Learn 5150 by Van Halen Sammy Hagar rock guitar song lesson chords licks riffs rhythms

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everybody Dave nasty epic guitar

instruction we're going to learn 5150 by

Van Halen today a fantastic tune that is

dropped tuned I should say we're going

to do that at standard tuning on the

record you will find that they tuned

down a half step and drop tuned but

we're going to make sure that we decode

this song in a way that is easy to

understand and get it all in one video

you're going to have a good time let's

come along and learn it we are in

standard tuning and we have dropped into

a regular D I must state that so if you

learn this and try to play along to the

record you would just tune your guitar

down one half-step and then drop tuned

and you'll be right on target again

we're in standard when we detune what

ends up happening if we get a lot of

good resident on that low string and

we're going to notice the way that he

plays through this intro there we're

going to take some common chord shapes

that are totally familiar to us and

we're going to arpeggiate them with some

rhythm now let's look at what's going to

happen in the first initial shape we're

going to start with our fingers shaped

in this kind of fashion because our

index finger is actually going to do

some duty on the same string so I have

my middle finger on the seventh fret

fourth string my third finger on the

third string and my pinky on that second

as I release it my first fingers on the

fifth fret there so our rhythm

all really kind of playing around this D

major chord now watch my right hand here

just so you can see what I'm strumming

and we'll break it down slowly so we can

learn it as quickly as possible now I'm

going to call when I lift my pinkie

we're going to turn it into this emajor

type cord where we're not going to bar

too far with our index finger much

similar to a c-shape we're going to

start by arpeggiating two three four fun

now notice what happens when I get to

the low string and I go slow

I lifted my third finger you get this


take it down one whole step

same thing repeating one whole step

lower let's play slow

it's a lot of holding with your hand I

must say you know to stress your thumb

if I turn this way this is how my thumb

is positioned in the back a lot of

people if you try to do it like this

it's going to be really difficult if

your thumbs like this that's going to be

tricky so keeping with just the old

classic teaching fashion we got to make

sure that we covered that because the

way that your hand is positioned is

super crucial so you don't rub any of

those other notes it's kind of a tricky

thing and it's Van Halen

I'm gonna take an egg Court I'm gonna

suspend it I'm going to pick the second

string pull off

now I'm gonna do my D chord to an e-type

now when we get back into it that's how

we kick it off and that's important

watch the right hand

up to the high notes of Barrington I'm

gonna go from 10 to 9

with me right now

good time we're just learning some van

Halen could be worse could be worse so

let's dig into that I think we've got

into the part of the song where really

kicks off we're gonna go up to this

voicing much like the intro but we're

going to take away some notes this is

the fourth string with my third finger

this is the index finger on the third

string fourth fret and my middle fingers

on the fifth fret second string I'm

pivoting off of the a

we're gonna lead in

outlining at G chord

we have

Lord we're gonna go

kick into this room

so that's a pretty cool riff detune

classic van Halen fashion so what I have

there is I'm going to pivot off of my

open string into a deep power chord now

look at this rhythm pulling off on the

fifth string

holding off on the


the difference between that leading into

the next section gonna go lead us in

sound silly but I'll show you in context

we're gonna have

in a court so let's look what happens

when we go to the state court I'm gonna

explain this really slowly

we're gonna hit to open a strings level

or I'm gonna call off the strings as I

hold an a chord that'll be the easiest

way to learn this to open strings right

now there's variation in this okay so

when we have or

that's the other one you'll see me stick

to that one colliding is cooler


in context from the other part slow

you beauty


now I'm gonna play an a chord and I'm

gonna go

got a quart but notice my pinkies out on

the fifth string second fret

in context mark is really hard for

people to get when I teach this one this

is the part everybody wants me to really

break down so that's why I'm going to go

nice and slow now watch this strumming


now the next part

breaking that down slow I'm going to

borrow my first finger on the second

fret we do crazy things over here deputy

our destruction can we just take break

if say we teach the songs in a short

amount of time that you think you would

never learn that's what we do that's our

goal so please as we go through these

and actually maybe let's take a minute

to say because we're talking a lot about

chords and getting comfortable different

chord shapes and stuff

maybe we should point out below that we

have a really cool link that will help

you with chords and getting to

understand how the guitar works in that

fashion just some free material to give

our brain a break below in that YouTube

text box if you click on that you're

going to get a really good ebook and

video that's totally free that covers

all of these bases because you're going

to see here in a minute I'm gonna be

stretching and doing some wild things

and all of this material is broken down

it'll desist you as you go through the

video you kind of sit it side by side I

think it's a good way to do that let's

get back to that so as we take a look


I'm barn my first finger it's on the

second fret I'm covering the three

lowest strings as I go through this I'm

gonna go stick string

I'm gonna have to immediately come over

though and do this so as I do this I'm

gonna roll my middle finger now this is

why my power cord

Juno's one

another strat

more this is three dream

now here when we come from this part you

can see that I'm going to do a power

cord into a bar chord here and

ultimately open string seconds these are

all variations of a D type chord let's

play this in context

that'll lead you right back into this

on a large part of the song and to be

honest I would kind of like to leave it

there because that takes you up to the

solo it's a good amount to jam and that

in itself is fantastic let's play a

little bit of this so we can get a feel



all righty so that covers this up to a

great part of the song again when we

learn these things we take them on to be

our own and we just kind of have fun and

jam them we like to decode some of the

more difficult ones that you might not

necessarily see please like the video

subscribe to the channel and give us

some feedback I like the challenges so

whatever you'd like to see me try I

definitely take note of them and learn

them so I would love to be offered up

some challenges I appreciate it

everybody here after guitar instruction

does and I will see you next time but

we're going to start with the title

track I guess you should say or the

track that settles the wreckless miles

thing with the double I don't know miles

pretty excited he is pretty excited

miles I think we're going to dig this a

lot of miles calm down calm control the

control your excitement over Van Hagar I

think I think you're going to be alright