NBA 2K20 My Career EP 4 - Draft Combine!

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there they are

official combine invitees how we feeling

today hype sore wait until your first

back-to-back on the road why do you

think guys like LeBron spend a buck a

year on chefs hyperbaric chambers and

nitrogen treatments I thought out what

he says between the budgets don't

lowball the king now

hey yeah he's right here J Zack wants

you what's up Z I just got a call from

man apparently his production company

shooting some hoops movie on the lot and

they need a real ballplayer for a few

scenes huh imagine that so Hollywood man

wants me to be in the movie what's it


no we're burying dads and training

montages that sound about right to you

yeah actually when's the shoot see I'm

gonna let you Stacey just got it I'm

just the messenger Jay you tell me how

you want to play it I'm here to bring

you the meat you got to eat it

if they give me an option I'm not taking

it there's no way you can't slack on

your craft I'm not even in the NBA yet I

can't afford to miss a workout I've got

to steal my grind

nah see I got get it in man yeah cool

man priorities I dig it

all right off catch you later hi bro

everything good yeah now bring that

light workspace let's do it

light work yeah I am gonna break you

down today this nice wow that's pretty

cool yeah what we doing what you do we

doing today

yo is that Rus hot into you want their

autographs or their ankles come on we've

got some NBA action going on what is it

a to V no it's a 3 V 3 is that Paul

George and Westbrook on my team

Harden's got no defense so we gotta

abuse this we got a hop step all around

them I wonder is this game going to 11

is it going to 2100 sham dive got him

look at that dish that fancy pass off

with the left hand tied up to 2 2 I

don't think we're gonna go to 7 2 1 B 1

was to 7 look at this another hop step

see if I can lock up harden good defense

great defense we're trapping 2 rows in

off to the races I'm gonna let this fly

from behind the line why not

I shouldn't have jumped giving up a

layup that's my bag gotta stay on the

ground Harden is celebrating though look

at the speed I'm too fast coast to coast

for the flush I don't want to switch

that get back that's a tough shot

that's a terrible shot the rebound for

me trouble for the D you know the rules

look at that dish give it back the given

go for another slam still it PG ah he

just moved me out of the way look at

that tie game I think it's going to 11

hardens got his take over that's not

good but this is good a wide-open layup

I'm dead tired now how come nobody else

is tired how come it's just me that's

tired we blew a lead in a scrimmage

that's sad


I caught mercy calm down I'm just here

for a wellness check on your roommate

he's in his room

Paul abuse tightening as a headshot Isis

your friend you regret not doing the

movie Wow

I got the run with a beer that was wild

besides there'll be others I hope J this

is the beginning of a very long road

those calls will keep coming and they'll

get harder and harder to resist so you

got to keep your blinders on all right I

will Stacey


what you doing I I'm sick you I can't


combine got me bugging yeah look you

don't have to worry about it you're

right right

then again I'm like getting endorsements

all film offers

what's your jealous nah man she's saying

we both blessed


yeah momaday goes that man who took a

stand it was good mr. 34:30

Bertie I didn't see your name on the

list yeah late edition bro no a few caps

opted out so yeah I am sir father I

think we only two who made it from Pitt

yes oh you know we got put on for the

dog is that fellow right no doubt


you know a lot of the general managers

and scouts that are here at this combine

they've had disappointing seasons but

what they see out here Steve is hope

they see who's up next and obviously

like you said it Kevin is two fools who

are basketball that valuating all these

young man there are so many great

players here there are so many wonderful

stories but the one that's probably been

the most captivating has been about Jay

we know what he did he set up the

tournament to support a teammate

I think the scouts are not only

interested in what he can do on the

floor but finding out is this really

what he's like is he this kind of an

unselfish team guy Kevin look I love Jay

I loved his desire I love what he stands

for but let's face it right now he's a

four year guy who could have came out in

2016 they are wondering the question

mark is this desire and commitment over

these next few days he has a chance to

really impress the scouts there's a lot

here on the table for but it's gonna be

fun to watch why nowise Kevin I'm ready

I am too this is gonna be fun we haven't

had a Draft Combine in a while first up

is shooting I miss the splash man I make

it splash man I got to show these teams

that I got range you can count on me to

spread the floor look at green release

can they see that animation can all of

these scouts see that I'm greening only

one star wonder how many shots you need

to make to get three stars okay two

stars is five shots so maybe ten we'll

get it done we got 17 more old baby

green after green after green maybe I'll

get that green machine badge if I can

time this I like what I'm seeing here

just let me drop them shots there we go

ten is that gonna give me three stars

we got three stars on this drill very

nice I wonder what will these drills be

like for other positions will they have

different drills like if you have a

sinner let's say I make Moses car we're

gonna be doing jump shots are we gonna

be poppin threes in the Draft Combine I

hope not

see if I can end with a nice three I see

if I can get the last two one

or maybe the last three - and here goes

three very nice another shooting drill

this is exactly why I went with a more

shooting type of build because you want

to be able to get some of those badges

especially a Hall of Fame for your jump

shots now we're really showing the range

the three-point range every NBA team

needs to see this they need to know can

you spread that floor can you be out

there at the end of games can we trust

you you can trust me I'm greeting like

crazy I'm about to get three stars

before I even go to the middle of the

court three stars is it going to be

eight or nine it's gonna be ten again I

think it's gonna be ten I'm just I can't

miss mr. slash man I make it splash man

this is like practice for the

three-point competition I like this now

all of a sudden I'm starting to miss see

if I can get to 20 if I can get to 20 my

draft stock is going up come on cut

gotta make every shot just green every

shot green it baby drop we're about to

hit 15 ah it rimmed out I could have had

20 but it rimmed out let's see if we can

go to 19 we're at 16 17 18 perfect

release 19 baby I couldn't get 20 but I

can get 19 let's go shooting off the

dribble they want to know can I pick in

a roll can I split the double-team can I

hit him with the fade can I hit those

difficult shots first shot is money

second shot at the elbow also money

third shot ah

what about right here the elbow is my

shot nope not that time so maybe because

I'm not triggering that moving animation

maybe that's why I'm missing if I take a

set shot like that it's like I can't

make it

nevermind that's a myth I just made that

one perfect release so maybe I should do

the set shot maybe that'll be easier we

got two stars so far only five more

shots though so how many do I have to

make to get that three maybe it's gonna

be seven seven or hey Ellen I don't

think it's gonna be ten for this one

it's actually only six so that's easy we

got that in the bag we want to

overachieve though we want to let them

know that my shot it's money eight would

sound real nice perfect release to get

eight I'm fired up pick and roll action

shooting off the dribble no defenders

though I'm actually happy about there

being no defenders out here because

imagine if you have to make so many

shots and somebody's contesting your

shot especially when you don't have any

badges unlocked yet I'm glad that

there's nobody here two for two

we've already got two stars so that

means that three stars might be maybe

five shots ah so you don't want that

animation I'm not trying to get fancy

I'm not trying to hit a fade away

looking like MJ in the clutch I just

want to hit the shot eyes in and

out again these animations are not you

know what we're gonna hit it with the

cheese we're gonna come to a standing

stop look at that perfect release we're

just gonna standing stop we're not gonna

use that other animation we're just

gonna pop like that look at a green

release again that's what you got to do

for this drill I'm giving you the

scouting report don't do that right

there oh I made it okay it doesn't

matter I've got three stars you only

needed to make five not bad at all but

I'm telling you when you stop like that

when you come to a complete stop it's an

automatic green release at the Draft

Combine another one false I've got to

really show off we got to get a score of

ten we got to make the rest of these

make them all out

oh yeah we're not missing again

I'm really trying to get drafted in that

first round I'm trying to get drafted

first overall is that even possible can

you get drafted in front of Zion

Williamson wouldn't that be some cheese

I'm ending with a nine they have to be

happy with this now we only have 30

seconds they're gonna time us let's do

it I want to come to a complete stop

though the complete stop you know is

gonna drop complete stop and I got it

two for two or actually oh no I gotta go

over there I just had a brain fart okay

I'm not even in a spot that doesn't


we're brain farting six seconds chuckle

ah geez what do I need to I need three

or four four three star I got three

stars with the shot clock cheese another

shot off the move we're gonna go to the

elbow this time I gotta stay on the move

I can't let my mind fade we've been

shooting like crazy out here they're

really they want to they want to be

thorough they want to know for sure do

you have a shot they're trying

everything three-point shots moving

shots pick-and-roll shots this is crazy

ah see I don't want that animation do

something simple simple always wins ten

more seconds

we got three that means we got three

stars very easy to K doesn't want you

ragequitting already they got to make

this one easy doing great how many more

shooting drills do we have left it says

the speed the vertical we can see that

but when are we gonna move on to that

hopefully this is our last shooting


so let's knock it out let's get those

three to give us the three stars

is that gonna count perfect release it

counts we got two stars one more 14

seconds come to a complete stop and I

got it very successful shooting drills

I'm not letting anybody down I'm letting

them know I'm gonna be a force I'm gonna

be a problem the vertical standing jump

into practice reps I didn't do that good

so I guess you just have to hit Y

extremely fast as soon as it pops up you

have to hit it trigger tap cheese

trigger tap cheese and oh my gosh that's

embarrassing I barely hit the vertical

running jump this one seems a little bit

easier than the first or maybe it's just

cuz you just got to keep your hand over

why keep that thumb over wide so you

could just press it as soon as you get

it don't let me down this time see that

was decent that that's better than what

I did last time I redeemed myself the

bench press how strong is my player I've

always hated doing this drill in the gym

in 2k 19 I know I'm not the only one in

the practice reps I wasn't able to go

flawless but hopefully I can clutch it

out here and impress with everybody

looking at me if you're athletic if you

have that strength your draft stock is

gonna increase and got the first rep

very nice we're gonna try to tilt that

very slow keep that ball moving uh-oh

the ball almost hit the side that time

got three clean reps in not bad at all

Oh got four reps in we're going for five

you see how fast the ball went that time

look at that cheese why did it go that

fast am I getting tired am i weak and

I'm weak look at this I'm struggling

oh my goodness my Quang is not gonna

help me look he's not even looking to

help he's just like whatever if you die

you die oh I did bad I was able to get

ate in the practice reps but I only got

six right now that is not very good

that's gonna be that's not gonna look

good on that transport let's see where

I'm at 21st woo this part of the combine

is lowering my draft stock it's time to

move those feet

time to show that lateral quickness show

that I can play some defense here we go

let's see if I can do better side to

side side to side now turn on the Jets

and get up out of there I got two stars

I did not get three four point six

seconds fourteenth Lane agility is up

next and I don't think we've ever had

these drills in 2k before I don't

remember ever having to do any of these

looks like they're new turning on the

Jets gonna go to the right to the right

to the right now back it up back in a

backpedal don't know go faster why are

you slowing down why aren't you going

quick now it's run on the Jets one more

we're gonna go backwards and we got it

that's bot it's gonna be two stars in

not three somehow I messed up Wow now

it's just gonna be the sprint full-speed

turning on the Jets

I built my player to be fast in

transition I can't disappoint here I

gotta show them that I got the speed I'm

gonna be tapping like a boss oh look at

look at that glitch I'm glitching look

at how fast I am

Wow three stars first 2.4 seconds that's

what I'm talking about

finally I'm beasting and feasting on

something with the athleticism and my

draft stock is it's going up I'm now

early second round oh wait a minute I

jumped up two slots

I thought I did bad they thought I did

great you tell me you saw the numbers

numbers were solid man really I got a

lot of calls today the big question now

is well do we take the small victory and

move on to team workouts or do we try to

get even more buzz with a couple of good

scrimmages is this really a question I'm

gonna play what about risking what are

you talking about I want to be a

first-round draft pick I'm not done Z

it's time to put people on notice that's

what I'm talking about

nice okay yeah Oh got another one for

you so two cannibals are eating a clown

you're killing me man one turns to the

other and says eight if something tastes

funny to you right that's not terrible

okay I like that