Training Multiple Dogs

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training here are some highlights from a

recent dog training session I had with

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enjoy so this is indeed a nine month old

Australian Shepherd trying to get in be

comfortable with me nice work just by

giving him treats so we'll give like a

stranger like a ball or oh I see Archie

over there is into it yeah oh boy now

you're opening up and so as far as the

general training that you've done with

him what have you taught him so far so

they both know say and down he's a lot

better at down than he is leave it slow

leave it is

know about it each other right now you

can see Indy over here is doing really

well even though Archie's getting a

little jealous you would expect that

that's really common with puppies like

that really good focus every go this is

great and ready to play with our Keith

that's cool I'm gonna switch leashes out


he doesn't love to play with toys as

much as he does and he loves to play he

could play all day long and it's just

funny Archie just has different

interests you're gonna learn how to

train two different types of dogs and

understand that just cuz it worked with

one dog doesn't mean it's gonna work

with the other which I think I do

understand yeah we got that cuz I mean

just with like sitting teaching him and

then I teaching him two completely

different weight like lay down like he

got it so fast and then with Archie

we're still kind of working on that yes

and you can see right now he's a little

distracted by Indy over there even

though they're the same breed they're in

the same general family these two dogs

right yeah related they still have

different personalities really different

most melodies leave it we look at me oh

good so we had to leave it look at me

combo there and that's something he

hasn't been taught he just did really

well with that right you have yes good

job very good usually when people have

two dogs this this close in age together

they have trouble communicating with

both of them simultaneous yeah yeah so

what has been your training strategy so

far to get them both trained you work

with them both at the same time do you

work with one at a time or what you've

both we like to try to do them together

only because they prefer to be together

that's right yeah and it's good that

they can play with each other but it's

it's also important that they have

really good communication with you guys

independently too because look look what

happens if I try to communicate with

them both at the same time or play with

them at the same time Archie stay in V

come yes

nope you know it's just what you'll need

to go through with each of them

individually is stay stay while his toys

in front of you stay while you have your

three-year-old niece or nephew run

around or whatever you know what I mean

generally want them to to learn a task

independently without the distractions

before you start combining them that's

another reason it's so hard to work with

you dogs because they distract each

other they distract you as puppies it's

uncommon from for young dogs to get into

serious fights it's more common as they

mature to start to see that emerge it's

much more common for same sex dogs to

get into fights than different sex dogs

I would be a little concerned about it

but I mean it's clearly play but I can

see that escalating as they get older

it's also really healthy to that they're

giving each other that feedback like hey

that's too rough that's that's actually

really healthy too so it's a fine line

right now keep your eye on it and use

your judgment so I'm not alarmed but it

is something I'd watch house potty

training going really really good except

for when it rains Indy right here will

not go outside because he's like afraid

to get his paws wet dogs tend to be

really sensitive a lot of dogs anyway

tend to be really sensitive of different

textures on the ground since you know

that it's a likely behavior when the

grass is wet you have to just be like

all right I'm gonna take an extra five

minutes on this potty break I'm gonna

break some turkey out I'm gonna lure

them out there to see if that helps

yeah we've tried that we also had to

start kind of like all right we're just

gonna carry you out there yeah and then

kind of do treats outside because he

hides under the table like he doesn't

love to go outside at all but with him

he doesn't really do he'll do like a

walk but we just aren't really sure just

cuz he doesn't do fetch now doesn't mean

he won't do fetch I think that's why I'm

testing for Tug there's some

intermittent tugs so step one is get

them obsessed with tug for him is what I

would say tug will evolve into fetch so

you get tug then you get hey pick it up

all right let's play some more tug get

it you know and then you tug right there

until you are throwing it that far you

know and then playing tug and throwing

it that far he brings it back so make

sense yes right there good job nice work

it's very normal for a desire to play

tug of war to intensify the more you

practice it okay like the morning times

it is crazy okay that's a good sign

the house he's most energetic first

thing in the morning right so that's

probably the optimal time to really get

him into a toy right when he's most

energetic that would make sense to me

and which is quite convenient because

the best time to get them on their daily

exercise regimen okay I'll take that

good come on is to get them exercise

first thing in the morning that way you

get some benefit from it and get them to

chill out during the day yeah you know

by giving them that workout first thing

in the morning so they feel content and

they're not frustrated so many problem

behaviors occur because they have pent

up energy so I'm just trying to like

blow on the flames here to get them

playing a proper game of tug and you

can't shove it down their throat but you

can try and make the toy more exciting

use a lot of different toys sometimes

he's more into one toy than another yes

I'm gonna let him win I mean we're doing

some baby tug I'm just pulling letting

him win letting him know hey look just

cuz I gotta take it doesn't mean I'm

always gonna win that keeps it fun for

him little tension there yes hey don't

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