Baby Basics 101 - Your 5 Month Old Baby

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hi it's Michelle from a lesson and in

this video here I've got a

five-month-old now friend of the family

complaining of a stiff baby so that you

know that's where a concern is last

thing I want to hear from a mother that

the baby seems stiff a baby should not

ever ever ever feel stiff don't get me

wrong if they're suddenly in pain and

they're retching yes they're going to

throw back but that's again rare

occasions and that kind of language body

language is language I'm not feeling

good this should not be habitual play

where they're stuck in a sense maybe

shouldn't be stuck the whole idea of

being a baby is that neutrality that

reaction is stimuli as I hear something

here is I hear something here a healthy

baby you have to remember can go in and

out of being symmetrical the

asymmetrical and that's a big difference

doing a lot of studies right now because

I'm writing a paper and it's all about

the asymmetrical baby versus symmetrical

baby well that's great because any baby

can look both at the end and given time

supposedly but that's the difference a

healthy baby can go from an asymmetrical

neutral you know to mean and can go in

and out of it maybe that starting to

have complications in the central

nervous system is kind of stuck or what

might consume stiff soyou'll squiggly

see this little girl just needed a

little bit of help and how she goes from

I have no idea how to play with that toy

and what's really interesting to watch

the hand come into function especially

on the left side and her rolling in

herself so even though she's 5 months

all I'm gonna do to start off with is

just go under her shoulder

go under her pelvis they do it from both

directions how are you

and I'm going to come under this

shoulder he just seemed different so

notice if I lift up this shoulder do you

got my thumb versus if I lift up this

shoulder the shoulders not responding

the same she wants to go more into

hyperextension you're the difference

head she's gonna and then just under

this pelvis so from that I'm just going

to really work on your head this way so

I'm just lifting her head this way and

I'm just going to see how she comes over

to the other side

there you go

can just do it from this side you are

you are and then I get to work I just I

don't want to evaluate little girls but

what I'm doing it so I'm just going to

come under this shoulder this way just

to see if their differences I'm going to

come under the toy see this way or you

can kick me too and then I'm going to

come under here and then come under here

I got baby favorites so I'm just going

to come under also their day I am

because I'm hideous

oh good

and then on the arms which are probably

pretty much gone flat into that table

huh yeah especially this one huh it how

I stood out that's the evaluation so if

you wanted to get technical I'm not

seeing a lot of torque for the chest

he's really trying to splay her little

hands into the table into the you know

she's trying to roll over her way I mean

she wants to move around but she's

realize she they're attentive he's just

you know I mean she's just so if you

wanted to do the good old-fashion way

she's five months old really she should

be falling this over rolling all right

she's not rolling over yet right well

she started to just one away right

let's see my work which way is you run a

Schumer all over to like her right all

right Gagen see where we started a push

to right she likes to likes to read and

also what I'm not seeing is like with

the pelvis that I can toss the feet up

shoot you just go right now get your

school in I would dare you it's okay

it's okay

there's everybody

mmm awesome system and I know to let the

head is a little bit on the heavy side

because we get respond to dethrone

but if everything that I'm saying by the

way is not a criticism already wearing

marching babies are used to different

boys moving your body well I'm really

trying to show now is again you had

concerns you knew me whatever but she's

so cute she's well proportioned you

agree part of the doctor they're gonna

be like you know well let's go with

penny there's she's eating fine

you know she's presenting partly my

whole thing is just can she move better

there you go this is yet this is coming

to the left a head start like

did you want something for the other

hands because that one

why will you have any questions

all right rusty

there you go you ready district a little

bit the rotation to the chest to look at


do you want a chair no good she's my

suicide call sorry

yeah your feet can actually go up yeah

well we got to get this article that

one's already starting to go you're

saying yeah you know you're an army

let's go

by the way they want beads don't leave

them along with up CPI so calm your

sparkly to keep Party City

almost got enough peace

that's true about the beans

my mom has a couple and then the baby

got into him within one second ODI - hi

I'm Liz Walker and I was like you don't

need to be in the play area

there you go you got an arm

thank you oh thank you go doc did you

get yo that's missus with babies they

want it like yesterday once they find

I love one of Hannah's my favorite part


that's when I say that Vipers my clients

is enough let's say you want to mine

definitely little battery ow

hey man tonight now that you have left

yes you do get wrap up from Grandma


she opened up her hands and she CrossFit

mm-hmm yeah

alien gravity

can't decide my hands better or did you

and the hands coming out more I'm just

supporting the whole shoulder function

and organizing back to support that bat

the flip around sister doing the legs

since the hand came out so quickly I'm

just letting her play today

welcome to work on sitting up already

wait wait a second

oh just estimate


twisting lower back as soon as she's

free so when I say that she just doesn't

know it's a big belly from the girl

tentatively failure conclusion of such

moments of life


and all doing in turn a lender play the

back rounded versus arched back


the countertop

so even not


back to see score

very silver I just worked on you

connecting our foot up to me see our

balance is coming out in the hands

coming hi Donnelly that's right look at

that hands like

once they know where the other hand is

they take what I'm working on to is to

also the chief not used to be on our

side so I'm working on the balance of a

foot there's you go see that's a

sidekick versus you know

I know

and because I'm trying through the

cost-effectiveness you know if this was

done to infants your newborns you know

we get to am right away what's one of

your lessons yeah oh yeah that's what I

figured I bring her to you and she was

stiff on her back yeah let's see how she

was which is doing though is she she was

so sniffing her back but she was using

the arms to balance the back now she's

like you know and that's again this is a

pre chrome cigarette nothing that I hope

to cry

well again she's cute she nice poor

Jimmy there's nothing wrong with her

physically then you got like so hard a

walk you got the stiffen wall should

have been room

this side now before good arch they

disappear I don't give it

I'm still here

all right

please release hi hi Maya

hi cute he's so cute is that a ball

I'm glad we're available how to cancel

okay so we just did closed

what I'm doing now is just freaking the

hips up from the head see how fast her

arms and hand that are getting so I'm

just doing sandwich or pelvis

babies learn to crawl and go up they go

down since it's a gentle fall but they

weren't how to fall but see she's not

Starla now or you know it's fun

now it backs free

there's a bit yeah how hi how are you

doing what and we keep my nose off

that's better

I wonder roll over for support city but

I'm just going to kick in their headers

we go

socially she don't like how she can go

in and out of the toys between what the

people that in that way she's a kinnor

know like I disable don't fit them I'm

not saying don't be too much like your


no seriously it's true


did you do that she do that I just

his head to figure out her head yeah

except I will be loose and that's what

happened you baby you're just as

surprised as here where are you what are

you doing my goodness never what Gus oh

my gosh I knew she was ready that's why

I want to know what it is the vision

takes it they're looking at a toilet

kind of a toy and all Sutton's like home

it flips off but our arms are free now

so she can play Oh finally tell all it's

worth coming to me then they just get

back on track and show me her kids

actually about your back coming here

what bags bunny you should see a kid

that um they're the mom that told that

he was in in five years of physical

therapy to fix this total cause he was

like this when he came in and his head

it was digging before him now so heated

it home to him he is like he's ahead of

every baby there hit every left he's

trying to walk already and he is just

like you just you turn around and he's

on the other side of the room she's so

tired oh this is a workout she's just

good oh my goodness you're just so cute

no she's falling over but not like that

obviously no oil perspec know that would

go she had been working too hard for

baby oh yeah

now it's fun that's why she's hanging

out she can hold it she's got balance

just follow the cola you can actually

play with toys right like

and it's gonna be easier for watching

Luke Bryan yes a lot easier

yeah just don't take off runnin just

don't take off running yeah hey you

won't be able to hear her on my bed

anymore Patterson oh no she's here you

go right here but when she sleeps anyone

okay you could go into a pre crawl can

we wait a little bit here who can just

get this like oh my gosh did she do all

that she's pushing up ass looks awesome

eight years of grandmas

looks just like you

it's just it is gonna you know there you

go that take it out of it a little bit

of a fall

yeah I should do Superman over what do

you might doing here on this side