How To Run Faster 400 Meter Dash Endurance Track Workout

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what's up trucker Phil squat it's me

Rashad and I have a athlete right here

introduce yourself I'm Samir I got a

John Marshall High running track across

the 400 and 800 meter run track and

today we're about to put some ear

through a coach Rashad workout to get

him ready for the track season how do

you feel about your overall shape right

now right now not so good just went

through a ankle sprain but out for three

months but you know I've been putting in

work last four weeks and I'm feeling

pretty good all right for sure we're not

gonna have you go super fast it's still

early within the season right now so

we're gonna just put you to this workout

to kind of test your shape a little bit

and then get you ready for the season so

yeah let's get into the workout hit the

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seen a running video for me in a minute

and you guys are probably wondering

about the marathon I actually been going

through a knee injury

I've been updated on social media like

snapchat and Instagram so if you don't

have me on those then you should you

have known about the knee injury but

yeah I'm still planning to run marathon

we're going to talk about that more in

future videos let's get into the video


all righty guys are about to start your

first the 200 and then you know what's

next on your mark


400 meter dash time now understand the

point of this is not to go out there and

run your fastest 400 meter time the

point is to run the target time because

the target time is based on a time that

is challenging for you but not too

challenging the point of this workout is

to help Samir's body learn how to run

faster when he's tired that's why we

start with a short 200 meter dash first

and we work our way all the way up to

800 meters we keep the target times at a

pretty consistent pace given that the

target times are all around the same

pace even as we increase the distance

it's allowing Samir's body to keep this

same pace at longer distances as he gets

tired which in the long run will be very

beneficial it's very tempting to go out

and run really fast early with them this

type of workout but you need to exercise

patience so that you're able to hit

those target times on each interval


all right here at writing we're looking

at a time at about saving the phone

about 116 115 right yeah I think the

reason why you kind of had it tough

right here is because you took it kind

of fast on that 200 if I could give you

a quick tip whenever you're doing

workouts like this even if you can run

the faster time on that first interval

kind of hit the time that's given to you

because it's more of like a speed

endurance workout right and it's going

to hit you on the back end of the

workout all right as you get more

advanced you might be able to do that to

test yourself but not I mean it takes

more practice

so that you understand your body we're

gonna try and hit that 70 time again and

just bring it through for the last few

hundred meters of that and then one

finished off this workout strong we are

now at the 600 meter interval of this

workout the goal of this one is to run

the same target pace at the 400 meter

mark of this 600 and then bring it in

for the last 200 years

once again we're trying to get the body

to run fast when Titus I really believe

in this style of working out especially

for middle distance runners because

these are the type of workouts our coach

Dan used to have me and the team do when

I was in college and I've seen major

improvements when I came from high

school to college and started doing

these type of work so all I have to say

is make sure you hit the target times

the target times are there for reason if

you feel like the target times are too

easy then challenge the target times

during the last few intervals you're not

going to be Guinea and you'll see major

progress trust me

one half lead to another


Tamir you just finished at 600

so it's hired right did travel vest all


from what I've seen when I was recording

and looked like you kept it pretty

consistent after you read that 400

emphasis so until I see the actual time

when I play it back I think you've done

pretty well but judging by how you

retired after running that first 200 I'd

say about this point of the workout you

should feel tired but you have one more

interval left so you know I mean you

shouldn't be to the point where you're

like dang I'm done

we got 800 we're gonna wrap up this


this is the final interval that 800

Sameer was very tired after this but he

managed to get through it at a pretty

respectable time he did much better than

he thought he was gonna do so I'm proud

of him

thank you to Samir's father for letting

him be a part of the workout video if

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all right so finish the workout strong

suddenly the workout surprised you right

you started off kind of the track and

feel fan guys keep pushing take every

day you know workout hell it's hard

right now but remember to definitely do

those runs get their hands in Brian

don't stop never does y'all next video

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