NBA 2K19 Pick & Roll Tutorial | How to MASTER the Pick & Roll!

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I'll be going over with you the basics

of how to successfully run a picker

against the computer and human opponents

an NBA 2k 19 sigh let's get it to call

for a pick and roll you can either hold

lb or l1 on your controller and it will

automatically select the closest of the

two guys between your power forward and

center to set a pick for you or you can

tap lb or l1 and then manually select

who you want to come over to you so of

course now you can run a pick a row with

your point guard shooting guard or small

forward screening for you here

now once the player starts to come over

you can select whether he rolls to the

hoop which will always be the default

option or fade to the 3-point line after

screening by hitting R 1 or R B on your

controller you can also switch decide

the player will screen all about

clicking in the left stick and he will

screen on the side the horizontal line

his own I mentally did this as a way to

show others how to run a pick a row and

the computers on you because right now

it's kind of ridiculous look at these

people as soon as you call for pick the

computer defender will be alerted to

this somehow and get a clean steal

bother you up so crazy you can't move or

get in the way of the picker roll before

it's even set like you have eyes in the

back of his head

but what I've been messing around with

since the computer is psychic when

knowing when pics are coming that can

block your path rather easily since

they're one step ahead we gotta be

another step ahead of them and start to

move towards the screen with the ball in

that hand as soon as we call it to close

that space that the defender can fit

through the blow to play up basically

erasing the space a defender has so when

the screen comes if you time it right he

will take the defender out of the play

instantly I only use this against the

computer but he can't work against

humans as well obviously you can run a

pick-and-roll with basically anybody but

if he can't shoot it does limit you a

bit especially if your roll man can't

shoot either this is something you will

run into a lot when you run a

pick-and-roll with two non shooters then

it comes down to you driving or passing

to ever the big download doesn't cover

giving it to Horford here but what I do

like is if you take the shot and the big

is all over you it usually puts him out

of position to grab the rebound

when there is no hedge defender which is

the screeners guy coming over top to

disrupt the pick-and-roll it'll be

extremely hard to stop a great shooter

from getting a wide open jumper as it

forces the on-ball defender to fight

over the screen and you see here I

failed miserably and clay has a wide

open Jay now having a big you can shoot

up the ball handler a lot as it gives

them a lot more room to work next time

up the court I remember he had the

screen his defender dry back into the

paint on the Horford early and

pick-and-roll so instead of rolling I

have him play a pick and fade to put

cousins in a bad spot and he ends up

wide open and I'm running a third time

and he again as Cousins dropped into the

paint but look how confused he was he as

he tried to use a cousins to defend

Horford he let's even get a straight

path to the hoop as he clicks on the

cousin to try and cover Horford for a

brief second but because he didn't fully

commit or if it still has an open jumper

it just shows you how terrible having a

big drawback deep like that is against

screeners who can shoot because guys

like to click on to control this guy

when you come off the screens what they

don't like is when they have to rush out

right away to defend the jumper instead

of waiting then playing the regular pick

a roll to the hoop now when you run a

pick-and-roll like I mentioned majority

of players will control the big who

drives back and try to play both you on

the screener and again it's a plus if

your ball handling and shoot does not

say exome but you overall just want to

spread the distance between you and the

roller so the defender has to make a

clear choice whether you go for the

layup or a short jump or float or dish'

to the roll in big man hear my opponent

fully kamistan Murray and Yogesh has a

clear line to the hoop

now when the screeners man comes out the

hedge he has to be careful not to get

too close here actually could have blew

right by Zach Randolph because he got

way too close to the ball handler but

again I opted for the pick and pop

option but the defense is big helping in

the screen you're also more likely to

see the own ball defenders cheat over

and cover the screen if he flares out

for the jump

like here's an example the on-ball

defender here could easily double back

here to intercept the past so it's

important to be careful what you're past

and then also keep the - by mixing up

whether you send them to the hoop we'll

do a pick and fade now again if you

notice their hedge in your screen you

can start to play some gangs with them

like going towards the screen then back

the other way to one get the screen his

defender on the other side so he has a

poor angle to defend the screen or if he

decides to roll to the hoop and

hopefully to get the on-ball defender

out of the play for you to get an easy

jumper you can do various different

moves to get the on-ball defender to run

into the screen rhythm gerbils double

behind the backs or whatever as long as

you give them the thought that you're

about to use that screen when the pick

and roll is the easiest way to generate

office in the NBA so you must know the

basis to be able to get busy in 2k 19 as

well this is a basic rundown number for

you guys but be on the lookout for more

in-depth ways to get the most out of

your pick-and-roll and be a 2k 19 on the

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