Free 411 info - Text message Google on cell phone

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all right anybody know what SMS stands

for super lucky show magical stuff

that's what it means show magical stuff

all right it's actually short message

service or something like that I prefer

my own idea show magical stuff because

by the time you've done you're gonna be

amazed at the magical stuff you can get

right out of your phone okay you send a

text message to google now remember I

said that if you want to send a text

message you have to know the phone

number of the person at the other end

okay all of the five digit numbers

notice that everybody's phone up as a

10-digit number all the five digit

numbers are reserved for companies okay

what nobody you think Google got g 00 GL

why cuz there that cool all right who's

cooler than Google me 617 Patrick all

right that's pretty cool but Google got

goog L so if you send a text message to

google GOOG L using those first five

numbers which are 46645 the message that

you send the text message that you send

will be sent to google at Google they

have millions of kids teenage kids

sitting there with cell phones taking

your call figuring out what you want

sending information back to you all

while they're at school okay they're

productive they're useful and if free

okay big theme they're free okay what

mess what text message could you send to

google will if you send them this

message and I've color coded and read

and your handouts are not god bless you

god bless ya staples that's cool all

right all right cool all right so we got

color code Hannah by the way if you want

copies of any of these if you send me an

email i'll send you an email with all of

this stuff it's all copyrighted but you

know it's not really copyrighted that's

just what i put on the bottom you know

I I just write copy right at the bottom

because lawyers aren't free so I figure

put that other one but if anybody wants

copies of any of this obviously let me

know all right if you send this red

message and you don't send it in red you

just say kaze boston mass all right kaze

is the name of a restaurant and I chose

it basically because it's quick to type

but if you send the message cause a

Boston Mass to google google will send a

message back to you anywhere from 15

seconds later to a minute later and the

message will look like what you see in

blue here local listings just like you

were getting full on one information

kaze shabu-shabu restaurant not to be

confused with Matsuzaka all right

there's a japanese restaurant at 41

essex street in boston oh 2 111 and it

will give you the phone number boom

there's your 411 information that quick

but it's better than that if you're

reading your text message and you see

that and you press the send button most

phones are smart most phones will

realize that the message has a phone

number in it and it allow you to do that

number to press that number so if you

put in if you put it in kaze Boston Mass

and you get this number back boom and a

couple of pushes you're dialing the

phone number for cause a free quick and

now it's one of your last outgoing

messages so it's saved at least for a

little while and you can save it for

longer than that if you want pretty cool

and very free some quick questions

I don't know I don't know they're easier

ways to do this on a blackberry because

you have to have web access with a

blackberry so I don't know like I said

we can't get an individual phones

because everybody's got a different one

I don't even know how blackberries work

okay yeah it's it's unbelievably could

those kids are quick unbelievably quick

all right there in high text there in

high-tech sweatshops kids giving you the

answers they come back in a matter of

seconds minute admit it sometimes or two

minutes is what it takes but usually

it's very quick okay with many phones if

he hits then once or twice while reading

the message like I said it will dial the

number for you if you don't have text

messaging you will want to get it by the

time I'm done it's five bucks a month

but 500 messages you get charged for the

message is going out and the message is

going in ten cents apiece if you don't

have text messaging on your phone you

can get free 411 information by calling

anybody know there it is 1 800 free 411

now my day but you can remember that in

the spirit of America it's free but you

gotta listen to a commercial okay

actually you don't they're gonna play it

you decide whether or not you want to

listen to it but he'll give you the

phone number so you call one eight

hundred freefallin one you say break the

phone call you say I want the phone

number for kaze boston mass okay they

will not only give you the phone number

but so you don't have to take your phone

on the highway and press the whole

number in you can press a number and say

that you want a text message to be sent

to your phone you then look at that

message again hit the send key couple of

times usually depends on your phone and

you can dial the number you can do that

on the highway in just a couple of

clicks pretty cool so you don't have

text messaging this will get you by

until you do get text messaging