How to TAKE CARE of 4 WEEK old puppies | Weaning & Cleaning

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I have to play some more when they're

outside because then fly start to come

and flies are not good for dogs or

anything in that matter so and then we

also play it I don't know if you can see

it some fly adhesive just to kill them

Jeremiah has been really paranoid of

parvo and you know who wouldn't be so he

put he's adjusted a lot of fly stickies

through these there are the non

poisonous ones just the honey so they

got stuck and died just in case they

fall and the puppies get to them I mean

it's still not the greatest thing

because it's sitting it on their fur and

I don't know how that's gonna be to take

it off the puppies have been really good

at um being crate trained they really

like it actually they pretty much look

the same let me know if you guys want to

see some puppies every single video like

how they've grown I'm gonna show it

shots of them but if you guys want to

see them like in clothes and I like I

did with him let me know if you guys

want to see that it is right new water

honey this is in sight to set up oh my

god what are you doing so this is for

crate training this is for accidents and

they've like to go over there if it's

too hot because the floor is really cold

so I left that little part open for them

I put this mat that we had in the puppy

playpen in my room just for accidents

you know I'm debating whether or not to

put a bed out here I think they won't

even use it since it's so hot yeah he's

it's so hot huh and then of course toys

toys for them to play with their water

bowl they were such a good puppies like

like you'll never get as intelligent of

a puppy as these oh thank you for the

kisses thank you he's starting to be one

of my favorites you guys

he's so cute if it wasn't for this

enclosed area that we have it's a bar

actually but my mom let me you know keep

it as the puppy sanctuary if it wasn't

for this then we probably used the

playpen that we hide in my room but we

did have this gate and it worked

perfectly because well I just did it's

like a little room but yeah the puppies

are doing fine they're growing playing

having fun getting trained there goes

another one oh that's a good girl

they're so smart you guys I just can't

get over it oh my god that's a good girl

that's a good girl oh no butter bar the

water bowl what happened you got wet do

you guys want to go outside oh my

goodness that's a good boy that's a good


yeah so I just wanted to do a quick

update on the puppies they turned four

weeks this week this Friday they turned

four week and as you can see we changed

the location of the playpen we did

introduce them to a wet food science

diet we mix it in with some water so

they did get introduced to an water bowl

and if you guys saw I'll try to get some

snippets of it they act pretty funny

when it comes to drinking water for the

first time and I think it's so adorable

but I kind of wanted to talk about like

during the four weeks I guess so they

get introduced to puppy food at four

weeks because I think is so funny as

well they start getting little like

razor-sharp teeth you know when you get

a puppy and they bite you like it hurts

really bad because they have razor-sharp

sharp teeth well imagine that on Stella

when she tries to feed them and they

grow really fast so I mean one day they

don't have teeth the next day they do

and they bite Stella and she starts like

nipping at them kind of to stop I

usually like to start with wet food and

then gradually start with like wet dry

kibble and then actually drank a bowl

and it's usually the same brand and

another thing I wanted to say is why we

chose the location we chose and why we

moved them in the first place imagine

having a puppy and your puppy usually

cries at night right

just imagine nine puppies crawling at

night it's the worst thing ever

they usually wake up at 3 in the morning

and 6:00 in the morning and I mean once

you get used to it it's okay I guess but

you'll never really get used to it so we

decided to move them because we have

busy schedule and we need our sleep and

why we moved them here we usually put

them in the garage but those puppies

were born around winter time and the ROG

is fairly warm so it's pretty good for

them but right now as you guys could

probably tell it's summer and it's

really hot in the garage and that was

not a good place to put them

so I mean we have like this I don't know

if they call like a canopy outside

there's always shade if it ever gets too

hot of course like right now there's a

nice breeze and with the shade it feels

really nice but of course if there isn't

no breeze and it's really hot we're

gonna end up bringing them back inside

for the day for the most part they look

pretty the same as in sides and stuff

from the last video I am party training

them and they're doing a really good job

sometimes they barely missed the puppy

pad but it's okay because I mean they're

barely getting used to it I don't know

at least they tried you know so yeah

that's the update if you guys want any

other updates let me know just so I know

what to cover and what you guys want to

know for the next video so I put the

poll in the community tab and you guys

can go there every single week to see

what's gonna be posted or along those

lines and you guys said you wanted a

vlog I've been really debating on

whether or not vlogs are good for this

channel as you guys saw in the beginning

I tried making it a vlog I kind of did

like a montage kind of long kind of

thing but like I hope you guys enjoyed

blogs I mean there's not much to puppy

breeding unless you guys want me to make

a video what to expect maybe or

something about breeding how to breed

what to expect when breeding

I don't know just different things like

that and that's that's all I really have

to say like I said there's nothing that

complicated about doing these things the

puppies are in here I get them some

grass time so right now they're

gradually getting away from Mom's milk

but I do feed them every four to five


yeah they sleep all day they eat they go

to the restroom they play you know just

simple stuff like that and I didn't

really know what to make the vlog about

I'm just gonna be honest with you guys

thank you guys so much for watching and

if you guys want anything particular

please let me know if I can make you

guys all happy with things you guys want

to see subscribe to see more videos like

these like this video of course if you

enjoyed it and I'll catch you in the

next one bye