Parenting Skills & Babies : How to Get a Baby to Sleep in the Crib

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hi Erica I'm in Atlanta Georgia and I'm

going to talk to you today about how to

get your baby to sleep in the crib now

some parents sleep with their babies on

the side of them or they want the baby

has been sleeping next to them they want

to get the baby to start sleeping in the

crib what I would recommend is that you

keep the baby in the crib from day one

don't try to sleep with them because it

becomes harder for the way to get used

to sleeping in the crib a tip for you to

do is be sure that when you rock them to

sleep make sure that they're calm make

sure that they're ready to go to bed and

that you've established a nightly

routine you can give them a bath and get

them in their pajamas do a little

massage or something like that read them

a story or sing them a lullaby and then

be sure that they're they're fed and

that their diaper is dry and then once

you do that lay them in the bed sing

them a song but make sure that

everything is calm and quiet so the baby

doesn't get startled then you will put a

blanket over them make sure that it's

not too loose and then leave the room

and close the door and if the baby does

cry for a little bit that's okay don't

let them cry for more than five minutes

let them cry for about five minutes

don't go over that if they keep crying

come in kind of calm them down don't try

to pick them up just let just leave them

there but just try to calm them down

again and leave the room again just that

way the baby knows that if they need you

that you'll be there but that they're

not relying on you to fall asleep