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after the attack of the Dragon Festival

the three dragon masters known as little

lizard Scuba Steve and tiny turtle

barely escaped with their lives others

were not so lucky

our weekers passed since that cursed day

and the young masters will soon find out

that hiding is no longer an option okay

guys we are here and check it out Scoob

Steve you've got all these these

coordinates planned out yeah I've got

everything organized here I did it all

by myself so and I'm usually the tracker

okay I'm gonna go home soon yeah well

we're waiting for our biking friend to

come back you guys remember we got to

get this right we only have one chance

at this attack so let's just let's just

wait for him he seems to know he's

talking about okay guys what is that

file from the Isles it means they're

expanding their front lines we need to

make a movement strike first before your

nation is scouted and burnt to the


okay good job mister yeah but guys not

my nation is it tighter hold on tighter

save said you're gonna help us here I


holy joking I won't go I won't go but


guys I haven't shown everybody I hope I

help spot better okay so guys just to

let you guys know a lot has changed in

the week since the attack of day of the

Dragons we did have to go into hiding

it's been pretty intense but we're

finally able to come back out and we're

gonna launch an attack of her own and

that's what this plan is for here today

scoop Steve you know what you've got to

do tiny tail you know what you've gotta


and let's mount up and let's go find the

Fire Nation guys you guys ready let's do

this already come on let's go on me the

patrols went this way okay where where

are you let's have a look oh you're on

your own shadow all right you need to

fly a law if we're

to be caught we're approaching the

coordinates now oh okay

skipper Steve you know what that means

you got to keep your gronckle quiet he's

always belching and make it so much yeah

he burps and farts a lot but sometimes I

blame it on him but it's me okay kind of

a mixture get serious okay okay he'll

keep low

how far away mister we're not far now

but Shh

we don't know whether to patrols are

okay I've got my bow guys if I see any

patrols we'll try take them out before

they can sound the alarm okay yeah well

hmm okay with no arrows fly that thing

straight yeah I'm trying to fly straight

but it's all over the place down there

we'll land there okay that's a nice spot

what's that oh is it a hostage it's an


okay he scared me a little bit there and

a Duke come yeah I have to make sure

this is so important guys I want to

start living life normally again if we

can take out these scalp faces we can at

least have a normal life for a while

okay here we go yeah okay okay whoa

aren't they oh this is worse than I


these outposts are huge oh my goodness

look at the size of them there's towers

across the water as well oh I can see

them do you think you know do you think

there's gonna be a lot of soldiers down

here guys do we need backup

oh it's really hard to tell from here I

can't see like gentlemen gentlemen we

can't risk the Dragons safety we need to

go down alone oh I think yeah that's

fair that's fair

stay rained enough yet yeah I mean I

don't trust what your grandpa will do

they are really good fighters but we

gotta be very careful you have your only

choice with you yes you got my not you

yeah I got my eggs okay I have a plan

okay look what's the plan area listen I

really felt we need to quietly make our

way through and take out any opposition

will quite quietly placed

and he blocks in and around key areas in

each camp and then when the coast is

clear we'll blow them all at the same

time and they won't know what hit them

it sounds difficult

the only problem is will be unable to

strike the opposing towers so as soon as

these blow up we're going to have to see

what we can do about those oh they might

be like I am up from up here and that

way we're right beside our dragons and

then we could go straight over to the

terrace Oh genius then he will gentlemen

follow me okay oh well no it's gone okay

he's gone tiny turn your back scoop

Steve go all right guys oh go next

okay we're zooming in along the Melton

alright guys make sure you're not

spotted okay are we touching down storm

guys do be good

cover we can use it as cover very good

okay so which one are we attack him

first first one the first I think we

gotta wait three one day one okay guys

but we have to this is like a ninja

assaults give Steve you're usually quite

loud gentlemen before you go D&T is


oh okay or I have plenty for all of us

okay I promise I won't blow mine up

early I promise Hey oh yeah they're mine

now I'm nope

yeah let's give Steve about it yeah if

we if we blow these up and we finally

get rid of these scouts will be able to

settle into our new home at the last

nation what wait for it it looks so good

it does like it is following you is

there biking

oh no you stay down stay down don't get

us caught

shadow and have a bone I got a fence and

a lead and a bone if you want it yes so

come here

there it is it's down there here bring

him bring him over here bring him over

here I think this this storm will come

up we'll keep something over there the

sandstorm is good I still haven't seen

anyone down there oh wait bring up these

people I don't know I think I think I

think I can see some millimeter okay

like a sand can see an ostrich oh I

think it can't see someone I could see a

little bit of movement yeah just people

down there okay it's me that lead there

you go and there's a fence there tie him

up tie him up shout out alright shadow

loves going to war you see he's such a

war dragon you know get him you got him

you know you don't got him

DK now he's got he's gonna put about

defense all right perfect

okay sway there it should be okay and

because he's black you won't like I mean

guys look at it from this angle you can

hardly see him with the night sky it's

pretty rough

oh good I might fly in from up here no

no no the element of surprise we crawl

in I don't want to kind of want to fly

in though no well yeah and do it you

like if you raise the alarm for all of

us I'll cut your head off myself okay

well okay okay I'm sorry I'm sorry

oh serious assault scoop Steve we gotta

be very careful angry man okay there's a

few people in there I can see a few

different people there's an element in

there are they using those it's like war

elephants don't hurt the alcohol wow

there's like weird-looking dragons in

there mister liking no arrows should I

should I take him out with the boat yes

what do you want make sure they're not

watching you got a car ready

you don't boom like left like a trophy I

got him I got him hey there was someone

around the back did you see it okay oh

you hit the dragon

who someone hit the dragon thing

they're weird little creepy dragons

where there's a guy right true to fire

wait wait wait wait there a minute minam

let's give Steve Kerr focus you got him

I didn't even buy him this one last one

that's a week in the tower okay no

excuse T I'm gonna bail up here

I'm gonna go up here all I could see

that guy knows no bone of no arrows

oh there's one at the end this one's yet

well at the end someone needs to kill

him I got him I got him boy okay that's

just why you're here here guys secure

the area

shouldn't be a threat to us cue the area

get some noise guys all right so that's

everybody in here let's see what good

you might want to see this what what is

it oh my goodness


where are you guys Oh in here Oh hold on

somebody pick this up what does it say

guys this could be a warm-up okay I got

a did you get it mr. Viking read it read


I was no part of it all the Dragon

Festival attack plans some wrong where

they schemed against my people oh okay

well it's just chests with like armor

and weapons over here doing the Barrows

there's no arrows but there are Steve do

you want a few arrows just fire charges

here goes a few arrows

all right scoops I got I got all the

fire charges as well I'm an open-top I

just wanted to check this terror

justified get out of the fire

yeah okay yet it doesn't seem to be

anything up here secure no not really

but it gives you a nice little view all

right guys I think we should move on to

the next encampment we could probably

take a look from up here oh wait

should we line it with tears Lakers TNT

down oh okay good hey I've got the

bottom of the tower there I'm only gonna

use Trey what about the wyverns where

are they they're over release them these

little dragon well please there's a not

to die okay how do we release them just

take out their leashes are gone break

the leads all right they should they

should fly oh yeah look he's on his way

of perfect but a time we blow it they'll

be gone all right I'm gonna put place

him down the back here and in the tent

all right here I've got her out

okay good don't use too many guns make

sure okay nice wheel will go around the

corner and see if we can spot anything

from the next encounter skip Steve

you're there okay this storm is raging

on here guys someone gunned the arrows

oh yes keep Steve down here over here

all right there you go there's 32 for

you I've only got my Dragonball Dhoni

dragon bone arrows towards that okay oh

I think that should be okay see you hey

we're I'm not sure I took out two Oh

is wired to blow

okay no I'm good I'm searching from this

side guys I got one I got one right take

the tech email take them out of Tara's

on the side first they're the ones we

got to be careful of okay so hard to see

in this storm I got a noise so she said

to kill him guys before on the walls are


well does it go up here whoo you guys

moved in I took him out so we've got the

same stuff in the chest

Oh just want to sleep okay take him out

take him out oh there's a snake in here

oh yeah they could see us from a lot

further away yeah okay guys check you

they've got those bows and the armoire

we don't eat those let's say let's free

the wyverns again let's get these guys

out of here come on oh there was two of

them up on the turret

are you okay oh my god oh they didn't

seem to see me

oh it's two above them okay there's two

on the top as well me Oh get him

Oh can you guys see them I can see you I

think hold on hold on let me move movie

about me I've got to go inside at the

mountain guys wait the arrows don't seem

to work for me okay sorry Charles you

need to track up HL I'm gonna get them


okay okay one I can see one all just

about top of each other just to stun

them take him in my guys no one get the

other one quick all right here we go

quickly before sense there got him yes

yeah that was totally lost one who I

could only see the inch of their arms so

that was actually pretty cool okay yeah

are we all clear

yeah based on this place up guys all

right okay so I'm gonna TNT I've got ten

we're good that's good that's good okay

I am out the wyverns are freeze today

I'll just fly out of here he's gonna say

hmm yes please thanks okay I think I

think it's pretty much set to blow mr.

Viking so just still be run over this

plan again we're gonna blow all three at

the same time is that right law indeed

we are okay and we're gonna have to do a

friend yeah big time I mean we've got

a festival attack plans here this might

let us know a bit more about how they

how they plan out their attacks because

we need to be prepared for the next time

that one came out of nowhere

yeah it's so bad people

I'll have it we were so lucky to get out

of there and don't worry mr. Viking we

will once we grow our area we will help

you regrow Berk as well because I know

there was a lot of damage left there we

guys take them out I'm gonna go in

through the middle you guys take your

hair okay you fast with these boys I got

two damn I got two on the left any


okay I'm gonna run around the back I'm

gonna round the back and go around the

back Adam got him you got him I got one

around the back I got another one around

the back oh I can see you guys taking

about good job guys I'm gonna check

around the outskirts of top hey Gotham I

think came out if I get good oh okay

come here

you know what to do let's just line this

place really quick and let's get ready

for this

oh it's gonna be okay I've got Frida

wyverns okay let's build these up break

these out big explosion its vision buy

some time before they're able to set up

more camps oh this is gonna be a huge

blow to them guys this look at this guy

asleep hearing area yeah you're right

yeah all right

take that out okay mr. Viking do you

wanna why are these up and we'll make

our way back up to our dragons because

guys once these blow we need to be ready

to fly straight on down to those two

terrors because they're obviously gonna

sound the alarm as soon as this happens

so we need to take them out as quick as

possible no I got some more dragon

festival attack plans as well did you oh

okay cool we can piece together how they

knew it was even happening there because

we might have a traitor guys I mean is

true that was French secret right till

the last day and only people who were

invited knew where to go so they must

have had an invite yeah they must have I

haven't how do they even know where to

find it it's cool saying there's a

traitor amongst the dragon council ah

that's what I'm good I mean if we piece

it all together how else would they have

known where to go mm-hmm

I have to admit I've toyed with the idea

of myself yeah okay I'm back I'm back at

shadow anyway

oh yeah that's a good start oh nice I'm

trying to bounce up the mountain here

it's oh my and it's quite tough i pounds

it opinion I just have to just get up a

little bit hi guys and then fly towards

the end no we're like I'm right beside

it so I jump off now it's really bad

it'd be crazy I probably went too far

actually I'm gonna go right yeah your

mods I see we're not our dragons you're

a Jenkins okay I thought you meant you

are at the Dragons oh you're so super

fair way is it really fair

oh no okay hello wait for me I'm coming

back that way I can jump up pretty fast

so she'll just take me a second okay

guys how are we gonna attack these

terrorists should we all just fly in on

our liter rings or user dragons we're

gonna use three seconds to get across so

you get the dragons to get across and I

want to leave them over here by

themselves but guys don't forget how

powerful these dragons are in the air I

think we need to we need to make use of

that I'm gonna use the knife Furies

attack aerial assault well I like the

ideas because we could take at the top

of the Terra's pretty quick if we do

that as soon as we blow these bases

we'll make a flight plan straight to

those towers yes I like it

are you up for that deadly matter and so

with just a few last steps we have

ourselves a complete circuit do we flip

a coin no I don't have a coat do you

know I know it's you guys come on let's

be smart about this shadow doesn't have

an attack our tree dragons do so lets

the tree of us be ready on our dragons

mr. Viking as soon as you pull that

lever will let detect the the first

three scary post blow will fly straight

over and attack the towers as quick as

possible like it sounds like a plan

alright so just three t14 back

okay guys let's go we gotta take these

terrors out I'm gonna aim for ya quick

I'm gonna do it on the right I'm gone

middle oh I'm gonna roof land on the

roof guys in there just make sure you if

you see anybody sneaking off to go

deliver like a message we need to take

them out quick okay

here gronckle chili over here is

there anyone even here okay I took out

three guards on top of mine oh nice

let me get another look now I think I'm

gonna go in there leave my dragon

outside he's on time if I got me with

the swords guys I don't think they

spotted me

oh yes kill won't took whatever you got


whoa I'm Steve wake up let's sneak out

here ah I'll just yeah yes okay gonna

drop down to him look you guys know how

good I got one day because we won't just

below me here hold on I think I'm set to

to blow I got him I got him all right

how many where on your towers tree on

mine tree on yours okay let me see I've

only gotten to knee I've only had two in

mine there was three I was triple floor

she let me have a look come here

yeah no Otis hold up - very tough for

you Scoob Steve oh well okay I

definitely miss very top up the ladder I

might have this the same I I'm gonna try

and do the same which way which way come


there's a ladder you said oh oh I got

him whoo okay guys just check check the

mountain area make sure you don't like

if there's any of them trying to escape

we need to stop them

yeah you guys see anything I don't think

so no no no I can't see any I think

we're pretty good okay you guys you

ready to break it up

I reckon mine up do it do it do it

this place has to blow crap pop up so

down at the bottom guys there they're

like the weakest points the legs are the


make sure you've TMT placed along those

okay yeah I've got a lot of the middle

topple all right pretty good okay I'm

good to blow I'm getting out of here you

guys ready yeah I'm getting a dragon

well done gentlemen

that's a strong win for the nation's the

foundation will be reeling in their

boots no head on back to your base you

should be safe for now guys let's go


okay Thank You mr. Viking and we promise

we will come and help Burke recover and

rebuild but tiny turtle where are you

going in titled do you want it do you

want to take shelter at our base for

tonight just to make sure you know I

think we should all stick together it's

such a long journey home I think I need

to go back and I need to get a rest and

prepare before tomorrow and I don't any

home ok Scoob Steve you know we've got a

lot of planning to do in our new nations

home it is pretty epic but we got to

figure out where to put all the dragons

we have them transported across guys we

just need to set up their pain areas and

weigh it they are gonna live but I mean

shadows dorbz monument is there

everything's pretty much moved over our

other place did get attacked

unfortunately and but we got over there

just in time the Fire Nation really

really they were well coordinated for

the last attack weren't they scream

Steve yeah they totally destroyed

everything but it's a good thing that we

did find the original elemental nation

oh I bet you can't wait to get the full

tour Tony turtle

yeah know any of this stuff

all right well title that's a story that

we will explain once we're home but for

now let's just get there get these

dragons some rest they've done well


oh yes guys do it

her first we made it back proper assault

on the fire nation was successful this

means we could actually live in peace

for a little while knowing that our new

area is safe where's ya

do you not think that maybe they're

gonna come and attack us in a little

what they don't know where we are they

don't know where we are

Hey area at title where is he

so any turtle what do you think he's hey

I just got hit with an arrow

so what we're no attack they fell out

they could wait hold on see these beans

has to be tighter why is nice sorry


where's me saying anything I'm supposed

to be where is he is he here I don't

know I can't see him wait do you think

he's after going off to his I see him

where is he there he is oh I chipped off

I didn't have my wings on savvy natured

for life

no I gotta go I gotta kill up time are

you actually you see you really gone to

war with us right now no I really I was

okay wait you know show me your road to

do area whoever's shooting me is really

bad Archer yeah wait wait I - hold on

hold on come here to me yeah we haven't

you seen a place fully yet you actually

drawing on me your drawers on me I'm so


are you gonna do it or not are we doing

how we peaceful keep try it's Gibbs -

you will die a peasant's that oh yeah

we're peaceful were peaceful okay okay

well haha right guys I'll do that one

guys I'm gonna put my weapon away I've

had another two more for a lifetime here

tighter loose we are a peaceful nation

we want to keep it that way let's make a

receive no war in our areas because know

that you're not allowed fight back now

now it means we gotta kill anybody who

tries to do it that sounds like war to

me yeah they just won't call it that

okay title do you want to know the

history before behind our new land cuz

yeah what's going on I'm sure you'd be

surprised to hear we are actually moving

moving home and check it out I told you

recognize this yeah because I saw that

and I was like yeah and then I was like

but where's and then I was like ah this

is home on you it - shadow stop so we've

moved it is watch everything guys we do

have all our dragons are all safe don't

worry and the Night Fury deadly Nadder

and gronckle they're all asleep right

now they're having a nap because they

were working true tonight with us to

take you out those fire escape faces but

this is our new home to eternal this

believe it or not was a lost nation it's

very nice isn't it lovely

check it out you know myself and Scuba

Steve stumbled upon this area when we

were scouting out land for the it was

the sky leader wasn't it

no we were looking for a place to hold

the day of the Dragons oh that was it

yeah we were going back and forth with

the sky leader but we came across here

that wasn't him it wasn't on the map

centre we thought that was strange

because he can see everything from up

there and it turns out this was an old

nation but this was no regular nation we

hung oh right at the end this used to be

an elemental nation we ran out we

weren't the first elemental nation title

this is where they lived

yep true story and they were attacked by

the fire nation it's like history is

repeating itself and they put they got

wiped out yeah so they had what they did

was they had to retreat and they locked

themselves in to a cave deep we can show

you the case

do you remember yeah I think it's up

this way okay deep within the mountains

they lock themselves in there no way I

could be lying along with one dragon egg

of each type so it's like the original

dragons that they had they were trying

to preserve the Dragons keep you safe

and we we unlocked it now we did get

attacked by the ghosts of our ancestors

they were kind of stalking us a little

bit yeah boys didn't like this mmm we

did my thing save the arrow seems a bit


are you sure does yeah yeah how do you

know yeah because there were scrolls and

documents the hallway true there was a

like this

person's tale of what happens the whole

way to it and you believe these

documents yes I believe in here a long


oh no we trout oh okay obviously to the

cave okay now we're with you

it's we're shutters okay perfect hello

girl we thought it was really really

cool that we could kind of continue on

the legacy of our ancestors and regrow

the elemental nation from here if there

were actually ancestors as you speak oh

yes you do

it was over there if it's over here look

Scoob Steve

just a neighbor open I'll pull the leaf

oh yeah and open that doors over here

okay so just be careful because those

ancestor guys might still be down may

not sound like booby traps and stuff

yeah really cool this is me you got a

job boom okay pull out I just hope it

was true here look these are okay looks

like the ghost you guys aren't here

which is nice but look okay the original

eggs they said yeah yes guys haven't

called these eggs

it's so cool isn't it oh don't don't

take any don't took no I don't think we

should ever touch these eggs yeah I

don't even think we should oh my

goodness there were more eggs exploiters

and stuff in there as booby traps it's

crazy okay I'm taking the bones you can

click this to exit this place what's a


yeah the eggs it skips Eve remember that

that does it drops her down so we can

climb it

yeah okay there's the exit there now

noise okay yeah I think it's there since

we last we do where's you guys stop

harvesting all the new in here stop

just don't touch the eggs okay I didn't

thank you very very nice okay follow me

earlier issue so it looks like the

ancestors have been late to rescue us -

yeah it looks like they're finally a

piece or they're amazing now that we're

here to grow the nation once more so

this is where they locked themselves

non-eternal it makes sense though that's

why it was a secret upstairs

and they have the place like booby traps

so be very careful oh yeah what you know

what we should do is I was gonna say we

need to get rid of these traps but I

think we should keep them yeah

definitely keep this if we ever get a

text we can retreat in here what a

peeping keep us saying it's in there oh

this was em nothing it was it's just for

securing some items tiny Terrell don't

worry about I need to go back up the

water yeah we need to go back up the

water follow me we haven't even seen our

town yeah I want to show you this it's

actually we've cleaned it up a little

bit and we project a No

the volcano - yeah we spotted Falcon we

haven't been over there yet no we should

definitely try that yeah we're gonna

leave the dragon sleep now scuba Steve

we have a lot of planning to do because

we need to decide where we're gonna put

each type of dragon and obviously we've

got the the Night Fury the gronckle

we need the Garrity and Dragons the

elemental dragons we've lots to kind of

organize so yeah but we do have

Commander Cody and we do of other people

here to help exactly but the good thing

is there's so many buildings here


that's the chef the blacksmith and the

heater can have their own like buildings

they're gonna be really happy with that

yeah they can have their own houses I'm

gonna come here to the leg this is a

tiny Charlie unity oh okay I know we

need to close this thing so check it out

okay sorry turtle you'll never even know

it's there it's cool isn't it yeah it's

so cool except for the big arrow

pointing at the book yeah well we might

remove that because we know we're yeah

but so look it's pretty obvious okay

yeah do you like our Beach it's lovely

this is where we're gonna keep our

dragons when they want to go on holidays

yeah when they want to go a little vacay

yep lubrication and then yeah presents

it depends if we're still people I will

bring an army if you say no it's okay

Oh bring your army Oh Oh scoop Steve I

tell you we're decided at your place my


yeah you can't just go around throwing

around these stretches tighter I have my

own the Emperor's Kingdom you can't just

trend it yeah although you have chosen

40 final mix 46 drag it up you have

46 no that's a lie it's not we did a

checklist and we kept alive I've never

been around this area this is the beach

cover the whole thing yeah it goes

around pretty fast so we're gonna happen

the side on where we're gonna keep our

dragons I'm thinking lava dragons will

probably or like neder dragons fire

dragons they'll probably like to be all

around the volcano yes so we might clear

an area there and keep all of those out

there because I mean think about it

lava fire nether it's all kind of

similar and the Dragons will have switch

heat they love it now there is a big

lake which we could keep the ice and

water - I like that go dude I'm thinking

ghost and ender will prefer the dark so

we've got a lot of cave systems or even

big one like it doesn't have to be

properly in a cave but it could be under

like these big rock formations okay

we thought we could create an area there

for those now there is another thing

we've got set up before I haven't fully

decided what we want to do so if you'd

like to follow me I will show you guys

well of course I missed appointments so

this town is on different levels

tiny Turtles so as you can slide back

down rope bridges up the top so we can

actually we can build up and down it's

got a nice watch it's a big gate is that

the air the big gate is cool isn't it

and it's kind of one entrance I think

see we have totally explored this land

myself it's we need to figure the side

I'm in a town I mean it oh this is where

we were to start yeah exactly so with

the map so that's it gonna be our main

town area this is where we're gonna move

our chef's blacksmith everybody will be

able to base themselves in here you've

got a little dock for going up and down

on with boats which would be pretty cool

I mean look how beautiful this place is

especially on a sunny day like this I'm

sorry I said so Daisy please do it

populate it full of dragons and then you

see this over here

sorry Terrell can you see me yep so you

got to go across from the village oh

you're a dragon landing or takeoff this

is a dragon area now I'm not too sure

what I want to do it do we want to use

it for the guardian dragons do we want

to use it just for an irregular dragons

like check it out it is pretty

oh it's a big night the dragon wings

here and everything so guys in the

comments maybe you guys can help us sell

what should we use this area for we've

got the dragon area right y'all in joy

TP to escape seed oh yeah this area this

is cool isn't it I like it it's so oh

it's kind of look comments we have like

maybe a wagon you know a dragon training

ground kind of like a like a battle area

like for them to Train it does but it

also kind of reminds me of a hatchery

cuz look it's like eggs on the ground

yeah we'd need one of those so this any

breasts this is the crest for the

elements of nature it's Elm isn't it

emblem oh okay I was wondering yeah

he'll make sense and it's down on the

ground here as well now guys before we

got those kind of areas so far so a lot

of work still to be done all our dry yet

and it cooped up together at the minute

but once we get those areas spread out

look pretty cool Titans nice though do

you want to cut above going down your

waterfall yeah did you have unique

pillars we really do you see them I was

going to show you that that's where we

kind of started our journey last time we

can actually go up there and show you

that there's a the next part oh yeah

it's awesome I can't wait this is like

fully populated can you imagine this

nation with like people everywhere

there's gonna be people training like

Ariel it's gonna be so good it's kind of

look so good I mean it just reacted yeah

as much as I loved our previous area

this place just kind of takes the cake

have you named your deadly Nadder you

know I think I've named I think I've

named my grunkle I put in a couple of

names and decided you know I turned a

few names and I think I have a boom back

I think everyone like oh yeah yeah there

was a few but I like a cheap job

I go to I've got the name for the Night


what is it you guys want to know so guys

I put a post up a poll on the the

community section of the channel and you

guys voted loads so guys over 10,000


for the name shadow fury who shadow fury

shadow storm I don't see he's the Night

Fury so check it out title if you want

to come across this bridge it actually

looks pretty cool you can get it good

for you around the area so title if you

want to come check over this bridge it

gives us a pretty good overview of like

our area and this is kind of where we

started our journey in the this I was

just over here and I went over there and

then I was going to go into that little

cave but then I died somehow are you dad

well yeah look you can kind of get the

view of every so that's gonna be the

main town down there look at the joint

statue the statues down there everything

and if you come up over here we should

be able to see yeah look at that there's

a big snowy mountain range right over

there so we've got a lot of land to work

with if you look down here we had to

fight so many boyfriends and go yeah

this place was kind of overrun it looks

pretty terrible so yeah it is a huge

nation and it was pretty much

undiscovered until we got here so a

little flag up on the top of the

mountain where is this did you put that


no there is a little flag up there

that's cure oh we should go there and

check it out we haven't been up there we

haven't been up there let's flow across

and get up there okay so guys I do want

to explain to you guys as well because

obviously we were gone for a little

while but unfortunately we couldn't do

anything about it we had to go into

hiding after the Fire Nation attacked

right at the end of day two dragons guys

how good was day at the dragons it was

so much fun wasn't it right until the

end and we only just about made it out

with our lives cuz we even lost Scoob

Steve for two days and then Scoob Steve

remember where we found you yeah

that was pretty funny but I'm guys if

you guys want to see what happened after

the Fire Nation attacked them be sure to

leave a thumbs up on the video because

maybe we could tell our story and you

guys can yeah see what happened after

that because it was a pretty crazy week

we were in hiding we had to like eat

just like little notes and it was pretty


Perry's gonna lie we had to I found I

found a McDonald's though scusi I think

that was when we're in the desert you

start seeing some air

you didn't drink any water the cactus

burger it's called a it's called a

mirage it wasn't actually a McDonald

scuba Stevens go crazy for his

McDonald's but and that wasn't

McDonald's but yeah so we're feeling a

bit better now we're back to normal

we're here in our beautiful new homeland

and things are looking up we've got all

our dragons here which is the main thing

I'm not home now you're not home talking

to a book we promised we would help tiny

turtle get home as well because he

helped us get here so we will do that

time so don't worry you can stay here as

long as you need but I'm I don't think

it'd be too long to get home now that

the Fire Nation Scouts are gone we can

move around a lot freer yeah it's gonna

be a lot easier for you they ramped up

their attack like crazy didn't they did

you guys see the size that I shipped

they came in on it was crazy

oh it's not to ruin everything I know

but I mean kind of what they do is no TV

stop till we put a stop to them that's

what they're gonna do this is cool

though you guys I'm at the top you guys

know a few things appeared this cool

ball a pickaxe some armor some bones and

some toys so I'm thinking up here we

could maybe do something for the ice

dragons and I think we could keep the

water wants to the like yeah what do you

guys I think that'd be up on the snowy

mountains I look how high up this place

is fly my jackets a sneezing it's so

hope you can't even see how I'm gonna

pull up this and see if I could see more


it is pretty cool so there's a lot of

clouds around hold on let me see if this

loads in there we go good start see down

here it just keeps going it does doesn't


but scoop Steve I'm super excited to get

this area looking nice and have our

dragons down book because we can also

have a little Christmas party where

everybody who lives in our area I think

everybody needs something that will

cheer them up a little bit and I think

if we chose look at on the map it's so

big this area yeah it's huge

tighter would you like to attend a

Christmas party at the elemental nation

that could be fun I suppose that yeah

it's really not well like it depends on

my other offers and you know

we'll see friends yes I do oh he's good

he's good

don't run away from your problems Tony

Turner I'm flying

at least platy is flying right okay

let's go

oh you can see it's a great way to look

over a whole new area oh it's beautiful

I think I might go back to the pain area

yeah I'm gonna come around you there in

area at 22 okay where's in the main area

so that would be the village that we

started inside oh I'm coming around got

you and then around I'm guessing

yeah that's the Wardrobe yeah it's the

one with the windmill gate guess right

I'm down and we've gotta be map of our

area here so guys this uh this map in

the Town Hall this is a real time map so

if we see any attacks coming we'll

actually see it on this map we yep we'll

see them flying in from the sides and

stuff like that so we'll have to keep

something we might get Commander Cody to

post one of his soldiers here just to

keep a keen eye on this map to see if

anything anything is attacking because

then what we could do is all we could

set up like a bell and they ring the

bell if an attacks come and we're gonna

being way more prepared we can't make

the mistakes we made before guys this

community has to grow and flourish here

I see everything that you've got going

on I like it so our farms back up and

Ronan maybe the chef would like to be

over near that I think we should leave

the boat gone down the waterfall I think

it looks pretty cool yeah like a town

hall yeah this is what this is like the

church remember it's Christmas Eve

because we took the Grays behind that's

where we found the green stuff oh I

think we should be a church we should

turn this into a town hall I think

you're right I think what do we got here

this is some spices okay so there maybe

that could also be used this could be

used for the chef area we could extend

it with the farm at the back we need a

canteen area this is their big canteen

area like I could do that over here it's

not huge but we can extend any of these

buildings or make them smaller we can do

all of that but I think guys I think for

today it was pretty successful we should

be able to live in peace for a while and

start where

in relation again gainer dragons in get

everybody in place and let this town

flourish for Christmas we're gonna have

a great Christmas guys hope you are

enjoying How to Train Your Dragon if you

are be sure to smack that like button

and we'll be back very soon for more bye