BOAC Boeing 707 Crews

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I have your attention please

voic announced the departure of their

Boeing 707 jet service

we won

her special sound and had a special

smell and a special sort of movement and

it was just an aircraft that you just

loved it was a far more sturdy aircraft

it just felt safe

much much quieter than the comments and

and bretagne s-- the nice thing I used

to think about sometimes some of the

routes that we flew on Australia New

Zealand we went across the Pacific we

did on the Lulu east and west coast of

America Tokyo that routed all the world

goods if we did around the world trip

that trip would last three weeks with

stopovers you always got a day off

practically everywhere you got off the

aircraft mid really had a great time

during these three weeks very very good

quality hotels you are invited to

Embassy dues here in London and film

premieres and always make sure you had

your little black dress in your suitcase

and a pair of heels

I personally courage several well-known

celebrities Rod Steiger Nina Simone

Trevor Howard

Telus Savalas Croce we had the monkeys

had the Beatles we carried John Lennon

and Paul McCartney to New York ladies

and gentlemen you may now fasten your

seat belts and smoke if you wish we

should be serving you with cocktails and

lunch and afternoon tea he usually had

six cabin crew there was a chief steward

steward one Stewart two and a lady Abbey

lady and a sea lady

you had to be not too tall glasses were

not really approved of you really had to

have a great pair of legs so they wanted

educated women to a great extent and us

look good at the same time we used to

have a wonderful day during the training

when Elizabeth Arden came out and did

that told us will taught us how to look

after our makeup I didn't really like

long hair so many of the girls who were

quite determined to keep their lovely

long tresses would put the hair up and

wear a week we had a lot of wind

drummers and hair dramas to zero decimal

five good morning the ventilation air

conditioning in the flight deck was

pretty poor it was squashed it was

cramps there were busy days and of

course you know the fatigue at the end

of it was quite massive one flight to

one of the cabin crew members wore a

pedometer and during a flight from

London to New York she had actually

walked seven lines can I have the name

for you mrs. Campbell the 707 introduced

mass airline travel I'm still far more

of an adventure and people had to save

up for it especially people approach

flying in a very different way you know

people still got dressed up and you saw

people arriving on on flights as if they

were going out for dinner and in birth

classes the food was good and it was the

first class it was absolutely wonderful

we used to carve a roast well today you

can't take a knife on board so it's out

what we used to start with canapes and

cocktails and things and then you'd have

your first course of your beluga caviar

bullion Salieri's or lobster or smoked

salmon and then there will be the soup

and then there was the salad and then

there was the main cause and there was a

sweet and the cheese and a food and the

coffee in the killers so it it was all

beautifully presented

but myself and my younger sister became

members of the junior jet Club and we

received this lovely lovely book with

the BOAC emblem on the front

the journeys always had something that

was exciting or interesting about them

they were never quite as mundane as I

think some flights are today

very often because I had a junior jet

club book I always tried to get her the

logbooks signed by the captain and would

try and black my way onto the flight

deck whilst that was up there the

captain said would I would I like to

stay on the flight deck when they landed

which you know of course I did and it

was just fantastic in the jump seat

behind the captain I was really

delighted that they kind of gave me the

opportunity to do that and again

something I don't think that would

happen again now it's a lovely airplane

to fly on and then it's d very spacious

passengers liked at our cabin service

arguably was possibly the best in the

world it was a very nice airplane to fly

I certainly enjoyed flying it I only

flew on 787's the elite