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what is going on guys it is your boy

bites you guys in this video I'm gonna

be showing you guys how to probably five

out and just get better floor spacing in

general um this is obviously a video you

guys have been asking for a lot you guys

killed the light go yesterday I said a

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like 210 I think the last time I look so

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yeah let's hop right into it so here on

the lineup screen you guys can see like

you know this is like my normal team or

what I do have on my account and stuff

like that um it's a little outdated but

point is it doesn't really matter who

you're actually using on your team what

actually matters is when you come over

to the playbook here you guys do have

the box playbook now you actually can v

out without this playbook and that's

what I actually do a majority of the

time but I'm gonna get into that one we

get in the actual game play but the best

playbook four or five outing and I will

show you guys the best play in this to

actually five out yeah so I mean again

the best playbook to actually use for

five outing is gonna be the Bucs

playbook outside of that the coach

doesn't matter the lineup doesn't really

matter other than the fact that what I

do really recommend is using guys that

have really good releases like Brandon

Roy like Tony Parker um you know Gilbert

DeRozan whoever it may be and then using

a center that does have brick wall I'm

gonna show you guys how to score a

little bit more efficiently using um

five out and stuff like that but yeah

that's really the only like lineup tip I

can give you guys is just make sure that

your guards have a good jump shot with

quick draw and then a center that has

brick wall so once again loads up what

you actually want to do is you're gonna

come over to the offensive setting

screen now this is like really all it

takes to 5 out of this game it's really

not that hard so I'm gonna be showing

you guys two methods in this game to do

it now the first thing is it's actually

gonna be a play like I was talking about

in the box playbook its fist 64 5 out

down so that's gonna be the first thing

you don't need to assign it to anybody

or anything like that the only other

thing is I'm telling you guys that make

sure that you keep is

and screen away it's very important that

you guys keep that when you come over to

the hot freelance

they're gonna set this to the Hawks 2018

freelance it's the most important one to

do in my opinion best way to five out up

it's definitely what I do that work so

well for me outside of that though I do

turn off my shot meter just because I

shoot obviously a lot better with that

we are in the domination game here

because like I said in the rest of this

video I wanted more cover you know I

want to explain it to you guys and I

want to talk through what I'm doing and

you know what you never know what you're

gonna end up facing if you go online so

you're gonna be hitting right on the

d-pad I talked about this yesterday it's

a little arrow things on your you know


you're gonna hit freelance and you're

gonna go to Hawks 2018 and then you're

gonna tap past and screen away you guys

can see it opens up the floor entirely

so if you really wanted to if somebody

has if somebody has a player on their

court I mean on their team um that

doesn't have clamps it's literally as

simple as that where you can just do one

simple dribble move turbo to the room

and you're good to go you guys know that

thing it's called like VC yeah don't buy

that anymore what you really want to do

is use caballo to get NBA 2k ENCOM and

get 5% off your final order for cheap

and reliable MT so again what you're

gonna do is when you call for this

screen you're gonna heavy so you're

gonna hold this turbo button and you're

gonna flick your stick into the screen

and you're gonna do that little like you

know hesitation move into this screen

and do this so when they hit the screen

you're gonna go hit up on the d-pad or

not on the d-pad you're gonna hit up on

the right stick as well that'll do a

hesitation so here guys well your guy

won't completely stop and when he does

that you will get that wide open three

now that is honestly one of the easiest

ways to score now again I'm gonna be

bringing you guys videos on how to stop

all this stuff to kind of counter

everything just so you know you go up

against somebody that is spamming and

stuff like that you can stop it but

again you flick it into the screen and

if it doesn't work right away that's

okay it's literally just as simple as

doing it over and over again has he

pulled that and as long as you're good

at creating that shot you will be able

to get that 9 times out of 10 now also

why this is so effective is because like

I said I'm just gonna try to let the

computer store here if they you know

want to hurry up what's so effective

about this is when you continuously do

that what's actually gonna happen is

people are gonna try to like hedge up on

you a little bit you

sanely they're gonna try to cover the

3-game a little bit more which actually

works out because when you do it like

this now you're gonna actually have this

mismatch in the paint the computer plays

it a little bit differently than how

people online would but the point is you

guys will get the mismatch with you know

your Center and their point guard so

also what ends up happening is if you

can get a good slip animation which you

don't know what I'm talking about

basically when you call for a

pick-and-roll in that situation if you

know your guy rolling to the basket

slips through the two people that are

standing there you actually will get a

wide-open layup which actually works out

very nicely so again I'm gonna show you

guys this one more time we're gonna

hesitate the screen here and then right

here you guys will see Bill Russell

actually gets a pretty good slip and a

good dunk animation so I do recommend as

soon as you inbound the ball always just

hit past and screen away cuz it

immediately like spaces the floor you

can hit this quick little behind the

back move and basically guarantee

yourself some corner threes as well

because what happens is when you do that

behind the back loop it spreads

everybody out and well now I'm sorry

when you hit pass and screen away and

spreads everybody out then when you hit

the behind the back movement you get

that flow by animation literally it just

opens up the floor so if somebody helps

down you're automatically gonna be

getting a wide open thunk so again every

time I grab the ball I do that really

quick hate this behind the back move and

unfortunately Bill Russell cuts in but

we're still gonna get a good dunk

animation so when you're playing online

people obviously are gonna play it a

little bit differently um but it's

actually more beneficial online because

when you're playing online people do

settings or whatever so what ends up

happening is people will stay on their

guy so you know you guys can see like

when I run around screens and stuff the

computer always helps out and whatnot

and like that obviously doesn't happen

online but actually happens online more

is like when you hit the screen off a

hesitation it actually will give you a

it will actually give you more of a

wide-open chance at knocking down like

the three so I'm gonna show you guys is

one more time with Brandon Roy right

here again of what I'm gonna do I'm

probably gonna do like a close-up or

something and show you guys a little bit

easier of how to do this hesitation move

so again Korean call for the screen

we're gonna hit this Hesse he's gonna

hit the screen up on the deep or off on

the stick wide open for three so I

actually like I said I want to do a

close-up up this so again the turbo

button in the back of the controller

that's this you guys obviously know the

but use the Sprint

so when you hit that you're gonna flick

the right stick the right stick you're

gonna flick whatever way this screen is

you're just gonna hold it in flick it

now when you flick it yeah that's when

you want to push this stick turbo around

the screen and then you're gonna flick

back up on this thing so everything is

to do with the right stick aside from

when you're moving so again I'm gonna

show you guys right here what I'm gonna

do for you guys or what I'm like talking

about here so we're gonna just flop

again let Westbrook do whatever so again

we're gonna get this ball really quick

same thing we're gonna call pass and

screen away now when he comes to the

screen like I said you're gonna hold

turbo you're gonna flick the stick turbo

around the screen off and then you're

gonna shoot that shot now obviously that

one was a little bit more contested we

still make it anyway

but um yeah you guys like I said you

guys can't see what I'm talking about I

just want to make sure I can give you

guys like a little bit of a close-up

because I do want you guys to be able to

do this it is a very effective method to

five outing is to actually get that um

like that has he into the screen so same

thing here we're gonna call for the

screen we're gonna hesitate the screen

we're gonna go up on the stick wide open

another easy green 3 now this next

option what I'm going to show you guys

is actually you want to kind of do with

somebody a little bit bigger um and that

is the fish 64 5 out thing like so when

you do this it actually immediately

space it out this 4 and this is how you

actually kind of get the corners open

and stuff like that this is more if you

want to be attacking the rim the passive

screen away thing I like doing because

like I said you don't need a playbook to

do the pass and screen away so when you

do that but actually like I said ends up

happening is you can actually run you

know the Miami Heat playbook while

you're running the five out thing this

fish 65 6 ok whatever the hell the play

call is like I said you guys can see

everybody's kind of bunched up together

but it is for more of attacking the rim

and clearing out the paint when people

do help down it does actually give you a

little bit more of chances to um I think

I said attack the paint rather than you

know try to get those wide open threes

so that's really why I don't like doing

this one as much because what I like to

do is more you know hit the head Z into

the screen and get that wide open three

attacking the room is cool but you know

threes are better than twos

let's show you guys one more time here

like I said what I'm talking about we're

gonna call it for the screen you're

gonna do this and literally it's that


getting a nice little rim run you're

gonna get wide open I mean you still

like I said we'll get the corners open

much like much like a majority of the

time when you do this like I said you're

really basing it off of getting you know

help from the corners or whatever it may

be so I mean when you do this if you

have a guy like be honest with slashing

take over it's gonna be very hard to

stop because like I said you do this you

get them stuck on a screen and you guys

can see itches

it just blow by city you're gonna get to

the rim every single time and

realistically the only way to prevent

this stuff from happening is to rotate

from the corners unless you know you

guys will see what I'm talking about in

the video I'm gonna be bringing you guys

this week of how to shut all this stuff

down but yeah it kind of opens up the

floor and stuff like that so if you guys

are watching this video and you know

because it happens every time I make tip

videos like this people go all way to

make this game more toxic than it

already is there's ways to stop

everything this stuff really isn't all

that hard to stop I promise you 99 like

everybody watching this video right now

like I could show you guys all this

stuff and that doesn't mean they're

gonna have it down perfectly just

because they're watching this video so

believe me there's calendars to all this

stuff so this is just a tutorial and

showing you guys how to 5 out and

actually get to the rim and get some

wide-open threes one less time though

I'm gonna show you guys I do like the

pass and screen a white option when it

comes to running this screen and

actually hitting like the heads you guys

like I said that right there is the

perfect thing of what I was talking

about before about the slip you get wide

open for easy dunks too like I said it's

actually easy to stop once you kind of

get used to it and stuff like that but

you just gotta know how to do it which

stay tuned for that video because I'm

gonna bring it to you guys very soon I

hope you guys did enjoy that video be

sure to let me know down below in the

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um but yeah so thank you guys so much

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