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what's up cousins welcome back to my

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he isn't in my channel yet I call all my

subscribers my cousin because I'm from

the South here in the south we all got a

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you get more videos like these okay so I

know that people clicked on this video

for a couple of different reasons some

of you may have clicked on this video

because you are interested in learning

how to train your curl some of you may

have never even heard of the term trying

to your curls and some of you may feel

like training your curls is a myth

whatever end of the spectrum you're on

currently watching this video all that X

is that let's just go ahead and respect

everybody's opinion all that I X's is

that you just fight the urge no matter

who you are to talk down or kind of be

self-righteous or you know just really

thick so I wanted to make this video

because it just seems like clockwork

whenever I like go to posting like

actual like hey it shots are like shots

of my curls or videos relating to around

my curls and my wash and gos and things

like that it never fails I start to get

the questions relating to like training

your curls or getting your curls to look

a certain way or you know how did you

make your hair curly like that and I

just kind of wanted to address it once

and for all of course if you have been a

cousin for a long time a lot of the

things I am going to address in this

video I have talked with you guys about

in numerous times in numerous videos and

I'll try to like link all the related

in the description box but again I just

wanted to put it on this video it just

kind of put it to rest once and for all

just keep in mind I am never trying to

force anybody to do what I do to my hair

or use the same ingredients that I do or

the same methods that I do or saying

that this is you know the end-all be-all

that is why first and foremost I tell

you guys whenever you guys get in my

deals or our messages that I cannot give

you personalized hair advice because I

learn I am NOT a professional that's

number one I don't want to be I don't

have a desire to do other people's hair

and number two there's no real way that

I can give you personalized hair advice

having never seen your hair so just keep

in mind this is just Amber's opinion and

then you are free to let me know how you

feel about my opinion in the

conversation so Before we jump into my

three tips for training your curls

let's just talk briefly about what curl

training kids so if you grew up in the

old school like iv8 I say this like I've

said it so many times but you know the

cousins are always growing

I was natural for a very long time or I

have been natural for a long time I

never really wore my hair curly

I just always stay in a salon I got my

hair pressed with a hot comb when people

used to refer in the old days as your

hair being trained it was more so heat

transfers definitely a difference in you

being able to train your curly hair and

with the people in the old days you

consider your hair being trained which

is how tame or how long you get it to be

straight or you know how easily you

could get it to be as far away from your

natural curl powder as possible and I

just want to stress in this video that I

am NOT referring to heat training

because in my opinion heat training is

dangerously close to heat damage now

when I was getting my hair pressed all

throughout house who I didn't get my

first relax ourselves like 18 he try and

get a little sticky and that is more so

if you

who is considering yourself like a

straight natural which is what I was or

what I caught myself back in the day

versus somebody who is just looking to

have their curls like more manageable or

whatever that is good that is not what

we're doing here and a lot of people

have tried like topic about my hair over

the years I have not had a chemical

other than color touch my hair since

2012 which is when I got my last relaxer

and I have not had color

permanent color touch my hair since 2017

all these tips I'm gonna give you on how

I have kept my hair manageable or trendy

like you guys say it's just coming from

my practices and then also the last

thing I want to say in this long list of

disclaimers is just that it takes time

you think of training and you think of

trying anything like even wearing the

whole you're training a dog to night

with no pee in your house it takes time

and it takes a great deal of time and it

takes a lot of repetitive actions over

and over and over again so my first tip

in training your curls is to simply keep

them stretched this is a very simple tip

but this is probably the most used

option for a lot of Naturals whose hair

appears to be some with trains there are

a number of different ways that you can

stretch our hair but since all my tips

are gonna be related around preventing

heat like I'm not invited to puts a lot

of heat in their hair I have not

straightened by here in probably two

years going on three years now me

personally I have very fine hair so I do

like the banding method however the

banding method for me is not something

that I can do in a lot of sessions and

it's not something that I need to do

every night I like to keep my hair

stretch particularly just like these

like my hair is in this hairstyle 97% of

the time if it's in a washing though a

very easy way to keep my hair stretch

he's just a really low ponytail and

a second scrunchie tied around the side

up or tied around it just one time this

keeps my pair stretched at the roots and

it gives my curls longevity and it's

still a cute hairstyle

the main concept with the keeping your

hair stretched is just like low

manipulation in keeping your hair in the

direction and keeping your roots like

happy like keeping them straight keeping

them in the right direction so this is

the best option for me if you keep your

hair stretched over time number one it

is going to drastically reduce the

amount of time that it takes you to

detangle your hair this also causes

lists not list single strand knots

believe it or not because you are not

continuously manipulating and touching

your hair and picking it if listening

you know doing all that stuff that's

causing your hair to intertwine around

each other and this really literally

just trains your hair to stay straight I

don't know the number two way to train

your hair is to pay attention to


I always hate to bring this up put in

the vo because I am slowly but surely

really dreading discussing product

ingredients on YouTube we all are

treating what the standard for our hair

is and B standard for what everybody has

to put in their hair and I find them

more often than not too many times

people are just kind of like shaming

people for what works in that person's

hair I say all that to say really the

whole like box of training my hair

opened when I decided to be all the

curly girl method it started being

frizzy because I didn't have like all

these silicone barriers on top of my

hair forfeiting moisture from getting in

and cause my hair is frizzy I personally

prefer when I can't help it like I said

I've been trying a lot of different

products recently that do contain

silicones because I just did working

with different brands but when I am just

you know by myself and I work as anybody

and I can

it's like my personal hair regimen I

prefer not to use silicone so that way I

don't have to worry about putting

something in my hair I can like get in

the shower if once they can keep my bare


I don't like watch my hair free I don't

let my hair like you all the swinging in

the shower it looks cool in the videos I

don't do that stick with them especially

if you are not somebody in my position

whereas you're like a natural hair

product reviewer blogger you're not

somebody who is constantly happy to try

different products for your job sticking

with one product is crucial that is

really important and that is a big key

and training your hair is just your hair

knowing what it's going to give you know

so give your hair and great and let it

get a custom to what it's doing and you

will be surprised how trained your curls

get and then last but not least my last

tip for training your curls is manual

training like what you continuously do

to your hair is how you're going to

train your hair to be so everybody

always ask me like how do you get your

hair to clump like that

I have shingled my hair so much and I

have constantly shingling jail and

shingling my like twisting creams even

if I'm not about to like watching book

on the rare coat doing a twist out still

gonna shingle the products before I

start twisting my hair pretty much to

say clumps and shingled email like when

I'm watching it my hair just at this

point like it wasn't always like that

when I first the first year probably

after being chopped in to go bad natural

my hair did not naturally clump my hair

was just like a loosey goosey just

frizzy all kind of MIT same thing is you

know as Naturals when they say we have

that like that chicken all of you

working for sections we have like that

permanent middle part that essentially

is the same concept and that's it guys I

know these tips are really simple but it

was Nancy I love you guys so much I feel

like I have not told you guys that he

ain't such a long time we are almost at

90 K and I appreciate all my cousins old

and new before you leave make sure that

you're a cousin to