Why I Train Full Body 5X per Week (FULL ROUTINE + TIPS!)

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could be take you over interest country


what is going on guys welcome to the

video I am in Los Angeles for the week

with the big homie Dave what's going on

bros and i love fly my drone here man

you have all these palm trees and a more

palm trees it's paradise bro

it's paradise anyway you guys are always

asking me in the comments David why do

you do full body workouts so today we're

going to talk about


all right so when it comes to making

gains there's three key factors you want

to keep in mind volume frequency and

intensity volume is how many reps are

you doing for a certain muscle group

over the course of the week frequency is

how many times are you hitting that

muscle group and intensity is basically

how much weight are you using and these

are the three factors that you want to

be increasing each year so that your

body doesn't get used to your workout

and you just stop growing and that's why

the challenge of a good workout routine

is how do you maximize each of these

three things while also making sure you

still recover and that's the reason that

a lot of people think full-body workouts

are only for beginners they think sure

you can go to the gym three times per

week and hit every muscle group that's

gonna give you a pretty good frequency

but you can't go more than that or your

body's not gonna have enough time to

recover for the next workout so you're

never gonna be able to get enough volume

to keep growing oh [ __ ] they got these

bikes again man yeah man just like in

Austin these things are so much better

than those lime scooters

all right so let me show you the basic

structure of one of my full-body

workouts every workout is gonna start

with push-pull legs so a compound

pushing movement like a bench press or a

shoulder press a pulling movement like a

pull-up or a row and there's something

for your lower body this is usually

gonna be a variation of a squat a

deadlift or at lunch but it's important

to note that it's not always gonna be in

this order because if I'm squatting one

day for example then you better bet

that's gonna be the first movement of

the day because like that takes the most

energy now the second half of my workout

is gonna be three isolation exercises so

this might be deltoids biceps triceps

calves traps basically the smaller

muscle groups and I'm doing these

workouts about five days per week so

I'll work out two days rest one day work

out two more days now that bro

you can't work out two days in a row you

need to recover well that's that's what

the bros might have you believe but if

you're smart about this you can avoid

overworking the same muscle on

back-to-back days so for one day if

you're pushing movement is a [ __ ] press

the next day it could be a shoulder

press one day if your isolation

movements are a tricep and bicep the

next day maybe it's a lateral deltoid in

the rear deltoid

so today we're starting with bench press

and it's supposed to be my low intensity

bench press day so 225 or 4 sets of 10

but we are in Gold's Gym Venice Beach

aka the mecca of bodybuilding not sure

why they call it the mecca it doesn't

seem very religious in here but I got a

little bit of excitement going inside of

me I'm always pumped up when I'm here

we're going for 275 pounds 5 reps this

would be a PR let's go


we got four good reps so technically

still a PR could not get the last one

coming for next week dumb



we're all done with the compound

movements for today before we get into

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gays bro I gotta tell y'all Venice Beach

goals by far the most steroids and fake

booties you'll ever see I kind of like

it though

me too anyway what you think in-n-out

burger since we're in LA now man it's

just super over radio so let's go

somewhere else

oh you want to do under those guys huh

yall already know we got the breakfast

burrito for the post-workout meal let's

take a look inside of this baby

sausage potatoes eggs a little bit of

hot sours also speaking of volume

frequency and intensity I have to say I

eat breakfast tacos and burritos with a

lot of volume a lot of frequency and a

lot of intensity and now I want to break

down why full body is superior to

push-pull eggs which is probably the

most popular routine on YouTube right

now no one couple shooters down hit you

on the Block in the janitor but I hit

you with a much better watch your friend

a quick return to us

you're crazy David there's no way that

full body is superior to push-pull legs

well let's take a look so I'm gonna put

on your screen the push-pull legs

routine that I'm looking at here you can

see it's six days per week Monday is

pushed Tuesday pull Wednesday legs then

you rest and repeat so if we analyze

this based on those three key factors

let's take a look what is the frequency

well there's no muscle overlap so you're

only hitting each muscle group twice per

week now what about the volume well

let's take a look at everybody's

favorite muscle group the chest and

we're not gonna worry about sense or

reps here we're gonna keep it super

simple how many exercises are you doing

for chess on a weekly basis well as you

can see here this is six different

exercises and yes we're counting

shoulder press and the chest movement

because it does activate some of those

upper chest fibers so we have a

frequency of twice per week and to keep

it super simple a volume of six times

per week now let's take a look at that

full body flow so this routine here is

similar to mine full body five times per

week let's take a look what is the

frequency well every single workout is

gonna hit each muscle in your body and

at least to a small extent so the

frequency is five times per week that's

twice as much as the push-pull legs

routine and if we take a look and volume

how many exercises are we doing for

chest well as you can see we're doing

one exercise that works the chest every

single day so that is a volume of five

times per week and I know we did not

talk about intensity but the same way

that I start all of my full-body

workouts with a high intensity movement

most push-pull legs workouts work the

same way so it's gonna be a similar

intensity level so basically you're

getting twice as much frequency with

full body and only a tiny bit less

volume and this doesn't even mention the

fact that we compared a six day per week

push-pull legs routine with a five day

per week full body routine so you're

also getting one full extra day of

recovery which is obviously gonna help

your gains so in my opinion it's pretty

clear the full body's better

now I need to make one thing very clear

if you're somebody who's relatively new

to the gym you should definitely not be

working out five days per week or six

days per week because your body is not

adapted to resistance training yet and

you're not gonna be able to recover from

all those workouts and you're gonna [ __ ]

yourself is stunt your growth and that's

why I think everybody should start out

with a three-day per week

full body routine and then slowly work

your way up from there and right now if

you're kind of confused you don't know

exactly what workout or not you should

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happen to you man

so for dinner we're checking out this

place sushi Venice is like it's right on

the boardwalk so my expectations aren't

too high we got salmon at a mamey

seaweed salad some type of spicy sauce

avocado my expectations were pretty

accurate I say it's like six out of ten

I say it's a five point five seven three

but then again not a big poke I got

myself the lesson here when it comes to

poke a stick to trusted sources that

have more than twenty 22 reviews on

Google all right so there's one last

reason that I prefer full-body and

that's is mentally healthier like with a

normal routine that's not full-body you

might miss a day and then you're like

[ __ ] man I haven't his shoulders in a

week you look like a pipsqueak yeah my

shoulders are gonna get small I'm gonna

be a pipsqueak with full body it's not a

problem because every day you're gonna

hit shoulders you can hit every muscle

group plus there's no more leg day let

me tell you bros hate leg day more than

they hate a bad pokeball but say I'm not

a big Pope cake guy don't love big leg

days but every day is kind of like leg

day but it's like a mini laid a chicken

leg day yeah with full body every day

you can hit legs but every day you're

also gonna hit other exercises that you

actually enjoy doing and that's gonna

make you a lot more motivated anyway I'm

gonna wrap this video up right here as

you can tell I prefer full body at the

end of the day I'll be honest any

workout routine that you enjoy doing and

that you can stay consistent with over

the long term that's the best work I've

ever seen for you because that's what's

gonna make sure that you see results

below key you should be doing full body

at the end of the day man comes down to

this get big or die trying if you made

it to the end of this video I appreciate

you bro give it a thumbs up if you're

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will talk to all of y'all in the next

video stay beastly


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