4 Month Old Baby - Nap Tips

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the unfortunate truth about this is for

babies that are younger than six months

old short and unpredictable mapping can

be common which is the last thing that

tired parents want the entire parent

wants to hear but it's often the truth I

don't encourage formal nap training

until at least six months for that

reason the way that I approach helping

babies sleep well is to first work on

bedtime then we fix extra night wakings

and then we work on naps so I would ask

you how your four month old is sleeping

at night has she gone through the four

months a progression is she in the C

progression now how is her night sleep

if she's still waking up throughout the

night and can be hard to settle and

doesn't go down so easily at bedtime on

her own then it's so certainly something

that I would encourage you to work on

first because naps can often just get

better as a result of better night's

sleep so that's fantastic you don't have

to work so hard enough naps are often

the hardest aspect of baby sleep to fix

that's the truth what I do my approach

is a bit unconventional I think if your

baby's younger than six months and is a

serial crap number I encourage you to

help her nap in a way in any way

possible so especially if she has silent

reflux and she's four month old I think

it's perfectly acceptable to nap in the

swing because it's more upright so the

reflux won't bother her as much and then

often the nap the motion will help your

baby nap longer if she's in the swing

you want to supervise her naps so you

just want to make sure even if she's in

her dark bedroom you want to be popping

in there you want to have the video

monitor on her to make sure she's okay

because we don't really want

unsupervised naps in the swing so I

would say it's perfectly acceptable no

mom guilt utilize motion naps

baby carrier stroller the swing

vibrating chair do this until she's

about six months and then hopefully she

will have outgrown her reflux and then

we can really work on getting her

napping longer on her own more

independently but also depending on how

her night sleep is going there are

certainly steps that you can take to

help her with her night sleep a good

first place to start is my sir

exhausting mom survival kit that'll help

walk you through bed time and how to set

up a peaceful nightly ritual for your

baby and I do

and then once she's five months or a bit

older then we can really work on helping

her sleep longer stretches at night

often just doing the steps at the

survival kit will help maybe sleep

better usually at least one of the night

waking disappears or they maybe sleeps

longer stretches but for a lot of babies

we still have to fine-tune some things

and so that's when parents join me in 21

days to be some quiet at four and a half

months you want to really stick to an

hour and a half to two hour or week

times throughout the day so make sure

she's not going too long make sure she's

not going over two and a half hours in

between naps and even in the morning

that first awake time in the morning can

even be as short as an hour and a half

babies are often ready for a nap I feel

that short of them a time a time but do

whatever it takes right now and if she's

in the four-month regression do whatever

it takes for you to get some down time

for her to get the rest that she needs

okay good luck remember if you've got a

question for me about your baby toddler

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