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howdy folks hey hey hey I'm gonna get up

close and personal about this one a real

close to the camera because we need to

have a little chat about not training

what I also like to refer to as sleep

training 201 intermediate sleep training

so there is another video on this

channel I will link it below for you

guys if you have not watched that one it

is all about sleep training 101 how to

get your baby to sleep through the night

now we are going to be talking about a

nap training naturally is harder than

nighttime training in my opinion you

might feel differently let me know in

the comments below anyway let's get

started on how I not trained my son or

am still in the process of trying

because naturally is very difficult and

we're adventurous people and we're out a

lot so if that sounds like you let's go

the first thing that you want to do is

establish a routine I talked about this

in sleep training 101 you want to

establish a routine this routine will be

different than your nighttime routine

this routine will be significantly

shorter instead of having no bath time

or having booked time or having you know

long feeds you are going to make this

short short and sweet

Cooper's routine is diaper sound machine

hippo song if you guys don't know what

hippo is I refer to it in my other video

and so many other videos it is a hippo

night light machine that we use it is

sound activated so in the middle of the

night when cooking away stuff I'm not

running in there trying to like turn on

a projector turns on automatically and

lights go on the ceiling and it sings

lullabies and it soothes come back to

sleep great investment it's like 20

bucks on Amazon linked in the

description below go look at it

anywho yeah so this that is Cooper's

routine this short blue team is what

what's Cooper know my son who's 8 months

old that it is math time that is a very

important step of math training

step to understand what wake times are

let me see if I can explain a wake times

to you guys without pulling my hair out

because it can be confusing okay your

baby wakes up at 6 a.m.

yay right morning Cole the wake time is

in-between waking up and going to sleep

for now so you need to us you need to

understand and determine prior to

beginning Mack training what your wake

types will be and these wait times will

change the second that you get

comfortable your baby's gonna be a month

older and he's gonna be he or she is

gonna be doing weird stuff where they're

not tired anymore when they're supposed

to be that it's wake times or what make

nap training ongoing you almost never

really stop nap training so I'd note if

you hear soaring that would be English

my English but mush I have to say this

every single video I'm sorry for those

of you who watch all of my videos and

have to constantly hear me talk about

bush you know if I don't say this people

are gonna comment and be like who is

that snoring behind you

that's my English Bulldog she's an old

lady and she sounds like

man so like a snoring just old Bart man

so so Cooper's first wake time is two

and a half hours so 6:00 a.m. to 8:30

a.m. cool Cooper does not like to take

that's longer than a half an hour

I don't follow step number three which I

would get to which I'm going to start

because I should because you shouldn't

be taking half an hour naps at 8:00

muscle but Cooper will go to sleep for

his first nap at 8:30 a.m. he will sleep

for a half an hour until 9:00 a.m. at

9:00 a.m. that's when his new wake time

starts and then he'll roll about three

hours so 9 10 11 12 at 12 o'clock he

tends to want to go down for another nap

12:30 rolls around he wakes up now give

or take if it takes him a little while

to fall asleep or whatnot

stuff like that then so we have 12:30

then 1:30 to 2:30 3:30 3:30 rolls around

Cooper wants a ticket on 3rd and Apple

today sleeps until 4:00 o'clock 5:30 to

6:00 o'clock is when Cooper goes to bed

do you guys see those wake periods so

it's 2 and a half hours 3 hours 3 hours

and then 4 5 6 so about two hours if you

like to take a late nap and go to sleep

early for some reason he just really has

always liked that anyway those wake

periods you have to figure out what's

best for your baby

and go by their sleeping cues like what

they like they say that if a baby is

showing you sleeping cues they're

already overtired I don't know if I

believe that because the second that

Cooper rubs his eyes or yawns if I get

him into his crib like pick him up and

when we go into his crib he goes asleep

right away

so if every baby is going to be

different to be able to figure out what

wait times you should be going by you

can just look up on like any grill like

website just google search you know Wake

times for a baby and you'll see a chart

that will tell you for like your baby's

age more or less what the wait time

should be

on to number three which I do not follow

and I need to crib our everyone should

know what crib our is

very confusing so I'm gonna do my best

to explain it to you

so crevalle is when you put your baby

down for now

and you begin counting one hour from the

moment they're in their trip if they

have not fallen asleep for an hour so

they're crying or fussing or playing or

whatnot and an hour goes by you take

them out of the cribs you do gentle

light calm playtime for about a half an

hour and then you put them back in their

crib and start another hour period if

another hour goes by and they have not

slept that's now - pretty much two hours

of either crying or fussing or playing

and they get to take a nap you then do

an emergency nap where however you need

to get them to sleep you get them to

sleep so if you're trying to break any

sleep crutches and if you don't know

what sleep crutches are I'm going to

explain them to you in a few so don't

worry if you don't really understand

what those are but if you do and you're

trying to break those use them then in

that emergency nap but if they do fall

asleep so let's say the first hour you

put them in 15 minutes go by and they

fall asleep you then restart the clock

so when they fall asleep you restart

that clock for one hour if they wake up

and half an hour later for another half

an hour they stay in their crib and what

this does is it teaches the baby to put

themselves back to sleep and to extend

their nap period so that's step three of

nap training kind of optional kind of

not I mean if you really want to get

your baby taking really great nap so you

definitely want to go by crib hour but

it's not mandatory to get your baby to

sleep in its crib for naps

so step four before starting nap

training is making sure that you've

identified every single sleep crutch

that you use and to eliminate all of


no swaddling you know pacifiers no you

know feeding to sleep rocking to sleep

cooing to sleep anything that your baby

is using as an aid to fall asleep you

want to eliminate obviously we use that

hippo that I was talking about that I

guess could be considered a crutch it it

can come everywhere with us and I don't

have to like go in there and turn it on

so it works for us but you probably want

to get rid of one of those too if you

have to constantly go into the baby's

room until I turn it back on that's kind

of a sleep crutch at that point and you

should just eliminate it so you one

definitely identify every single sleep

brush and you want to go into nap

training knowing that you're going to

get rid of all of them

in step five the most important step is

to do the research yourself this video

is not in any way shape or form telling

you how to sweet train your child I am

NOT an expert in any way this is just my

experience with nap training I am giving

you all a foundation of knowledge not a

home I do not think that by just by

watching this video you can go and start

nap training your baby that is not fair

to your child you are not doing right by

them if you do that look at the

information provided on the Internet

do the research find the reputable

sources and learn the information this

video was to share my experience and to

give you keywords to really help you

figure out how you want to go about

sleep training your baby also we just

want to point out that I know a lot of

my information from Facebook there are a

lot of sleep respectful sleep training

sleep training not training there's a

lot of the Facebook groups out there

that you can join where moms can help

you you can find all the files of infant

there you can ask you know moms and show

other moms or dad other parents there

your sleeping schedule and like you know

how your baby's doing and they can give

you tips and tricks like I learned a lot

of my information right off of Facebook

group so look into that and that is

actually a really great place to get a

lot of information and is it for my soy

training 201 video thank you guys for

watching I wish everyone along two-hour

naps and no crying oh that's what I wish

everyone a guy hope you guys have just

great happy smiling sleepy babies during

that time if you guys like this video

give it a thumbs up I always love to see

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so much for watching and I will see you

soon bye