How To Run 5 Out ISO Offense In MyTeam & Play Now Online - NBA 2K20 Tips & Tutorial - Bucks Playbook

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first get you killed

REO gets you hated love its you hurt

when you're fresh chopped dirt yeah

what's up with so yeah

welcome to the dark bleach TV and today

i need to show you how to run your place

the fastest in the easiest yeah and do

all that nonsense competitive lashes

alright so what you do is you go to

options no you press you press options

button on a patient's your for my xbox

you press the middle button I don't know

but there's one of those top buttons on

xbox I don't want to talk about okay now

you go to substitutions you see it says

office office in settings you go there

right now we should do this make sure

you have go to coaches setting first you

go to adapter cogent engine make sure

that says off right

oh you can take care of that later which

right never run in place

we're not doing on substitutions right

so in an ad today you gonna you got a

feedback make sure your plate vision is

this plain clothes on for right so we

should do is you go down right you see

yourself a selection you can choose any

play you want you need to assign players

if you want to like whatever you want to

go to Yanis go easy on us right you

press X right now since it says quit

isolation now what you do will you

weren't playing make sure you press l1

that wasn't easy look all you gotta do

you're gonna do all that not say cuz

they want they want you to do is you

press f1 you want your press all want

the shirts for plays you don't have time

for that because you claim Frank masters

it's gonna be reaching reaching reaching

and do all this nice in you wanna get

stripped so if you want to place the

fastest way compared to 19 it's much

quicker I'm gonna show you right now now

this is a bust playbook for example but

a mighty mo you can choose any playbook

and do exact same thing but playing

online you can choose any playable you

want all the FINA that we had so we

should do it and say say it's quick

isolation come I don't want that so we

should do it is you press X now these

are all bucks playbook right there right

so you're going now you see you say

quick 5 out

quickfire about two now you go to

isolation look at this this is brutal

food compared to 19 that's better

I like that you had to waste no time so

we should do is you say it's an ISO file

values we do that by about two three to

four five whatever you want ladies feel

comfortable personally I'm gonna ISO

five right so let's do that

you see it says look I so five up easy

floppy you can keep that motion you keep

that passes screen away let's change

that so you could choose any playbook

you one minute anyplace that's I like

that man so lobbying they know that I

didn't know I just find this out

yesterday I know anything about that

like oh snap

so okay so what you do is you choose

anything book your two fists nine one

side who it doesn't matter

well yeah good one saying it got

three-point plays to use it I don't

think they had that meeting three

playing place but they got a lot of

isolation yeah I think this is a three

point please right here though well I'm

gonna chew this one quick they're late

to anything it's like that all right so

just leave it you know I'm saying

all right now now freelance now you go

we press l1 and all that stuff with the

right Deepak the other show for leases

but they're free let you choose whether

you want so say three I ask the

facilities we change that and you can

make it two what else you could put

Warren Street as everybody knows there's

probably freedom is flow is cool but if

you're not gonna flow with the bugs and

you got time delay you got a four out

win right so you can change that too as

well I'm gonna put I like waited pace

good pace is lololol pick a ropes you

know saying it's all pretty close so why

not you can use it for the degree free

you know say and that's it done good you

need to go now washes it watch watch let

me show you how sexy look you first at

one man they're playing right there on

time at you gotta look for it

see the thing is look there once you

press l1 and then after that you Pez you

pass all one and then

press open it nobody had time today

nobody gonna do all that crap so we

should do it is look bang ISIL yeah off

the way I said you got overs on grief

recon practice

that's it expose right there well he

said you know go see Allah who tell him

to do that but anyway they begin you

read animation but yeah I get my point

so simple man that's all you got to do

guys it's all you gotta do I'm gonna

show you out one more time all right I'm

gonna tell y'all wanna saw my eyes so 5

out with not bless oh boy I can do a

blessing if I want to but I'm gonna do

it yarn long time here you go you too

slow see easy yo $5 would be more age

than last year I could I could fill in

there and I could taste it

pause but anyway especially my to you

you fireball you got all shoes around

hey you're gonna do some about that life

you look good cook plain so it is what

it is man hi yeah I knew make sure y'all

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next time peace