Basketball For Beginners Youth basketball Drills - Kids basketball

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coach our here and with a mirror today

we're gonna be doing basketball drills

for beginners these are youth drills

that you must do when you're starting

off your young basketball player let's

go alright so the first thing that you

always gonna do you want to warm your

young guy your young basketball player

young guy or girl up with some laps so I

always make a miracle dribble the

basketball while running laps

I make them usually running two laps

with his right hand and then two laps

with his left hand

make sure he's keeping a steady pace not

double dribbling and getting better with

this Bart Houston why he's working on

his stem


all right so the next drill that we like

to do we always like the warm-up that

jump shot and gets prepared for our

workout so we do spot shooting we have

to make ten shots from our three main

spots we take one shot one spot is on

the right side one spot is in the middle

and one spot is on the left side the

goal is to hit the shots in a row if he

doesn't hit him in a row or he misses

like two or three in a row I usually

make them start all over


the third thing that we like to do is

like to work on our layups the last

couple months I've been working on

mirror doing his layups off two steps

and jumping off the correct foot so if

your kid has kind of master running up

to taking that close shot move it to the

next level get their footwork right and

make sure they're doing their layups

correctly they should be jumping off sir

left foot if they're on the right side

jumping off to the right place they're

on the left side and only taking two

steps make sure your young basketball

player is not traveling I know a lot of

these rec leagues they don't care about

traveling but if you're like me and

you're trying to help your kid get

better you care about traveling and you

want them to play the game correctly so

teach the drill correctly as possible

they do travel some time it's okay let

it go but try to stick to it as much you

can to make sure they do not travel take

10 later from the left side

right side I added a cone to add a

little crossover in just to keep it



now this is where the the game like

drills start coming into play we're

about to do a hard dribble and then pull

up jump shot over the defense's head now

this drill helps a lot in their age

group because a lot of times these

little teams play these zones and the

kids can't dribble through everybody so

they gotta be able to shoot over a mark

so what we're gonna do is gonna pick

three spots

Aamir's gonna dribble for so they stop

one a time and pull up the jump shot try

to push them back their jump shot as far

as they can get it so and they keep

increasing their range as they get this

we're gonna do the right side make sure

you make ten shots in the middle to make

sense shots and on the left side make

ten shots out for my favorite drill and

I believe the most important especially

at this age kids always get these

fast-break layup and they tend to miss


90% of the time so what I do in the

mirror as I make sure every practice are

getting at least 10 fast-break laps that

he has to make what I like for him to do

is when he's on the fast break I like

him to get on his strong side so I make

him go to the right side of the hoop and

try to make that left as best he can

those are easy points that kids give

away all the time but if you work on it

when they're in the game it'll be

automatic they'll know to get to their

strong side shoot that ball right off

the backboard so that's what we're doing

full court fast-break layup

now this drill the last video we do is

to me the most important drill because a

lot of times kids do these drills

phenomenal but when they get in the game

a struggle a lot and that's because

they're not used to playing the game

like situation so this drill right here

is gonna be the most game-like

that you can get it so what I'm gonna

basically be doing the mirror is playing

him a one-on-one with some shadow

defense not playing them too tough but

playing them good enough so that he

feels like he's in the game get in front

of him make him do some moves making

change directions make him use his pump

fake arm if you double dribbles I like

to do is block his shot real hard make

him understand you can't double dribble

or if he violating any rules like the

travels or he just does something that

is out of the way then my defense

tightens up

extremely hard so just play some shadow

defense on your own young guy your young

player so young girl not too tough but

if they're making mistakes that you have

been working on like traveling or

jumping up the wrong foot

make sure the consequences you block

their shot real hard or you steal the

ball from all right all right coach our

here with a mirror we just showed you

some basketball drills for beginners all

of these drills are must do drills you

have to do these drills these are the

fundamentals these are just going to

help them get ready for a real game now

you can't add other drills and use your

imagination but these drills right here

are must do so for all you parents all

you trainers that got young players like

this and you're asking me what drifts

that I use these are it these other

drill that's gonna get them making shots

and scoring in the game immediately what

you think America good

yeah I've been working with Mir for a

year now he's definitely well polished

and he does well in these games and

that's because we've been using these

drills right how he's been using these

drills yeah you like them yeah all right

that's all coach hire here and a mirror

high relie basketball let's go

swipe it one time