Couch To 5K Training Tips

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hey guys it's Holly from the run

experience today we're talking couch to

5k training tips if you are someone who

has never run before and are looking to

get started or if you're someone who has

taken a five to ten year break on that

training this video is for you get

excited alright guys so before we get

into the training tips I want to kind of

break down what you're going to be

wearing for your training if you're

someone who's just come off the couch or

maybe you just haven't run in a while

you're not up to date on the latest wear

it's good to kind of dial that in before

you get out there because it is

important it's not just about how cool

you're gonna look in your running photos

but it's really practicality and there's

a purpose to everything you want to have

on when you're running so I'm gonna kind

of break it down I'm going to go head to

toe for you so starting at the head hats

and sunglasses are for a lot of people

if it's summertime it's super sunny out

and absolute must especially if you're

gonna be out there for like an hour even

more than that you know down the road

you know we're coming off the couch but

maybe down the road sunglasses you can

do there are really light running

sunglasses out there that are awesome

tons of different brands you can mess

around with and ideally you know they

don't move at all they're super light

you barely even know they're on but they

do help block out that Sun hats you can

play around with there's different

levels if it's winter out you know it's

a good way to absorb sweat up there on

the head and protect you from getting

too cold up there which is awesome as

far as your main clothes

you know shorts and t-shirt is like the

staple if you're in sunny California and

you have that option available to you if

you don't just be mindful of how heavy

whatever you're wearing is so you don't

want to be in something super baggy

that's just almost getting in the way of

your movement you want something that's

going to flow with you breathe with you

dry pretty easily as absorb sweat you

know all those things are important as

far as shorts or leggings go for women

it's really a preference thing for me I

really love leggings because they stick

to you they move with you and they

absorb sweat really easily so even if

it's 90 degrees out here or something

it's breathing super easy lastly all the

way down tomorrow I'm going to tell you

guys more specifically about running

shoes but socks are just as important as

well you want to get running socks

specific you want to have something

that's going to hug that foot absorb

sweat not move around and you do not

want blisters on your feet so something

that's going to help you avoid those as

well all right guys the second thing I

want to get into is running shoes and

breaking down how to pick out your first

or whatever pair it is for you we have a

few ways to talk about running shoes I'm

not going to go down the rabbit hole of

talking about every single detail of how

they work and what separates each pair

from another but I'm going to give you

some general guidelines and tips for

them and picking a good one so basically

running shoes are kind of categorized by

the level of cushioning they offer as

well as the level of stability so how

much they're supporting you what they're

doing to your foot in response to what

your foot is doing against the ground as

far as what your foot is doing on its

own without the shoe we have an awesome

thing through the run experience

gait analysis option with dr. Kyle

bowling basically a one on one video

session where he looks at how you're

running and how your foot hits the

ground which can then lead to some tips

on what kind of shoe you are going to be

looking for as far as the shoes get

broken down once you've gotten into the

cushion and stability aspects of it

there's also a different terrain that

you'll be running on depending on where

you are what kind of running you're

looking to do this is a trail shoe so

this is going to be you're seeing a lot

of high tread there so against rocks mud

you know sticks loose gravel that kind

of thing this shoe is designed to not

just be on the road on area where you

know how it's gonna be this is gonna be

kind of unknown territory

this one actually also has a rock plate

in there as well so you'll see some a

little bit harder soles on here just

kind of protecting you against the

outside so that's a trail shoe this

one's new balanced but there's millions

out there of course and then this is

just a basic road shoe and I don't do

too much road running but when I am

doing it this is just by Nike and it's

super light good amount of cushioning

you can see this is super this is going

to be really nice and soft when you hit

the ground I like it for that as far as

how it feels that's a good indication of

how it's going to work for you so if you

put it on and it feels absolutely

miserable from the beginning it's

probably a good indication that it's not

going to be

great for running so you can kind of

play with that you know obviously any

trun assure you try on you want to run

in it to try it out even if you know a

couple back and forth especially if

you're at a running store it's a good

place to do that and a lot of people

like to also go up maybe a half inch up

from their normal shoe size at least you

want a lot of space for your foot to

spread out there you're tracking miles

or at least 30 minutes plus in one

motion repeated and your feet are gonna

be swelling a little bit as well so that

extra half-inch makes a big difference

so if you're looking for a pair of

running shoes and you haven't bought

them yet and you want to do the gait

analysis thing before and find

everything out we have an awesome

partnership with running warehouse comm

they do a great job of breaking the

shoes down all the specs on it how how

light or heavy it is the colors

everything what past users have thought

about this shoe and everything like that

so if you want to check them out we will

also drop a discount code down in the

bottom of this video that you can check

out but yeah that's gonna be the running

shoe portion on this so the next thing I

want to break down is your hydration

technique for your training I want to

talk about a little bit why we sweat in

the first place and why that even

happens especially so much to runners

when your body heats up when you get

that heart rate up and you're you know

getting out for that longer run or that

longer training session a way of you

know controlling that heat for the body

is going to be to sweat and to exert

that perspiration so you're gonna be

losing fluids and that's gonna be the

main point here so you want to be

replacing those and you want to be

getting ahead of replacing those so you

don't you don't wait until you've sweat

- then replenish you always want to be

ahead of that and always always thinking

about it even on your off days so I've

got this little swell water bottle here

not great to run with but great to carry

around with you it keeps everything cold

for like 24 hours plus of course if you

ever run experience stick around it's

even better I like to just carry with me

all the time always have it filled up

something bigger even is great because

you're just always committed to

finishing it and refilling it as well I

like to say 2 litres a day without

training is a good place to start if

you're training that day even more as

far as if you're bringing something with

you or or just drinking before and after

that's up to you

I wouldn't recommend doing anything

longer than an hour without bringing

something with you though especially

depending on the conditions outside so

just basic water don't worry in the in

the beginning don't worry about

electrolytes and bringing in all these

mixes and stuff like that I know you

hear a lot about that really basic water

is a good way to just put those fluids

back into the body you're gonna be

sweating them out next thing we're

talking about is training time so the

time of day that you're actually getting

out there and putting in this work again

you know I'm not sure what sort of plan

you're going to be on or if you're

following something specific but

training at the same time of day is

super valuable especially for me when I

was first getting started having that

variation throughout the day it's one

your body gets confused as far as muscle

recovery and stuff if you're just

constantly changing it up but but - it's

just something about you can stay more

committed when you know ok 5 p.m. is

when I work out every single day it's

just this thing that's on the calendar

like anything else if you have a meeting

every Thursday it's gonna be the same

way and you can build it in the same

type of schedule I'm so picking a time

of day that works for you play with

different things you know a lot of

people say they're not morning people

but they can be easily persuaded

especially when they feel how good it is

to get that run out of the way in the

morning and then they have their whole

day ahead of them they maybe feel a

little bit more energized if that's not

your thing and you want to just wind

down at the end of the day with your

workout absolutely fine just again try

to find that consistency so try it out

for a few weeks before deciding what

does and doesn't work for you as far as

what time of day also the when you eat

is a is another indication of what will

work for you if you're someone who

training right off the bat without

really having any meals on you

beforehand feels the most comfortable

maybe morning is the way to go

end of the day reminding yourself

throughout the day that you do have that

run coming up so kind of planning ahead

as well so find something consistent

play with it and again give it a week or

two before you decide what works for you

what doesn't alright the last thing I

want to talk about with this couch to 5k

training tips is staying motivated and

how you can do that through different

days of training you know once you're a

month in more than a month into this how

can you keep the ball rolling and keep

yourself inspired

loving running more each and every day

the first way to do that is possibly

just telling a friend of yours about

your workouts having them check you on

the back end can they hold you

accountable in some way you know you

just tell me what you're gonna do all

they have to do is a couple hours later

how is that run or how is how is that

string session you know just something

checking in on you that's not just you

promising yourself and then maybe

breaking that promise down the road the

other option is finding a group if

you're if you're a social person you're

already looking for that you know that

bigger community there are lots of local

running groups there's local running

stores that organize those groups and

those groups definitely check those out

all those people at one point or another

war in your shoes or maybe are starting

out like you are now so they're

definitely wanting to help you and

there's all kinds of questions that can

be answered there as well as just a

simple motivation to show up they're

gonna be there when you show up if you

don't have anything local or you know

you don't have a friend that that is

getting into the running scene with you

at the moment there's tons of online

running groups and we have an awesome

one the weekly running tune up group on


tons of runners posting each and every

minute from around the world as they're

running photos you know how their run

went that day notes about what they're

thinking about for their long run that

weekend all that kind of good stuff we

even have people posting that they just

woke up and they really don't want to

leave their house and then we have 10 or

20 comments on there telling them to put

their running shoes on and man up so

they're awesome ways to find that

accountability that community for

running the motivation is something that

is always being built and there's tons

of ways to do that hey guys we have a

ton of other ways you can start building

your training up and working into your

mobility and injury prevention all that

kind of fun stuff if you haven't really

done it before this beginner running

program which is totally free to you is

a good way to start it's two weeks of

workouts some good strength or some good

mobility stuff and ways to get moving

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