TIPS | Getting Your Kid to Sleep ALONE!

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anxiety insecurity distraction these can

all send your little one straight from a

bed into yours luckily you can break

this bedtime habit here's how to

encourage your child to sleep

independently eliminate distractions

remove televisions computers and other

electronic devices from your Todd's room

to create an environment that is

conducive to sleep the stimulation

associated with watching TV or playing

video games and the light from computer

and TV screens both make it much more

difficult to fall asleep

certainly a dim light such as a

nightlight is okay for kids who need it

establish a bedtime routine take a warm

bath and put on pajamas brush teeth and

read goodnight stories getting into a

regular habit helps youngsters feel more

secure about going to bend this

predictability prepares kids

psychologically and reduces their night

time anxiety it lowers stress levels and

creates a series of steps the child

anticipates and knows will lead to

bedtime minimize your presence leave the

room before your child falls asleep so

she's not dependent on parental presence

if you do stay in the room don't lie in

her bed or interact with her move

farther away from her bed each night

while she is falling asleep to gradually

reduce her dependence upon you establish

a sense of security

your absence or the thought of a monster

lurking under the bed can leave your kid

wide-eyed at bedtime calm her fears with

comforting objects such as stuffed

animals blankets or even a nearby

goldfish tank

let there be another presence in the

room that reassures your child be


if your child slips into your bed in the

middle of the night accompany our right

back to her room without much

interaction simply say you need to stay

in bed it's important to be firm about

returning your child to her bed every

time this happens if you don't do this

every time it teaches your child to be

more persistent reward good behavior

after a good night let your little one

choose her favorite cereal or pick out

her outfit the next morning

this helps them associate the behavior

with the reward hope you enjoyed this

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