TIPS | Getting Your Kid to Sleep ALONE!

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hey guys so this video has been super

requested since I mentioned that Presley

is now happily sleeping alone tonight

after I think two years of sleeping

mostly with Ross and although I am NOT a

sleep expert I wanted to share with you

what worked for us

so first a little backstory press was a

pretty good sleeper until we went to the

hospital to deliver Ford my parents were

with her she climbed out of her crib and

so they had to convert her to a toddler

bed and of course lay with her until she

fell asleep well fast forward two years

later we were still laying with her to

fall asleep and with another new baby on

the way we knew that we had to change

things alright so looking back my first

tip is to blame someone else

I told Presley that the doctor told

mommy that she and daddy had to sleep in

the bed in order to get the best night's

sleep for the baby not not entirely a

lie and she really bought that number to

set a reward I would pretty much do

whatever it took just to give her the

confidence that she could sleep by


for one night so I said just do it this

one night and you're gonna earn this

doll that you've really wanted and then

we got a little chart and we did a week

and now I think we're at a month and to

be honest she's almost forgetting to

even ask me for it

alright so next checking in you think of

doing this when you're sleep training a

baby but Mexico to try it with Presley's

say you're gonna come back in five

minutes and then you make sure that you

follow through and actually do come back

I'll come back in five minutes okay

I believe that meets so much of a

difference with Presley and then her


other great suggestion tell them

specifically what you're doing mom's

gonna go live the dishwasher I'll be

right back I'm gonna call it a llama

I'll see you in five minutes and I think

this really comforted Presley to know

exactly what I was doing in the house

next give them choices do you want to

sleep with this stuffed animal or this

one do you want the lights this bright

or not I feel like getting out the door

was the hardest part and so the last

thing I asked Presley is do you want the

door open or do you want it closed she

always wanted it open but that seemed to


and then finally positive reinforcement

I know they tell you not to overpraise

things that you want kids to be doing

anyway but I wanted to let Presley know

that I'm proud of her did it babe and

that wow mom feels so good this morning

because I got sleep in my own bed and

dad did too and this was so great for

our family and I think she's really

proud of it in fact

one night she was actually sick she had

the stomach flu and I wanted Ross to

sleep with her and she's like no I sleep

by myself now and I want to earn my

thing and I was like it's okay when

you're sick it's an exception

so anyway guys we're just really happy

now to have both kids sleeping alone

there's just one problem

yeah it didn't think that went through

you guys let me know in the comments

what works for you thanks for watching

I'll see you soon bye