lap two is the hard one it's like your

third two hundred of the eight hundred

or it's like the third lap of a mile

it's always the hardest one that's sixty

point four eight I'm really pleased with

that I've actually managed to work my

time down a little bit from the first to

second interval if I can break 64 this

last one I'll tell you what that would

indicate that I'm in about two minutes

shape for 800 which is way faster than I

thought I'd be but I got a again focus

on taking a deep breath you can hear I'm

kind of panicked I got a lot of

adrenaline deep breath coach Roland used

to say breathe in energy and breathe out

relaxation it's kind of a silly phrase

but when you're standing on the starting

line it can really help you calm your

heart rate down and that's what I got to

do right now


59 3i plays with that workout real

pleased now we got to do a little math

come on alright so I'm super pleased

with that workout I ran it exactly like

I wanted to which is slightly cutting

down each lap but now I got to get my

calculator out and figure out what my

average was so lap one sixty one point

five now I'm gonna add lap to sixty

point four and finally I add in the

third and final lap which was fifty nine

point three pat on my back for going sub

sixty didn't think I had that in me

still and the total is one hundred

eighty one point two seconds I divide

that by 3 and I get sixty point four so

that was the average of all three laps

was a 60 point four but of course the

800 is two laps so I multiply by two 120

point eight or two flat point eight

seconds so this workout just suggested

that I'm in too flat shape kind of hard

to believe but like I said in the

beginning of this video the only way to

prove it is to spike up and actually

race and 800 and that's exactly what I'm

gonna do in seven days so if you want to

see me crank that 800 and want to find

out just how accurate this this workout

was in predicting my fitness smash that

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tell your friends this is going to end

I may just be able to break two at the

ripe old age of 35 having they retired

for a few years I'd be very pleased with


see you guys in exactly one week