Practice Call Center Interview With Me: Insider Tips and Sample Answers | Part 1

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It is already 2019 and I know a lot of you would want to apply for a new job

So if you are considering to apply for a call center job

then in this video we are going to talk about call center interview questions and

Some answers that I'd like to share with you. So stay tuned

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Before I officially start with this call center interview questions and answers

portion. I just want you to know that I also have a similar video which I published a year ago on this channel

and this year, I want to do something more updated and something that I can share with you

that's actually recent because I have asked some of my friends and

family members who have applied recently in a call center and

these questions and answers are based on experience

and this is how I answer the questions so you are free to adjust your answers

of course based on your own experience and background. You can copy the format of answering the question

You don't have to copy what I say, obviously because my experiences are different from yours

So the important thing here is that you know how to answer the questions in case

these questions will be asked from you.

So let's begin. I have my notes here in my laptop because I have written my answers.

That's also one of the things that I want to suggest to you.

If you are applying. Write down the questions or the possible questions and then write down your possible answers. You don't have to

write it down word for word or verbatim, but at least have an outline of what your answers are going to be

So that's what I also did.

For the first question that I have for you it is: Why do you want to work for our company?

So just an insider tip, remember to do your research about the company you are applying for. A lot of you will not do that

obviously because you will just apply to

what is

available at the moment, but it will really make a difference if you plan ahead and

research even just a little bit about that company. At least know what the company is about or what the products and services are.

What the accounts are? For example

For customer service, if it's for sales, tech support, if it's a bank, insurance or something like that.

So at least you know the industries that that call center is handling. You will have an idea

why you'd want to work for that company, even though you know, it's really your first time working for a call center. So here

on my notes. I mentioned that you don't have to memorize anything, but at least know the basics about the company.

One important point that

I also want to say is that, although we all work for compensation and salary,

You wouldn't want to highlight that at the beginning. Of course, you would want to be honest and say that you need money. That's why

you are applying for a job. But

you would want to say something more significant like what your

contributions will be, what are the things that you can do for the company, why you'd want to work for them?

Talk about how the company's values align with yours

don't be too tacky about the salary at first and don't sound too pretentious or

overwhelming as well.

So this is a sample answer: From my research

I found out that your company has great values such as

integrity and professionalism. I like that you always look after the well-being of your employees.

I also like that your company values quality

performance. And for me

it will be a great opportunity to be part of a company like yours that has high regard to both people and


Aside from that, the company's compensation and benefits are also

competitive and I believe this is important because for me it shows that the company

understands the worth of each employee.


You can add this. This helps to be more specific.

But only if you really have a friend in the company or you know anyone in the company.

You can also add something like this: I also have a friend who is working here in your company, and

he mentioned that you have a fun environment and great employee engagement activities. For me

that's very important because working in a call center can be tough.

So it's nice to have activities that will keep the call center full of life and energy.

So that's just my sample answer. Number two question:

What is your idea of a call center or a BPO? Now,

even though you are just new in the call center industry,

This is not an excuse for you not to know anything about the call center or BPO

so please do not say that you do not know or do not say I don't know because I'm just new. It is your

responsibility to research about

the job that you are getting into. So say something and for you to actually do that,

again going back to the preparation part,

research even just a little bit about call center or the BPO.


provide examples because these are the best ways to get your message across. It doesn't have to be perfect and technical just so

you want to impress your interviewer.

We all want to impress your interviewer, but say something that is realistic and that is

understandable. And this is my sample answer that you can also follow: My idea of a call center

is that it's an actual place where people or employees make or take calls for their company or for another company.

This is to fulfill a certain task. It could be customer service, technical support or sales.

BPO is Business Process Outsourcing. In this kind of industry,

companies outsource a part of their business to another company or entity.

For example,

there's a telecommunication company in the US that needs customer support or

customer service. They can hire a call center to answer customer service calls for them.

Aside from that, I understand that in a call center

the schedule is not the usual eight to five job. Because it has to function within a certain time frame that

is asked by the client.

I also understand that I will have scheduled breaks and lunches and that I will be assigned to a team

with a supervisor and a manager. And from time to time my calls will also be listened and

evaluated for


Number three. Why do you want to work in a call center?

So insider tip.

I know you probably want to be honest and again say that because of the

compensation or the salary, and that it is relatively higher than the usual salary or other entry-level jobs.

This may or may not be true depending on the company. Because as you know, each company has its own


benefits and all those

things. Although it is honest and straightforward, you don't want to start with the money stuff.

I already mentioned that earlier, but I just want to point it out because you don't want the company to

just think that you're only after the money. What if

something happens with that

compensation part like there's an issue?

Then they will think that it will be just easier for you to leave because you're only after the money.

Anyway, that's why you are working in the call center, right? So think about that.

How about your individual growth? How about


How about the people that you're going to work with? Career growth and development?

So this is my sample answer: I

want to work in a call center because I believe that I have something to contribute to this industry. I

understand that the call center environment can be stressful at times, but I know that I can handle stress very well.

I also see the call center as a dynamic industry. So even though the tasks can be repetitive,

I know that there's an opportunity for individual growth and development.

It's the kind of lifestyle that I see myself immersing in.

Besides, I also want to make an effort to support my family or give back to my parents

financially. I

understand that the salary is competitive and higher than other usual entry-level jobs.

But even though this is the case, I can assure you that I'm very committed to doing my job

or the tasks assigned to me, and I don't just do it for the sake of getting paid.

I also want to show my company and my employer

that I can do my job

well. If you notice in that answer, you are telling the interviewer why you'd like to

Work in a call center. That it's a dynamic industry, there's an opportunity for individual growth. And then after that you insert the fact that

you would also want to help your family. You're a breadwinner, if that is the case, and

that will also show that you are committed to really

getting the job because you are supporting a family, and it's not like you're just after the money just for the sake of it.

But you also really want to perform.


In addition to that, if you have kids for example,

Or really anybody that you're supporting, you can mention that you also want the best life for your kids and you will do everything

for them. Something like that. Like,

supporting a family or anyone that you are currently supporting now.

This is an insider tip. Listen up.

Do not tell your interviewer that you are applying just because you want to learn more or you want to enhance or improve your

communication or English speaking skills.

The call center is a business. It's not a school or a university. They don't need people

who are

still learning the basics.

They need people who already know the basics, who already know how to speak English,

who are really committed to doing the job and not just applying for a job just because they're bored or

you know, they have nothing to do with their life at the moment. So that is a red flag.

Another is,

do not tell your

interviewer that you are just applying because you want to try something new.

That can be a red flag because your interviewer might think that, Okay. He's just trying this out. If he gets bored,

he might leave after a month, or even after just a few days. And if you're thinking that, please don't. You know?

I know that the call center industry is like a stepping stone to almost

everything. But

Please, you know, keep in mind that this is a real job

This is a business and it's not just a joke or a game.

So you have to be really serious and committed to it.

Next is: What is customer service for you? If you're profiled for a customer service account, or if the

the call center is a customer service call center. Then you will most likely be asked about your thoughts.

What is customer service for you? Research ahead of time. Again. But this is my sample answer:

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business.

The customers are the bread and butter of a business. So it is important that they get the excellent service they deserve,

whenever they need it or even when they don't ask for it.

With excellent customer service, customers will feel

that they're given importance and that the business is not only after the money.

Building long term customer

relationships and loyalty that will let the customers feel valued and cared for is more important.

It's also like going the extra mile to answer the customers' questions or to resolve all of the customers'


So very simple, right?

To continue, you might also be asked something related to that question. Like what is customer satisfaction

for you?

You can get some ideas from my previous answer and this is another sample answer:

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how happy and fulfilled customers are

when doing business with a certain company. It says a lot about their experience from inquiring about products and services,

choosing the right options,

purchasing or availing the products and services of a company, and also the after care and follow-up

provided once they have tried using the product or the service.

So at least you have an idea of what customer satisfaction is, right?

Now if you are asked a follow-up question.

Let's just say: How can you achieve the best customer satisfaction? So you can say something like this. This is my sample answer:

I can help achieve the best customer satisfaction by giving excellent customer service to customers and

by resolving all their concerns, or leading them to proper resolutions.

It's by making an effort to answer all the questions and helping them

have an informed decision about the business or company's products and services.

Most importantly it's by going the extra mile for the customers, by putting them in the front and center of everything and making

them a priority.

So I know that might be too ideal or too scripted, obviously because I'm reading it from my notes.

But you can always adjust that and

make changes to it so that it sounds more natural and realistic to you when you speak.

You don't have to copy what I just said, okay?

How would you handle a call from an irate customer?

So this is my sample answer:

First of all, I will listen to my customer's questions and do my best to understand his issues or concerns.

I will inhale and exhale to help myself stay calm and composed.

Then once the customer is done explaining, I will acknowledge what he is feeling at the moment

by providing empathy statements.

Example, I will say I understand why you are frustrated, Mr. Customer.

I am here to help you resolve your concerns. After that,

I will start taking action or do what needs to be done to help the customer. And since the customer's angry,

he is probably going to yell at me, but I have to stay patient and professional

and be aware of my tone of voice. I'll make sure not to raise my voice as well.

I will not take his anger personally.

Because there is a reason that he's calling and that is for me to resolve his concern.

Those are all the questions that I have for you. I hope you have learned something and

important points, please

keep in mind that, again, make your own answers based on your experiences, and your background, and your

lifestyle. Do not copy my answers if you don't feel like

you know saying it because it doesn't sound natural or realistic to you. But to me my answers sounded realistic.

I hope that this video will help you to plan

ahead. To plan your answers and again to not make them sound too scripted.

But at least have an outline of how your answer is going to be, in case those questions will be asked from you.

So again, thank you so much for watching

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job application. I hope you find a job soon enough.

So that's about it. Thank you again. Take care, and bye. Bye. See you on my next video.