5 month old German Shepherd Puppy DAILY TRAINING

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hi guys welcome back to the doghouse

Jessica here I wanted to do a little

Grimm video just talking about the

difference that I've seen in him lately

with his training between me using

treats versus a toy it's not a huge

difference but I feel like he gets a

little bored with food I've been looking

into different types of treats I've

actually got a slew of training treats

that I've had to use just to kind of

keep his interest but I've noticed a

little difference with his toy drive

late as of lately the other thing is

actually environment to first training

I've noticed a huge difference between

training inside the living room which is

here versus training outside in the

front yard I'm gonna do some Street

training so that my treats in my pouch

they're pretty stinky he's pretty alert

he's got his vest on that's one

difference he's got a leash on that

actually makes a difference for him too

as well I've noticed that when we're

training he actually it's almost like he

knows that when he's got a leash on to

kind of behave I'm not gonna I'm not

upset about that it's five months old

I mean he's gonna push his little

boundaries probably for another year and

a half so what I want to start with is

just some positioning I do I try to be

positioning like every day so can I get

started grandma here yes here's a new

one here is the command and this is the

position I want for it here so let's see

if he'll do it again so I can see a

little bit better here yes now

eventually I'm going to ask him to be

closer I like him to be I mean I want

him to be right up under my bellybutton

I mean I want him to be really close

cat distraction as well which is fine

the other thing that I wanted to start

teaching him is the stand position

he's not very we haven't done a lot of

that just in general it's not a huge

important command I use it actually in

the tub the most grooming we're

beginning dog I've that's what we've

initially that's what we initially

taught the true the command for is to

stand in a grooming position if need be

somebody that maybe you can't groom your

dog or walk around their dog or maneuver

their dog themselves it's easier if the

dog knows the command to stand up so

it's not something that he knows flex it

or down it's something I actually have

to still lure or mold a bit to get him

to do sometimes grandma Stan stand yes

so what I actually do I'm almost coops

okay go

I'm tricking them a little bit I kind of

just do like he's already he wants to do

that or lay down but so what I kind of

do is I've come step is good stand that

step away a little bit like I want him

to follow me that's just a little trick

I'm just associating him with the

command to stand so stand yes good boy

now what I have to do is treat him fast

enough before he sits back down he's

going to again he's pretty calm right

now he's actually been in the cage for a

few hours when I was at work so again

I'm using treats notice the difference

he's calm but he also is in a little bit

of training mode which is what I want

when he's wearing the vest which is why

I like the best and he's going to offer

me some positions which is fine good boy

boost's first

so he yes so he did try to do the first

position which was nice but he didn't do

it properly so we don't accept ah he

broken without being asked good good boy

so I'm also at a point where I don't

want to treat every single time he's old

enough at this point we've had enough

lessons together that he knows better on

certain commands and I'm allowed to more

reprimand him for not doing the command

or bravely no come in come here yes here

I want eventually trying to be closer so

a good boy so I do kind of offer retell

them to the here position boosts good


I only moved a little bit as I knew the

couch was kind of in his way growing out

of the living room so outgrowing Lovera

my should say so I want him to I said

screw so I want him to keep that

position nope

I never said the ko word or anything

like that so I wanted to keep the

position to my left leg that was a

little no who

and I want to lose his interest too much

or frustrate him so I went ahead and

gave him a treat for the good correction

one thing I do want to start doing with

him is for him not to do this complete

move that huge loopy loopy does yes then

is how I train it at first I wanted him

to be more I wanted to move his butt a

little bit

sit they wanted to lay down under single

time you need to hold us and Isis it um

the other thing all the guy was saying I

want him to learn to like maneuver ease

but more than anything didn't his whole

body yes he feels like this he feels

like he has to do that every single time

but it's also our forcing you so hey

that's something I have to relearn I can

I kind of forgot how to do that I do use

the target a target Bowl the touch it's

supposed to help with positioning a heel

like getting them haha it's good okay

plus it also gets them to be more what

is it rearing to wear or something I

there's words for it there's fancy words

for it but we're not going to be a fancy

today right I want to show you a new

command that I've been just for fun kind

of this little oh just the thing I've

seen people do and elite some of

eating's I guess it's kind of to me it's

like a trick move but it actually came

in handy when I was out in public with

him in a really crowded area and he did

amazing but we actually actually using

this middle position was really useful

for me you know personally um so he does

the foots yes uh uh whose big face there

I go that's things that's dirty good boy

and my voice is you're he's not always a

treat then you don't get to treat happy

so what she's pepper he's motivated by

treats in new ways so the other one I

was doing is say middle okay grandma

middle know

I haven't asked him to do this in a

little while just because he almost

started to always do it so I didn't so

every time I would boost he almost was

going trying to go between my legs

anyways grandma no good boy so I taught

in this position just for fun and just

another position and why not so the

other thing that came in handy is fast

no yes

this is like a really physical position

he's between my legs he can feel me on

either side having him do this and just

I was in an area where it was public and

I was standing in one spot for quite a

while and so I just got to keep him out

of the way I had him do this and it

would because there was not really a

place for him to go all dogs if they're

gonna be in public should kind of be

taught to be out of the way they

shouldn't be seen or heard

so they're actually typically taught to

go under tables or chairs there wasn't

any of those available so to keep him

out of the way this was actually perfect

and he was very comfortable he wasn't

protective in this position wasn't

insecure I wasn't in a way of coddling

him but it was really comfortable for

both of us and he was out of the way

basically and it was just a really good

safe way to keep me out of keep him from

being stepped on our mist or just just

away from out of the way so and just to

kind of give people their own security

as well and I have control over my job

which you should have Graham just turned

five months old on the 18th of what is

it's February so five months old

SOCOM will die so what I like to do is

have them go from different positions

and then repeat it and then mix it up a

little bit so it's kind of nice it's

actually like mastering the sittin lay

down for now and then eventually

mastering those other positions as well

with this a lot of people say well my

god knows have sittin lay down and

they've mastered that that position they

know those commands well I believe that

a dog that truly knows how to sit or lay

down can go from either position from

what our position is already in so it's

kind of what that's kind of to me like

practicing the bass triangle positions

is so hey grandpa come good boy I'm

excited about trees no okay ready

sit so I just block them with my leg

because he's gonna heal

so what class class so I have to be

careful with this game sit yes plus new

uh uh but yes good boy sit sit

good boy class

oops it's yes

so that was he did really well and then

a bit ugly and then he did really well

scuzzy so we had to figure that out

this is called training up you got

something to be perfect especially if I

went old but you also have to do trial

there come put it here so here still new

obviously so I give him that

Oh give him that movement of my own body

okay here I use the couch to block good

now it's not as nice but it was still

there good here yes

so I'm also using the dog but it doesn't

even know he's in the dog but you can't

he goes he can't do a heel so grandma

here yes and I hold my treat here I want

to focus here eventually you pull this


not yet quick pull it here

yes loose

know whose push that wasn't a strange

that you know

yes it was very straight so you may ask

for it

the stock traders you want to expect

better ask feel better and you will get


good boy let them know what's better

come big boy that's where patience comes

in in dog training very boost as you can

see he's like a sloth that's different

huh boy one of the things I have done

has only done stuff to you a handful of

times to introduce back is to because

they don't know what that means and a

lot of dogs just sit with the back so

what I'm going to do is so I have them

up next to me and I have the couch were

like I basically have him sandwich

between me and the couch and I'm going

to use my foot back yes good boy whoo

back I put my foot under him and it

basically made him stand up and he

started to back up lines alone I went

with him

captain focused my treat and then gave

them the treat with a couple of steps

backwards let's try that again

good back back back

yes you're still trying to sit right

before you actually sit I already

started moving them backwards I'm not

using a leash at all at first you can

you can start you know yo correcting

with the leash but you can use it as a

lure to help mood and run back which

while I'm choose to old okay so let's do

a little bit more positioning with the

sit and lay down straighten one that up


yes new paths yes sit Coolidge Dan yes

OOP no stand good boy sit stands and lay

down or threa that I really wanted to do

consecutive to leave but you want to

change it as well plus good thick good

box Stan

good boy boy I even use my foot like I

did with the back punched his stomach

with it and it just kind of makes him

jump up like woohoo touched me and he is

now our same position so good blast good

ah no class good boy sit Gus Dan yes

tiny tiny little and a pole but teeny

tiny like signal from the leash to get

them to kind of stand as if we're gonna

go somewhere

I've been trying a couple of different

things with him that's why he'll see me

do the stomach types the leash or even

just the treat lure just to give a

statement boy

so my chamber that he's good there's no

place it's good for him to know the

three positions um I've been using

different things from him to understand

whatever works for your dog's cool I'm

not sure exactly what works for him I'm

still testing the hell out which one

which lure which little teaser which

which one which signal is going to help

him establish what the word stand

actually means or when I want it to need

for him so good good sit

claps sit very good boy okay so that one

incorporate a toy in the living room for

training toys are a little different and

he's a little bit more excited so good

boy I thought that was a toy all right

so he's a little bit more awake now it

seems which is kind of funny it's been

about 60 seconds since we switched from

treats to toys Troy toys are a little

different though they're actually it's a

little bit different for me as well I'm

not used to using as what a toy is ever

I was used as a reward a lot which is

really good but it's kind of interesting

because you can't every single time he

does something and employ candidate oi

because he think it's a toy treats he

just eats really quick can you go about

your business so you want him at a point

where he's not getting treats every

single time he's not learning stuff

brand new with the toy but a toy it can

be a really good lure and especially

outdoor fun for open handsome or

anything else that you want to teach him

so we'll try this two bucks sit bucks

sit Stan Stan yes boy so the car has to

go through the whole deal whether he

gets to chase the ball here good grandma

the middle no no yes I squeeze you out

cop that's food drop there I put the vet

in the way huh well your next trick is

to teach him to catch it

come on boost boost no yes no good class

excuse me no yes good boy communicate

communicate with your dog

good boy stay bass plus stay good boy

I just sound very offended when he kind

of I guess disobeys or breaks a rule or

a command but you have to remember how

to put a motion in it and I immediately

go to the good but the pricks so this is

gonna be a hard whining and work on this

in a long time I'm gonna see a leave it

so for me to leave it and you'll see

them peeking but I leave it good

belief it is to not only not touch it

don't look at it don't leave it good boy

it's conscious eyes our case good boy

good boy out it's a new one yes good boy

big boy out

good boy he's barely holding on to that

with his mouth I actually pull right out

but I want him to decide to let me have

it when I save him when I say out so

good boy out grip out hey good boy

okay so that was just a little bit of

our training that we do kind of on a

daily basis I like to do positions I

like to practice that's the main things

I like to practice because I feel like

those are going to be used the most

on day to day basis a lot of times

especially if I take a mountain public

or anything like that so that was just a

little rendition of what we do he's

pretty tired already so I'm going to let

him rest a bit

right grab core so it's like nap time

for everybody that's our dog den by the

way I definitely want to do a video on

our how we manage our kids at the house

so oh the other thing I forgot is that

Grimm lost - if you are on this the

Grahams you saw it let me say let me say

he thinks I'm playing but look he knows

how to let me look and you can see a

little six months okay nice by only

getting canines six month all canines

are starting to break through the skin

which popped out his little baby canine

which by the way I actually never ever

find and always hear about other people

it's not there I always hear about other

people finding their dog's teeth let's

see if we can focus on that there's a

grocer cool there we go

I think it's cool I'm gonna save it

anybody want to make me a necklace hope

you guys enjoyed the video I'm gonna let

all the dogs out I'm gonna try to break

them out if it's nap time

you got Harvey

the couch during training just snoring

away kiddies too but that's basically

where he is I feel like he's like not

include to the couch but has now become

one with the couch but that's gonna in

our video I'm gonna take his vest off

get him out of training mode take him

outside for a quick spin and then we

will see you guys next time bye

bad dream she better dream