Soccer Coaches Guide- 5 to 7 Year Olds

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welcome to this National Soccer Coaches

Association of America program this

program is designed for coaches of five

to seven year old players whether you're

an experienced coach or this is your

first time coaching we hope to share

with you activities that encourage

multiple touches on the ball creative

individual play and most importantly fun

for the players ending in a four against

four game

this DVD focuses on coaching players in

the five to seven year old age group

coaches of very young children must have

skills and use methods which challenge

the children and help them fall in love

with the game of soccer

the NSCAA believes that coaches of

players in this age group are very

important and must have the knowledge

and a personality which is appropriate

for players who are just beginning their

soccer journey due to the fact that many

of them are being introduced to soccer

for the very first time we call this

stage of the players development the

discovery period we believe that coaches

of this age group must have patience be

well organized and have a multitude of

soccer like activities which are fun to

play but also teach the players ball

lists of soccer movement and multiple

touches on the ball

all right great now this next activity

that we're gonna do is cult there's a

game of freeze tag all right and I'm

gonna snag one and to you to come over

here by me

and you guys knock your soccer balls

over there by that soccer ball there

please good good there we go

that's alright it's off that's good and

you're gonna hold that in your hand for

me and you're gonna hold that in your

hand for me these two guys are it all

right there it and they're gonna try to

tag you if you get tagged you're gonna

put your foot on the ball frozen now if

I'm not tagged and I'm thrown out can

you put your foot on the ball I'm gonna

borrow your ball for a second can you

put your foot on the ball like you're

frozen if I come by and tag you or

somebody combined and tags you while

you're frozen now you can put your foot

down and you can start dribbling again

and try to get away and you guys gonna

try to tag everybody ready set go

go get somebody yeah can they tag yes

can they tag yes now somebody's froze

and go help them can you go help

somebody who's frozen you guys got to go

help somebody who's frozen can you guys

help them help who's frozen there we go

get him away good there you go