Litter Box Training for 3 Week Old Kittens & Kitten Presents - #12 - Rescue Kittens Socialization

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okay we che we've changed things up a

little bit and I've changed the sheets

and put out the moving blankets I am

going to trim all these little threads

in a minute but I had to do all this

because someone tinkled mmm the blanket

last night and that is a sign that they

need to start using the litter box so

this is what I've done now so far

they've been really good about not

falling off the edge but I put down

really thick old comforters and I've

doubled them over so if they do fall

they should be fun I'm also like filled

any holes and stuff they could get

behind then I can figure out and blocked

off so you can see and I've blocked off

the area in between the bed and the wall

and you know it's not the best but it's

the best thing I can do right now and

I'm just gonna stay in here for the

Wannsee and I'm fixing to put down in

their litter box and see how they do

Oh Belle I was coming over here to show

everyone the litter box and Belle has

already here you go baby

look let's see what she does now this is

non-clumping kitten safe litter is what

the bag says


okay bear your turn go bear what do you


do you I'm just gonna set them in it for

now or not do much more than that just

because it says they need to get used to

the letter first

oh honey it's okay

that's co-star making all that noise


in there get Lily I know honey I know

mama is not happy with the fact that her

babies can walk around so much Hey Dude

see how smart he is so great

see how smart he is okay where do I like

oh there you are look she's on my way

you it's your turn


here we go

now it will be our guarantee it will be

Lily or Bell that uses water monsters


no no mama okay oh no no I'm just

sitting here supervising she's not

having well

she's not like unhappy I think she's

more confused than anything Bell was

playing with a toy let me see if I can

get Lily to do it oh that's gonna run

straight off there but there is a big

thick blanket down there

are you having fun

oh just give it

oh yeah they really love this tent every

time I think I've lost one there in this

tent because I tucked themselves up like

inside here in the corners there's like

this little area in here and they'll

tuck themselves up in there and they'll

go sleep

that's ARLA Kate I know what's wrong

with you

did mommy leave you mommy's exploring

mommy thinks boring

oh look he's licking the ball I mean

there's a-- he's not looking it of

course he can't eat solid food anyway I

don't think they their teeth have come

in pretty good though

I mean they're not all the way in here's

one right here

there are you just purchasing them


good job walking you want a toy in there


this is going to be a little bit

different because oh stop biting your

sister because I did film an unboxing me

we got some mail and some Amazon boxes

and I did film it like I normally do

oh stop Cooper was just biting was

really biting Belle Starr be nice

alright this one might not go any better

when I've ended the first home fig and

both the dogs were in there and when I

watched it back all you can hear is

nails on the floor big hollering and

wiener barking so it was a disaster I am

gonna put some clips at the end though a

fig in because it's really cute him

sitting in the box and playing with toys

so I'm just gonna show everybody what we

got and I have already started using the


this section is from Lisa heart and

these two came with notes but it didn't

have who they were from on it but we'll

go your first in like I said I've

already opened everything and put it

together I'm going to use some of the

food but this way everybody can at least

see what they got and the first thing is

this cute little kitten tree and they

love it it's like I mean you can tell

they absolutely love it they climb it

they chew on it they play

the balls it is really cute the next

thing is they got a case and it is the

poultry planner which is what mama is

eating right now and the babies have

been taking a little bit of nibbles not

much mostly they've been walking through

it but you know every little bit helps

so the food was very exciting we are

going through food and an exponential

rate and then which I have used I have

not been able to clip all of the kittens

nails but these actually are really good

because they're tiny

another hard for me to hold because

they're so tiny but they work better

than anything that I've tried so far

because they are so small but yes but

Lisa thank you very much and they love

this as well there's some footage that

will probably go up tomorrow of the

nanny cam of them on this and it is so


and then the one that didn't have a name

look at this is this not so cute it is

the stages per pillow and when you press

the head look at mama say I have not

used them in hearing it with anything


everybody went really quiet and the

other thing that is really cool about it

is it on a two-minute timer but it turns

off just my president's nose again so I

really like that and it is so solved I'm

gonna take it out and see if the kittens

like it in just a minute

panda the other thing is a snuggle kitty

a pet combing solution and it's fine

smart pet love and what it does is you

can put it comes with eight packs that

you can put inside and this heart that

makes a heartbeat that you put inside it

and it so if you have to transport an

account or kitten like when Cooper had

his surgery or really that's what gave

me the idea because I'd seen him before

and I really I thought oh that would

have come in handy because it keeps them

warm it's soft and snuggly in it has a

heartbeat until you put that in there

with them and they don't feel like

they're all by themselves now Cooper I

did just carry with me but if I had this

you know that would have been a good

alternative especially when he was

coming off the anesthesia you know when

he just laid there for forever and we

did have him on hot packs but this would

have really come in handy so thank you


um that sent the kittens and Miss Cleo

presents okay thank you thank you thank


Tiger Lily Anissa thank you yeah thank

you spat enough okay thank you

my belly thank you now bow thank you

no okay Cleo Cleo say thank you

do you know she's just watching Tiger

Lily in the tunnel doesn't she look kind

of fed up she looking fed up to me

okay I have to film this for a minute

because it's cracking me up

it reminds me of you know like when

little kids get in a bouncy house and

like thinking seemed up for a long and

they just like bump into each other and

then like they try to get out and they

fall that's what they're doing well no

it was like a fightin before they just

kept knocking into each other really

funny you want to be made it out Cooper

made it out

ooh there goes beer good job bill may

not want out yeah no thank you she's



well they've all climbed up me and I

don't want to use my flash and there