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hi mate whether you come from Hong Kong

who become to train with Jonah Jonah

Jonah can you say John one-on-one tell

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there we go who's your favorite player

Messi alright guys this is young Romeo

he is flew all the way from Hong Kong

again absolutely honored son so we are

gonna put this kid through his paces

he's a good player guys smash the hell

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I'm all about the positivity you a Romeo

yep let's go nice and low shot good feet

feet feet drive it up all done

make sure we sprint up good one shoot

inside inside inside inside ok put the

ball around around back through one to

eight foot whoa whoa look ready wait

good great be good up to the top bake

bake bake bake good fun same again plate

one two three four great feet great feet

good we go again pace pace pace good

quality that was a really good next one

okay look in I'm gonna touch up drag one

strap to take back so it's a drag one

two one two

drag plate okay cross how we got one see

good good

beautiful pace pace pace hold on boss

slide back and plate good good across

well down hey good play good come on

come on

shuffle shuffle face tight tight good

come on yeah good good good right wait

good come on tight take it we work it

again again again plate left foot one

good two points boys three good good

yeah good right foot come on baby one

two good



go again I'm gonna go with the feet

voice boys toes flight left good left my


buddy yeah good sorry

go get left good what fight good fight

come on shot shot yeah good good just

adjust yeah good right boy let's go good


wait good hey fix right foot left foot

right foot left foot right foot left

foot let's say you're all the way across

yeah do it

yeah good boy

very good


but harder

yep good yep good yep jump oh cool wait

what - good fight one - good plate one -

girl come on cha cha

yeah good firm firm good fight one here

we go the other way let's go hey they

say yes one good - good great firm third

verb 1 good Tim good one - good point

thanks much one good cheaper first good

play by play one more on that side

pretty good one - good yummy work

one - come on work one good Jay work the

feet make sure make sure in here we

don't turn ok sorry thanks or work in

sideways okay this side that's what good

pretty boys keep that boy I like it I

like it



good yellow good fight

white good in good for inside for all


white good yellow yellow good good nice

and firm good boy love it

white touch white yellow the way white

yellow good good I'm playing good white

yellow good yellow white with the feet

work the feet if I say white you're

gonna go you're gonna go bounce touch

bounce good in yellow touch do you touch

it stay in and then go out okay you just

touch it one sews a yellow you touch and

then out okay if I say white touch and

past so always a pass on the inside and

then outside okay we'll just go through

it slowly so slowly good yellow touch

play out like back in like white touch

bout then out okay all right very very

important low position toes and it

good we don't we don't turn and go okay

working the feet good outside inside

working the feet good connection open

the foot out connect in the middle of

the ball back nice and firm hard okay


keep using your voice let's go yeah

touch fight going left foot back in good

white touch right out good good couple

of bounces yellow touch fight out play

good white touch fight out fight good

good let's go one more one more

good go touch right out plate good

plenty of touch you to the ball white

touch play out play tell you what you

you go coach this time okay he's yellow

stop wait I'll open look at the camera

yeah do bolt tight hey [ __ ] okay show

you again

bang yep bang white top right oh look at

the camera receive tight tight tight

[ __ ] yeah okay yeah I'll touch point out

scan back for duble this side left foot

okay this side right foot remember a

little tall every time okay we'll just

go through it slow

we'll go through it slow bonito swab all

right good

white touch like out open look good left

foot around the pole

good let me play yellow play look at the

camera good

like hey who's ready to go much beat

course you're ready to go sir

Cody fight good love it good yellow

touch play out look at the camera

receive good good and playe oh damn good

white touch look at the camera back foot

take come on face face go boy play come

on yes a little bit yellow touch play

look at the camera out good old foot

with tight tight tight tight tight fight

good one

good - white touch open out camera back

foot good play tight tight love it last

one come on the one dude y'all touch my


yes back foot tell you what baby exactly

the same as the last one

although we're gonna play a one-two

through this gap and then into the dorm

doc looking about okay keep bouncing

good if I say white duck say yellow

yellow cut open out look at the camera

back foot tight now in here we're going

to go one hip two three four and then

back in yes

on the opposite side we do the same

thing so go coach so on the opposite

side they come around I play I play

through their touching point

okay good yell good fight outs can

receive can it tight grip on two one two

out your feet quite good we go again

left right

good left right yellow touch out scan

back bot go tight quick one two one two

out your feets on touch and touch him do

it don't touch and then play you can

pass over one do good right fight out

left foot left foot good tight tight one

two out your feet play let's go lucky

one - yup

touch place gun back foot tight tight

good out your feet play good I'm relaxed

you can make this a little bit deep up

okay round the fault around the pool

play the pass straight away come in

through here out the feet I've got quite

okay good good roll me old son got that

let's keep it shot well she's a little

kid razzle DeFelice

right y'all touch out scan scan receive

bashful tight tight tight

whip whip good how your feet set way

back in let's go baby

good one inside the pot good white good

touch out scan left foot keep it tight

play the pass straight away one good

this way go dip it in love that good

yellow touch pie out gun good battle

tight tight dip it in the firm past good

one to out your feet fight back in let's

go great start well done you

good yellow touch out scan your shoulder

back foot

tight tight play it in boom pass well

done firma firma firma again just go be

firm's play tight let's go good good

white touch out scan back foot tight


play the pass good pike touch Radwin

last one let's go good good yellow scan

back foot tight firm pass firm it's good

yes kid goals feed this side you're

gonna put this in here if I see yellow

pass out look at the camera get receive

this time we go here when we're going to

come back one two wait

okay I'll show you that again the skill

I want the skill I'm looking for go to

kick it fan come back yeah any skill you

want it could be a crew turn long as

it's tight so close soon

and then play through there you keep in

there yeah it could be a little soul

drag fan play in there you see if we

they're gone if I go the opposite way

looking bend the knees touch it

if I say white play touch break open out

look at the camera in around from fight

fight oh good eyes up

yep yellow touch bow out good we go

through this on slow pass the pole guilt

yep fight height perfect okay got it

great skill love it loads of this guy's

on the skill

good go pop pop pop Scott good receive

tight tight skill yes coming up to a

plate wait touch in lucky net song get

that foot through it skills play

bouncing play play play good skill

skills wait

good touch play Oh scan skill tight

tight skill love that yes Kenya Kenya

good good Pike great stuff in come on

tight skills skills move that ball move

that ball eyes off good weight play

touch good out scan go tight tight tight

skill good yes Kenya good play good

let's go through a pass fight skill

skill skills see in the middle seen them

it look good tight take take take take

yes white touch good out fat foot tight

tight skill

yes Kenya Oh monkeys tight it's tough

remember whatever skill you choose to do

we're still quick we get past the pole

we need to try and get it back in here

facing forward play you go cold in there

through there good good

chop chop white touch good out scan back

foot back foot keep it tight keep it

tight skill yeah shake playboy good luck

let's go that's a great start skill

hey Doc eyes up yo yes play out body

position good sauce that pass guilt good

yes Kenya great pass don't use your left

foot good last one last one skills come

on focus focus on me tie it eyes up eyes

up good white touch good out back

white yes touch good out can you see

with the left foot

tight tight skill yes plate good good