How to teach an 8 week old puppy to SIT (feat. Lila the Boston Terrier)

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hello again welcome back to the doghouse

channel maybe you do already know my

name is Jessica and this is Lila so she

is our week old Boston Terrier puppy

that we just recently added to the pack

we've had her for exactly seven days now

so that makes her almost nine weeks old

which I just realized only thing that

I've been doing with her since we got

her is just kind of working on building

a bond with myself and with the dogs in

the house she has been doing really well

in the house as far as just being a

really good puppy the one thing I did

want to go over is showing how to teach

a crazy new little puppy how to sit one

thing I did do is she has already been

up for the day she's already used the

bathroom she's had breakfast and lunch

she had a nap time she's also after

lunch she had some more time to run

around it's not quite nap time again yet

although she feels like she's getting a

little lethargic they don't last very

long when they're this young I'm going

to use that as the prime time to teach

her something new she's very crazy when

she gets that burst of little energy and

she has zero focus so that's just

typical a little Boston Terrier puppy

the one thing I wanted to share too is

I'm going to start her with some we're

starting Marek I started grandmas

America dog puppy food and so I grabbed

some of the training treats as well

they're made of rabbit and sweet potato

and it's very stinky and very motivating

this is something I posted on Instagram

as well what I wanted to she is so tiny

and I didn't want to like upset her

stomach at all or anything just by

starting training so I started to

crumble a little bit of this treats in

her food at each feeding so her system

had some time to get used to it I am

we'll see how it goes all right one

thing I did do that I want to show you

is that these treats that big so

obviously way too big for a teeny tiny

puppy mouth honestly I feel like these

are even going to be a little too big

for her I tried to cut them as small as

possible you just want them to taste

almost the treat not

Sara Lee they have to sit there and chew

so it kind of helps it or it kind of

doesn't help you know keep focused they

end up losing the focus so I'm actually

gonna just continue to kind of bring

these in half a little bit and just

continue as long as they break easily

not Chrome too much that'll be

interesting to figure out what trace

work for teeny-tiny Buffy mouths okay we

got our puppy here this is basically

what she now knows I have a treat she's

very interested I'm not even going to

use a word the only word that I've

actually really introduced to this puppy

so far in the last seven days has been

my left has been her name so I'm not

even going to say any campaigns I'm just

going to yeah girl I was actually really

surprised she did it that fast she

normally is a jumping bean for

everything I'm not gonna do anything

except wait and I am just associating

there good girl and let it whoops I'm

gonna let her associate eventually is

that her accident

is what I want and eventually she's

going to associate her but on the ground

getting a treat so good girl I'm not

even gonna add a command what a good

girl and she's deep anything we're gonna

give her another one what we're gonna

make really annoying noises is for their

voice puppies love puppy parties wait

here wow she's like I was almost like

her giving it to me so she kind of got

that part holy moly you're smart come

here you you had an eight oh hey but a

big brain is it all Brady good girl good

girl hey

what a good girl I'm like I'm letting

her just like lick it and then that's a

tree okay so as you can see I mean I'm

just I'm not doing this that's just rude

I'm not doing this and trying to get her

just put her butt in the ground I'm

visit there he and she it's I'm keeping

it right at her good girl

to where she almost has to just sit down

she goes to like jump up just a bit good

girl good girl just stayed innocent

that's a good position this is just the

I mean this is day one she's never done

this I've never even given her treat

she's only got her meals she's not so

about um usually like this and because

see good girl I had it a little higher

shake she was jumping up which is not

what we wanted and then of course this

is always good to get them interested a

little luring oh that was good good girl

probably an accident but guess what

everything is going to be an accident

you just have to make sure you catch the

good accidents and intrigue them for

good girl should I keep it right in her

face at the perfect distance to where

she's not able to jump up like this

that's too high and she doesn't get it

yeah eventually you start to you do

start to raise it good girl

Lila no good girl

I don't really want to front feet up so

we're gonna not correct her but just

kind of read reshape it right hey hey

hey now let's try let's try oh girl

dear Ally the cat is meowing at me for

no reason

shitty what what you need treats I

should with no board look now we have a

distraction and so I'm also her puppies

had pretty much no attention span so

allowing them to kind of have a second

to themselves not bad either

just she doesn't get bored what I was


alright husky collar look at the pretty



she needs insurance yes she's that but I

was I was too distracted by the kitty

well good girl good girl good girl good


I was good


good she's putting herself into his site

and we treat I like that she stays in

the sit while she eats it's huge oh

that's bad

lord it's gonna be a lot of this is just

game time right now


now I'm just being a good girl pushing

the boundaries to see what I can get her

to do can you what did you girl it was

an accident but it look good today

yeah well try to get her to get up got a

motion I learned of said is it's just

physically standing and then sitting do

a little teacher whoops whoa come here

stay in damn you yeah yeah good girl

she's also gonna figure out that jumping

off those and give you treats be cute

does that look girly give you that big


merrily give you our correction sounder

word it's more of them just maybe

distracting her from the treat my hand

girl hmm

Oh Oh Lord gotta keep it interesting

good sitting at boring isn't it that's

good what I was so good is it in the

camera just a little bit good girl



girl eventually she what girls gonna

understand that the butter on the floors

what gets her a treat oh oh we might say

that's that primetime you guys all about


consistency and timing ladies and

gentlemen we have a terrier yes good


it's kind of got some wheel turn in this

little dog there's little wheels turn in

there isn't that cute

do you need tiny wheels okay

like she knows that she's just good girl

that's me mean I've been very fair thank

girl and this is that hole in the end I

mean I I'm writing these things these

little treats up into crumbs she's still

taking all this time that you I mean

that's how big I'm cutting him and I'm

still breaking them into teeny little

pieces from that gee that was from good


what's it eventually I mean I probably

wouldn't even add Italy tomorrow but

good girl you don't have to add sit but

look why not it's it big girl now it's

not like oh you said sit so let me sit

she's more of just still doing why I

already taught her which was to kind of

know she can say yes I'm just gonna add

say eventually maybe it'll mean

something to her say good girl

way to get critter no ye boy good girl

sit good girl yes like puppy what a good


like that's just using that position

that's so nice sit good girl yes good

girl Lord you're smart hey sit good girl

waiting here damn city what a good puppy

they're so polite yeah yeah target is

still at the same spot we'll just right

at her nose and I kind of push back just

a bit which causes her booty to go down

she can't really jump up okay yeah

so it's like that see so she couldn't

exactly jump up go ahead sit very good

sit good girl she's trying to do that

peddling good girl

okay okay so we can pretend to add a

little okay to break her stick which is

also good sit good girl yes good sit yes

sit yeah good girl good girl

so I know how long this has been it's

probably been like a couple minutes you

really don't want to go like more than

five minutes with these tiny ones good


plus I'm not sure I feel her little

tummy with these treats because we don't

need arias starting No

we did do it good girl yes the girl

there maybe I'm really not even Kenny

I've never even done the lake targeting

with her like doing that and making her

buckle on the ground I've done nothing I

fear I've not even introduced treat

except for crumbling on our food so this

is crazy quick girl it is on camera this

is raw footage of the baby of a baby dog

learning to sit wait you good girl yeah

sit eat oh no oh good girl


sit good girl oh I'm gonna hate my voice

on this one it's not gonna be fun

hope it's fun for y'all thank her okay

how do you we're gonna end it here but

look how good you are if I keep going

and you're still going what a good puppy

all right so that's going to go ahead

and in this video as you can see she's

exhausted she's literally like I just

picked her up from that little house

outside or there she from that low

outside potty break five minutes and

she's done so don't push your puppies

okay don't push him they want to sleep

they want to sleep too okay it's not

always bad though this is good I like

this Tyrel puppy is my favorite guy to


all right guys so that's the end of this

video I hope you guys enjoyed and look

forward to a couple of different parts

and get into view different parts for

her learning set and any other commands

to come up and just you know keep an eye

out so thanks for watching don't forget

to subscribe like share comment all that

fun stuff really appreciate everybody

that's been out there sharing and

watching and following us along through

the doghouse it's been a really fun

thing going on I'm enjoying myself like

the dogs are even enjoying themselves

and that's all that matters so thanks