Buff Dudes 5x5 Workout Routine - Day 1

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working on those glutes a little tight a

little bit more mobile before we get

those squats in mobility you know it's

kind of a hybrid sometimes of you know a

stretch position also you know you want

to work certain angles and kind of just

open those joints up making sure they're

functioning properly so you can see that

last one was kind of like a focus on

getting the glutes a little bit of

stretched out in Mobile this next one

here create a little bit of stretch in

the hip flexor the quad in a nice deep

lunge position here kind of just work in

those angles again and if there's any

certain angle that's a little bit more

tight you just kind of stick with that

angle and stay there and let it release

a little bit

it's not an exact science sometimes

sometimes just kind of got to work into

certain things because everyone's going

to be tight different places or less

mobile in certain places over others my

hip flexors seem to tighten up quite a

bit so I got to make sure that pay close

attention to them get them nice and

ready for those deep squats because

sometimes it's hard going deep on those

squats if you're not very mobile or if

you just tighten which I tend to be so

get nice and deep in that asset grasses

yeah they kind of work into it and

continue ready getting some pass

throughs got a little lower body touched

on that a bit now we're just getting

some upper body because we are going to

start off with squats and this five by

five but we are going to move on to the

upper body with some penlight rows some

bench press some overhead press so you

want to make sure those shoulders are

ready for it

and shoulders being the most mobile

joint in the body most moveable you want

to make sure they're warmed up and ready

to go because they're a little tight

pulling on certain areas could create a

little bit

discomfort or even injury so you want to

make sure they're nice and warmed up and

ready to go

and even squats for that matter when

you're holding the bar here in the back

and your and your place in your arms

back just like so you need to be pretty

mobile you need to be you know loose and

ready in the chest area because if the

chest is overly tight it's hard to get

that shoulder back in that position

comfortably so we can hold the bar

against yourself and have a proper squat

so squats aren't just the legs it's also

them up upper body to stand gotta focus

on that Hudson and I usually we tend to

focus on mobility for maybe 10 to 15

minutes before before a workout

especially a big workout like here we're

going to do some some heavier weights

and trying to really warm that body up

get it ready for that heavy weight so

really try to focus on that you know you

don't have to feel exhausted after

mobility warm up and get ready but you

do really want to pay close attention

specifically for the body parts

you want to focus on or you're extra

tight in might be I tend to be tight in

my lower body so I really need to pay

close attention to that so we have

certain exercises that we want to that

we want to focus on me specifically hip

flexors on that nice deep lunge position

really working on that some lateral

squats some goblet squats here to really

just open up and get ready for those the

deep deep squats with the heavier

weights and yeah it shouldn't be much of

a workout it's again it's just a warm-up

it's flexibility mobility and just kind

of focus on your on your areas that

you're extra tight in and we're going to

really make a video certain videos on

what you should do for certain body

parts what exercises and what the

benefits are but for now we just did our

mobility and we are ready for this 5x5

workout hopefully you are too so let's

do it

now what are the benefits of a 5x5

program why even do a 5 by 5 program

well as many programs go it is

definitely going to be based around your

specific goals and a 5x5 program is

going to be really be meant for strength

gaining and along with strength usually

comes size especially if you're eating

right so what you want to do is choose a

weight and this weight is going to be

heavier than you normally do because

you're only really getting 5 repetitions

but the volume is going to be increased

with 5 sets

the volume is somewhat high with the

amount of sets five sets but the rep

range is going to be slightly lower it's

more than that kind of strength building

range there with those five repetitions

the problem is if you're just starting

out you might not know what your weight

is to complete five reps and on the

fifth rep you really want to try to

reach failure I mean the fifth rep is

you're barely getting at your like at

the fifth rep you're exhausted you're

starting to fail and that's really going

to show that you need that progression

and the progression is going to be as

you go through this 5x5 program and each

week you complete that five reps and as

that fifth reps get easier and you let's

say can complete a six rep that's when

we decide to go up and wait and going up

and wait this needs to be a small amount

you know you can just you little two and

a half pounds five pounds depending on

how you're feeling and that's the

progression you want so each week you

can progress slightly and you're gonna

be going up in weight but with the

heavier weight in the lower reps you're

going to be forcing the body to gain

strength in these certain movements and

the certain movements or it can be those

big compound movements like squats like

bent over rows like bench press so these

movements are going to be gaining the

most foundational strength that you can

actually do so that's why we're

including these big compound moves like

the golden five in this five by five

program and then usually what you'll see

two is you tacked on some isolation

movements at the end of the 5x5 so you

round four exercises for the five sets

of five reps moving on to two different

exercises that do about three sets of

the hypertrophy range ten to twelve

repetitions we're going to be helping

isolate muscle groups that you usually

want to focus on you know we included

the isolation exercises that we want

them to focus on but feel free to switch

it up if you want to focus on triceps

biceps whatever at the end of the 5x5

program or the last couple exercises

that's when you can include the

isolation exercises to really hit those

trouble areas hopefully that answers a

question of what the hell is a 5x5

ah I mean come on it's only 275 for

Christ's sake

but holy when you go out to the

grass feels a lot heavier

garbage day yeah yeah family rows really

focus on the concentric the explosive

manner bring it all the way the top

touching that sternum and then letting

it drop not focusing on the negative or

the east-central contraction so really

just building that nice powerful

explosive power and the muscles in the

back specifically in this case and try

to keep that torso vertical to the

ground as much as you can try not to use

the hips to bring it up keep those hips

back towards the vertical there'll be a

slight movement in there just as you

create some of that momentum but other

than that try to keep a nice stable body

throughout the movement and rest times a

little bit higher between these sets

because we're doing a little bit more

weight with the five repetitions so keep

it about 90 seconds minute and a half or

up to two minutes or even longer

depending on how you feel what's right

for you how long it takes to get your

breath for us yeah as you can tell

doing a BA a lot of talking takes a

little bit to catch your breath this is

the exercise that as a collective entity

Planet Fitness wakes up in the middle of

the night in a cold sweat having a


having just imagined someone was

performing this in its gym yeah pin my

rose ah not again lunk alarm look at our

ma what's Hudson doing over here oh hey

hey doing just about to fill up the

water trough thankfully with the yard

hose and not the other hose this is the

reward hell yeah

some people ask what are the health

benefits of doing an ice bath

immediately following workout well you

know what I got an answer with something

very simple

it just feels damn good loads that body

temperature big time and helps with


yeah and that science you know


honestly we could probably go up and

wait in this one because we're not quite

hitting failure on that fit set or fifth

rep excuse me

that's what you want to do that fifth

rep want to barely finish it off right

now it's get a little difficult cuz we

don't really have a spotter because the

other brother is spotting you know is uh

recording we need a cameraman I am it

and camera work is more important than

spotting obviously on the totem pole of

buff dudes responsibilities spotting is

not priority at this point but you know

because we could always get a good fail

video out of it that's true don't get a


there's no easy way out there's no

shortcut oh yeah

rocky forest soundtrack never fails have

it on repeating the brain baby you'll

never have a bad workout Thank You

Stallone Thank You Drago putting that

heavy weight up but I'm hanging on the

camera so I can't spot him if he dies he

dies goo food yeah on to the overhead


hit them delts so as you can tell we

started with the bigger muscle groups

first and worked our way down starting

off with the legs then the back and

chest now to the shoulders hitting the

biggest two then the smallest least and

if you're talking about the big muscle

groups like legs back Ches delts you

know of course the arms biceps triceps

are getting work as a secondary muscle

group we really want to focus on that

big compound movements hitting all those

muscles the core is definitely going to

get involved so if you want a question

like well should I do ab should not do

ABS do abs if you have a weak core and

you think you need that extra tension in

your core or in your abs if you want

just some six-pack get a good look but

for the most part the ABS and the core

are really being engaged in these big

heavy movements so it is strengthening

the core you got a lot of work all in

starting big and going small it's called

trickle-down puff anomic s--

and as you can see I'm wearing my

sunglasses no it's not because all of a

sudden I've turned into an egotistical

douchebag because we're about to hit 1

million subscribers which is crazy

thank you it's just cause it's sunny out

and I can't really see and that makes

working out a lot harder but you know it

is wild actually about to hit a million

subscribers it's crazy me and Brandon

started this a little over three years

ago for those of you who have been here

since the beginning thank you very much

it just started in Brandon's old

beaten-down apartment kitchen which we

got lots of for but hey it's really

the only thing we had at the time in

addition to a public park which was

awesome it got a lot of use from both of

us which was amazing and here we are

three years later in a beaten-up old um

garage welcome yeah baby

that's success right there but seriously

it's been an amazing journey and a lot

of its have been developed through the

support of all of you which we really

appreciate it's really helped to mold

this channel and we hope that it only

gets better this series is a little bit

of a departure for us because a lot of

people asked for a real raw uncut series

which is what we're doing we're showing

our successes we're showing our failures

we're trying to show a lot of juice I

don't know our personality from day to

day what we're like but expect a lot

more big skits over the summer we're

working on an awesome animated episode

right now with two very very very cool

people who have drawn and animated it

Dario and Marc they're badass and there

was going to make it awesome it's been

over a year in the making so we're

really excited and thank you all for the

1 million subscriber mark because we

couldn't be happier or more humbled

ah let's lost it there that's definitely

a moment where I go should I drop the

camera and keep spotting him or keep

rolling I'm glad I kept rolling yeah now

then you get a cool possible fail video

out of it right the expense of either me

or Hudson which a people entertained I

guess we're a will be your slaves

to YouTube YouTube sent us the YouTube

ball gag when we hit a million


that's still Fisher

when you hear that big splitting sound

you'll get a big headache you know you

went too far down thankfully I didn't do

that not yet but I still got two more

sets to go so stick around folks

anything's possible

so the program says standing calf raises

our necks and we don't really have a

standing calf raise either machine or

really a good set up for that so we're

just going to do some seated calf raises

and we actually do have a seated calf

raise mean for that but we want to show

kind of a home version of it especially

if no one if you don't have a machine

for the seated calf raise so it's pretty

simple all you do is load the bar up

we're doing the easy curl bar here but

you can do a barbell as well and you can

either just get like a 2x4 or get some

plates right here we have some dumbbells

to put the balls of the feet up onto

here so you get some nice dorsiflexion

and a little bit of plantar flexion as

well and you're just going to bring the

bar up to the thighs kind of right on

the edge there and yeah make sure those

heels drop really low get the stretch in

the calves and then bring all the way up

to the top just kind of hold that bar on

your legs there get a nice squeeze nice

slow good motion they're really good a

good contraction what's the difference

between seated and standing calf raises

well with the standing portion you're

really focusing on the gastrocnemius

which is the bulk of the calf there and

there's going to be the two heads of the

gastrocnemius but there's also the

soleus as well which is kind of more of

an underlining muscle I think in the

last video I made the mistake of saying

the standing calf raise is really

focused on the soleus which is actually

the opposites can be the seated calf

raise that's really going to help hit

the soleus as well as a gastrocnemius so

you kind of the seated calf raise has a

benefit in there where the standing calf


can help them focus a little bit more on

the two heads of the calf

oh yeah feels good all right there we go

first day the 5x5 wrapped up I'm gonna

have episodes two and three on the way

till then it's time for an ice cold ice

bath ah damn how feels good until next

time stay off yeah