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yo was arrested they do have a tutorial

for you all right so I was [ __ ] around

in the 2k you last night

cuz I'm shy get used to the game try and

get better you know I was a pretty good

last year and chronic Trump still good

this year so I'm a shot like practice

and get there as a game and I was

looking at the free lunch but if you

didn't know to the access free glasses

you got here right on the d-pad click l1

and then it gives you all the free line

sets alright so I was wondering I'm just

like I so last year to 500 all you have

to do was go to freelancers called

warriors free lines and then click l1

hold X all right but when you when you

do that this year somebody comes to


it makes no sense right so we fixed how

to 500 we're screwed honesty is now and

make it so it's like it's like a 3 out

one in well they're not like a 3 out and

there's one guy to half court so they

patch that I was looking like one life

date would be another thing they could

do for 5 out so I tried this new one

called 21 delay I was like what does

that mean and all you got in this is how

you 5 oh this is how you found what you

call it 21 delay and call quick

isolation that's a 500s it that's it but

this only lasts about 10 seconds so you

gotta either 500 fast or keep on

standing quick isolations it's like you

get a slave load into even a second

they're all gonna come collapse in like

see that they wanna do it again

quick isolation again and make sure you

don't call card isolation because you

isolation is gonna do like a floor out

one in isolation Enrico called quick

isolation and boom it's foul it's 500

you can just get it in you know I'm

understand when I go to that layer

that's follow so again you don't have to

do this every time I'm gonna do it again

to show you guys platelet every time you

want to call five-o you don't have to do

is every time we called 21 delay and

quick isolation it's easy it's very easy

it's very easy very easy to call Pablo

this year there's no extra [ __ ] it's

just straight quick isolation and when

I'm following like this I realize how

many bullets still in the game but they

did do a very good job of torn them down

because the gameplay is still nice just

that when you're five outing there's

still blows but then again I am playing

some Peter so it's gonna be different

against a real person and the best part

about all this is that you can do this

with any player you like you don't have

to have just your swing drive but you

can do it

any player but come on Durant and boom

isolation follow your ants on the five

of isolation it's easy you can do this

with any player in the game so it's

definitely just better then doing all

that [ __ ] play [ __ ] because you can

just do this for anybody and all you got

to do to keep on doing there's people

call quit like selection so you can even

use even five out with DeMarcus Cousins

you can find out with your Center like

this is this I honestly I hope this gets

hashed this ruins the game you can do

this with anybody like hello I'm not

trying to go against the bush 500

centers again this year man that stuff

is literal aid but you can't find out

where your Center you can still do it

use go to 500 going to post boom for

some tungsten baby see me now I'm just

gonna put some clips of me 500 in the

[ __ ] because I want you guys to know

that this isn't just happening by

accidentally this happens all the time

this is how you call papa

stoned off in the club yeah - drama

gorilla a big tank I'm about my Strela a

not as money big gorilla hey tip grab a

song with the filler hey oh yeah [ __ ]

I'm early in the villain a you're the

money door not of money door not honest

yeah so I'm not a money going on

I know that's probably 50 toriel because

this isn't an extended tutorial it's

just five oh you all you got do you guys

do is call your freelance it's about 21

delay and then isolation it's easy this

is those two steps that's all you guys

do it's just those two steps - alright

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damn it's cold sweat that [ __ ] from my

last guy hey forget it closer disaster

hey what did I should do my pastor I was

flipping whip and dipped in the kitchen

he's [ __ ] trip and put the game in

submission I'm Scottie Pippen but I

bought like a piston and shadi ripping

in the frontal position ah my lifestyle

do well I know