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welcome to episode 5 of our channel mum

potty training videos I'm gonna be here

with Amanda Jenna who is our potty

training expert now we've already talked

about the signs of when our children are

ready the equipment we might need and

the general how to's of how to get your

child potty trained but right now

there's no sugarcoating it it's time to

talk about poo Amanda where do we start


so who is one of the biggest email

problems that I get sent to me we know

we've got poo - sofas folding it in not

washing to do a poo

so mr. poo is a bit of a pain well let's

have a little look at how these mums got

on with the poo scenarios and you have

see what their experiences were in the

morning before we left I'd say to have a

same baby if you need to go to the

toilet and go now he would go and do it

number two he understood it very much

like he was very responsive to that and

I made a joke that he was like cooing on


every time that Harrison needed or told

me that he was hiding initially I would

just grab a party but I don't know

darling going the potty and we would

again make the biggest he allowed a

you're such a big boy I have a said well

done like clapping dancing literally

you've never seen anyone be so excited

about poo in your life that's really

amazing because I think that's quite

unusual to have a child that really just

who's on demand like mine never did no

fantastic me that's amazing that you

know that that that's not actually

typical unfortunately but that's great

you know that he's actually willing to

go you know who when they gave to a poo

they're actually have to do more than

just having a wee you know sometimes

they have a bad experience where they've

had a they've been constipated it hurts

when I go through poo when we actually

get to the nitty-gritty of it with the

parents and saying it has he had a bad

experience when he's done a pool had a

sore bottom that's normally the reason

why they don't mind doing it okay so I

then go back in the kitchen to tidy up

some more and next minute she said there

were two monkeys in her party so I would

enter the living room and look then and

sure enough she'd done a number two she

really quickly picked up there he's and

who's had to go somewhere and every

half-hour we'd asked to go do you need

to go on the party'd you need a pee and

she would sit on it and most the time

she would actually do something but

others you know there was a lot of

slip-ups there was a lot of messes she

obviously understood that she got a lot

of praise around going on the party then

we took her to the toilet with us to

flush it away and every time we flush it

she goes by piece by poos well

messes we know that that's gonna be

something that we have to deal with you

will get a lot of children that we will

put in their pants and what I suggest

you do with that is you take the pants

with the poo in and take the child to

the toilet or the potty and tip the poo

if it's not runny okay into the potty or

the toilet and show them where it goes

and then we sort of wave bye-bye to mr.

poo and we do a big song and dance about

it and that's the only way we're going

to teach them by just whipping it off

and jam it down the toilet

without them seeing it it's not good

it's not gonna help we need to put some

fun back into a poo - doing a piece Oh

rewards for a poo different rewards from

doing away I've really advised that the

Box really works for that or the stars'

so at the end of the week they can count

how many stars they've got how many

blues they've done and pick something

out of the box or do something they like

doing with their parents we just need to

encounter them and when they are doing

it say are you doing a poo you know in a

nice something else you know no no no no

don't do it there because we don't want

to scare them you know it's just I

suddenly said that's happy yeah and they

stopped yeah and that's when they gonna

get constipated so we need to make them

feel it's okay to do it if they do get

constipated what do you do in that

instance so first of all we need to find

out why they're constipated so if

they're holding it in because obviously

they're scared about doing it then

that's something we have to do with the

rewards and everything else if they're

constipated because of the foods they're


we need to give them some good what page

to get the poo to loosen up so you know


popped popcorn it can be sugar-free yes

that's really really good for

constipation as well lots of

strawberries tomatoes and lots of fluids

as well so if we can soften up the poo

so it's not going to hurt them when

they're actually doing it then you'll

find that it will actually come in time

that they will actually be okay with it

your concern that your child's really

really constipated obviously go and seek

medical advice

yeah are there any key differences with

helping them to train to poo on the

potty or on the loo

compared to just going for a wee there

is I mean we use just come really

naturally to children but it's always

the poos that are a problem so don't

make a big issue of it you know get

Louise going okay but they do tend to do

one poo a day unless they've had

obviously lots of excess of something

that makes them go more but you can sort

of judge what time of the day they do it

when they're toddlers so they don't

either do first thing in the morning or

last thing at night so when you think

you know it's about their time or you

know as a parent they haven't been just

keep an eye out you know them shuffling

about or they've disappeared all of a

sudden you will know when they're about

to do it know if they if it's bath time

and they have a being sometimes they

might go after the jug ready yeah or

they're in a warm bath and that can

actually help them go that's it's not a

really good tip if they actually do it

in the bath we'll get a lot of that as

well just scoop it up yeah off and do

the same tip it down the toilet

and showing where it goes yeah Amanda

thank you so much for talking all things

pee with us today some great tips there

for me as well as all the mums and dads

watching out there now we have still got

two more videos to come in our channel

mum potty training course we're going to

be talking about nighttime potty

training and of course getting them

ready for school as well and if you have

any questions please do go to the

channel mum support group we're going to

add the link below this video you'll be

able to ask Amanda and any of the other

mums in there for their advice and their

stories as well because remember you are

not alone and do leave your comments

below and let us know how your