Training a 7 week old puppy - FIRST DAY

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please good girl that's it good girl

mama mango come let's keep working mango

yeah it's good touch mango good touch




good so today's our first day we're just

starting to work and alls I'm doing is

prepping her to learn that's it touch

two feet place all four legs getting up

there come to me she's starting to learn

that she she's starting to learn that no

means don't do that she's starting to

mean uh-uh

wrong choice do something I'm asking for

something else but we're just teaching

her how to learn right now that's it and

this is just day one she's doing really

really well so she comes and sits and

gives me that eye contact which that's

why I'm not wearing sunglasses eye

contacts very important with the puppies

guys very important soft eyes loving

eyes studies prove it does wonders for

them chemically in their brain very very

important but again today's first day of

learning we're just starting to open

doors for her when she really starts to

understand touch in place that's when

I'll switch it up and have her this is a

good test for anyone that does place and

touch anyone out there test your dogs on

this have them touch the place board two

feet have them place on the touch pad

all four feet this way you know the dog

truly knows and understands the command

itself and when I tell most people that

when I work with trainers and I have

them do that almost all fail because the

dog just assumes get up on this touch

this so switch it up so all we're doing

is prepping her to learn and that is it

ready one more time and I'm putting a

bunch of food down there for chilli part

of her meal like this I'll put the rest

in her ball in a minute here


good job that's my girl that's my girl

that's my mango day one we're just

starting the learning process today

wait think girl say hi to the world say

hi say hi I'm mango home sexy mango

thanks guys