How to train a puppy with 4 month old Golden Retriever / Free Puppy Class

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it was going on folks Larry packmaster

dog training here in the next video what

you're gonna see is I think it's it's


four month old female Golden Retriever

puppy and Sadie is here to take

advantage of the the free puppy class I

offered to people around Christmas time

I know a lot of people get puppies and

what I offered to folks was if you need

some help you come here I will help you

for free it's important guys if you

start off with your puppy the right way

then you're not spending that the next

six months to a year once you start

developing behavioral problems so please

be proactive and I'm glad these folks

did because Sadie is a really beautiful

little puppy and no major issues just

puppy stuff so today my whole goal for

Sadie is just to start teaching her how

to learn ok I want to lay a good

foundation for this puppy so the owners

know what to do to continue working with

her and build a phenomenal dog that's

what they want so a few the things that

I worked on today was for one engagement

eye contact we have to teach the dog

that looking at us creates good things

we want a reward for that eye contact we

have to have the dog in tune with us

before we could teach anything alright

then of course we teach a marker word I

needed the puppy to know that when she

hears yes that something good is coming

in this case is food and then the

commands that I started working on today

was a good place command and a recall

now both of these things the owner will

continue to do for a really short

periods of time throughout the day when

they get back home and if you see when

she got here you know cute little puppy

but she didn't have much confidence so

she was a little scared of the police

boards and scared of the top of the

crate but I like that I prefer when the

dog is scared to get up on there because

then I get to show the owner how we can

get them up there on their own without

using any force without even really

using any pressure you know the dog

learns that man when I get up there

really good thing happens but the most

important part when you do it that way

is it builds tremendous confidence in

the dog so this is just a short little

video and you'll see a little bit what I

do for the free puppy class that I offer

it ok hope you enjoy

for the day I like to see how everything

goes when they get the dog out of the

car yeah you could tell a lot about what

goes on right here so I always watch

this this is important

because the training doesn't start once

you get inside and start giving the

commands obediently

to start teaching commands the training

starts long before that day the training

starts before the training starts oh

it's the

what's going on guys I'm just gonna film

this here real quick all right looks

like we got a nice little golden

retriever beautiful

pick them up out of the car okay

they're good hi guys how you doing

beautiful beautiful you all I want you

to do with her is do anything sit down

tom place I contact anything okay bring

her on that place for okay all right

don't force her she's scared of it

that's okay bring her over to the Creek

top see if she'll jump up there probably

won't that's okay okay so she just don't

have that confidence yet all right so

she's a puppy

so that's what we'll work on right now

okay god she's beautiful

let's see okay so good reward that eye

contact perfect so this is what took a

few minutes to get say to you to do yeah

very nice relax that arm wanna doing

everything on our own be as natural as

possible okay yeah good reward that eye

contact now let's get her on the on the

high one here now remember this has to

be big exciting for us she has some

things she just did the greatest thing

in the world

okay keep rewarding she's up there let

that tail go let it just rock on Steph

don't worry about second just keep

rewarding all we want to do is keep

rewarding her big does she just did a

big thing now just go get her off of

there just go don't ask for nothing you

just go now bring her all the way around

and put more pep in it and get her up

there again go all the way around no

just say will you just wait okay we want

to put her in a position where it's very

easy for her okay

very nice good job see so now that fear

is completely gone so how long did it

take us to get around there about two

minutes all right

no forsen no dragon and no tools just

building her confidence very nice

Oh him

yeah let's go get it so just be oh my

gosh I love this dog yeah

we we like tug