[Taiwan Travel Tip] How to get your train ticket from Taipei to Hualien in 711?

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the first master is so easy that you

just show your path phone number and

booking code and tell the staff that say

I want to get my train ticket which is

wore out now for a turnip cow and it

will help you to get a train ticket you

really want to try by yourself you can

go to 7-eleven Siam machine call

eyeballs like this one and you can

control the panel and find then you will

translate it as follows go to a cover

page to CIA and teach it collegues and

leave part 3 and this prices messages

click Next then you'll need ring for

your booking course yeah

although it will render in a little tick

and you need to put in put your ass

phone number or ID number okay Nick then

we'll show you the train ticket

information click Next and you'll see

the P and the P will be eight dollars

per ticket here we just choose comfort

and then you'll get a voucher now in you

take this culture to the 7-eleven

counter and paid money then you can get

a ticket remember to double check in the

date turn number the departure time and

station arrival time and station of your

own your turn ticket thanks for watching

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