How Many Hours A Day Should You Train For Basketball? Q&A #6

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hey what's up y'all code tracking here

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basketball TV I'm currently in Columbia

but I couldn't let a week pass without

doing the fifth quarter so today we're

here with another episode of the fifth

quarter now you already know how this

works I'm going to put 10 minutes on the

clock and I'm going to answer as many

basketball training related questions

that you have whether it's basketball

training in front of the jump training

related strength training or anything to

do with basketball I'm here for you um

and yeah I'm going to answer the

question so without further ado let's

put ten minutes on that clock let's get

it alright on the moon should I practice

one thing a day for basketball like

shooting one day and dribbling the next

or should I practice multiple things

each day so this is a very good question

now how how I recommend doing it is each

day you want to base workout that you do

and then you want to take time out to

focus on a specific skill so for

instance you don't want a whole day

where you're just practicing like

floaters or you don't want a whole day

where you're just practicing shooting

because in reality that's not going to

be very game related because in a game

you're doing everything I want and the

whole point of training is to get you

ready for that game situation so how I

do with my players um is we start off

with a base so let's say let me just

formulate a training a sample workout

for you so we warm up we do some ball

handling I'm to warm up and then we get

into some shooting so those are the base

things um you know we do a few drills

for ball handling get those hands warm

get our handles warm but also train our

handles pretty lightly um and then we're

going to get into shooting light

shooting stationary shooting things like

that um get that shot warm starting

closed-form shooting work our way out do

spot shooting a lot of different things

to improve um you know the basic

techniques of shooting and then from

there we'll start to move into more life

things whether it's you know dribbling

and shooting together so it'll be like

pulled up jump shots or drove

move jump shots will kind of move our

way into you know gametime action and

then once we're really warm then that's

when I'll take a segment maybe it's ten

minutes maybe it's 15 minutes depending

on the player depending on your need

depending on whatever weakness they have

and how much time you need to focus on

it but I'll take a certain segment of

the training and I'll say okay here

you're going to work on floaters but

still with those floaters I would still

have in like start at the top and make

it like game situational where you're

coming off of a pick doing a crossover

move getting in a lane and then hitting

the floater unless it's something like

hey they need to practice their shooting

off the catch so then we wouldn't really

do much besides kind of setting maybe

setting up a pick setting up a screen

running off it and then hitting the shot

off the screen or off the pick so um

that's how I would do it I wouldn't

schedule a whole like I went spend an

hour working on one thing because then

you're neglecting all the other skills

that you need to be a great player and

in basketball you need multiple skills

to be a great player so we're going to

focus again like I said we're going to

start off focusing on the main things

when the main qualities of players

should have whether it's on ball

handling shooting you know whatever that

may be we're going to start off with

that and then as the workout goes on

we'll branch off into more player

specific things um whether its position

specific or really player specific where

we work on their weaknesses so yeah try

that out next time he goes to the gym

next question are the next question we

have what can I do to improve finishing

around the rim alright so the first

thing I'm going to do is check out some

of the videos on this channel um you can

just go to the search on the channel and

put in finish around the rim I've done a

few videos on different things to help

you become a better finish around the

rim but to kind of just talk about it a

little bit things that you should do is

work on using floaters I know this isn't

necessarily finishing around the rim but

short of short pull up jump shots are

going to be your best friend and the

short floaters are going to be your best

friend when it comes to finishing around

the rim especially the higher up you go

because in high school or maybe if

you're a middle school right

our high school right now even you might

not be facing like guys that are that

much taller than you but once you start

getting to you know high quality

competition in high school or college

you're going to be facing guys in the

paint that are going to be six nine six

ten you know around that height and

you're not going to be able to just

finish over them getting all the way to

the rim of trying to finish with layups

you're going to get blocked so the best

thing to do there would be to hit

floaters um before you get to the guy in

high arcing floaters so I have to get

over his hand a block or like I said the

short pull-up jump shots where you beat

the first line of defense so you don't

want to attack the second line so you

pull up and that's going to be the best

way to actually one guarantee that you

get the shot off without getting it

blocked and those are going to be you

know they might not be fully uncontested

but they're going to be much more

uncontested than those layups unless you

take all the way to the rim so yeah just

remember that and also when you're going

to finish around the rim just focus on

high arcing layups to getting it high

off the glass if you watch in college or

in college they teach this a lot the

coaches do a great job getting their

guards especially the smaller ones to

finish high off the backboard so I know

when you're growing up they teach you

layups off the square when you get to

the higher level you need sometimes your

layouts have to get over that squared um

you just have to practice that practice

the right amount of spin practice the

touch that you're going to need to hit

the ball to hit the ball high off the

backboard so you can't get it pin

because now many players can pin the

ball above the square you know so um

just work on those different things when

it comes to finishing around the rim

next question so the next question we

have is how many hours a day should I


um this is another good question um it

it varies I would say now the main thing

you want to focus on is having it

doesn't always have to be a super high

intense workout but it has to be

efficient so whether it's very intense

or not which especially in the offseason

I like to have high intense workouts for

my players um because they're not

getting as much gametime reps or

practice now when it's in season this is


because you're practicing a lot you're

doing a lot of stuff with your team so

when you get the gem by yourself you

don't want to kill yourself with crazy

high intense workouts you want to be a

little less intense but you still want

to focus on fundamentals and techniques

and things like that now in regards to

how long your workouts should be again

it depends on which part of the season

you're in if you're in the offseason

with my players we have anywhere from an

hour from 60 to 90 minute workout

sessions keep in mind we also do

strength training and we do conditioning

um so the skill sessions aren't

necessarily always going to be super

long sometimes our 45 minutes it just

really depends the day on the type of

energy the way the players performing

you know we'll go hard until I start to

see them kind of fall off and then I

don't want them picking up any bad

habits oh well you know finish that

final drill and then I'll say all right

we're done let's hit the weights

or something like that but in the

offseason I mean we're working out you

know anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes on

the court and then maybe 30 to 45

minutes lifting weights and then maybe

another twenty to thirty minutes doing

conditioning depending on the day we

don't do conditioning every day we don't

strength train every day we don't do

skill training every day so it's a

really broad spectrum um you have to

work with but in the offseason I would

say skill work 45 minutes to 90 minutes

high intense now when you come to end

season um I would say anywhere from like

30 to 60 minutes on the course skill

work but not as intense because when

you're practically me when you're

practicing practice is going to be crazy

intense you need all your energy for

that but you still have to get into

extra reps so you know you don't want to

make the mistake of not practicing extra

reps because when you get in the team

setting it's very hard to continue to

improve your skills if you're not

getting extra work because coaches have

to spend their whole time getting the

team um getting the team to know the

offenses getting building that team

chemistry you don't have as much time to

work on your your

from your skills so you would have to

take out time whether it's 30 minutes to

an hour of light intense ball handling

shooting all those types of things to

continue to get better so that's how

long I would work out if you're in

season maybe 30 to 60 minutes light

intense if you're out of season

45 to 90 minutes high intense and that's

not counting in either one of those

that's not counting strength training

not counting conditioning you'll have to

kind of figure out how much of those

things you need so I'll just keep it in

terms of skill work right now so hope

that helps next question all right so

the next question we have is what is the

most important thing for guard alright

so when it comes to being a guard one it

depends which guard you are if you're

the primary point guard or if you're the

shooting guard but nowadays you know

everybody is playing on guards just

playing all the positions as a guard so

I'm trying to keep this generic and

broad so that it can help any guard

because especially in high school you're

not unless you're like a primary ball

handler you'll probably be running the

one the two every now and then

especially now because a lot of teams

have their best players are you know

they have two or three guards that are

the best players so the best way to go

about this is the main skills for guard

you need first one shooting like if you

can shoot the basketball I think it's

the most important skill in basketball

so guards you have to be able to shoot

the basketball second handle the

basketball you have to be able to handle

the basketball as a guard um those are

the main two things I would say you need

of course now you need you know to be

able to play defense you need to be able

to be in shape and the best thing about

those things are anybody can do it like

you can get in shape and um you can play

defense without having any skills

alright so anybody can do those two

things when it comes to ball handling

and shooting a lot of work has to be put

into reach of those high skill levels

but you need you need those to be an

elite guard now things like passing and

all that that's going to come the more

you play on your vision is going to get

better your understanding

the game is going to get better the

better hands you have the better you'll

be able to pass the ball because you

won't um you won't be bothered with

pressure and stuff as much because

you'll be able to handle the ball and

always be able to get the ball to your

teammates when they need it just because

you can handle the ball now shooting if

you can't shoot the basketball unless

you're like a freak athlete it's going

to be hard for you to score the


because I mean that's how you put the

ball in the basket is being able to

shoot well and like I said if you're a

small guard then you're not going to be

able to finish over defenders you're not

gonna be able to get in the lane as easy

so you're gonna have to be able to have

a you know a good shot so doesn't main

things I would say for a guard um we're

just talking about guard in general you

have to be able to shoot the ball have

to be able to dribble the ball those are

the two main skills that you're going to

need then you got to you know be able to

play defense and be in shape and those

last two things other two things I

mentioned defense and being shape

anybody can do it just takes work you

know you just got to be able to you just

got to want to put in the work to get in

good shape and to play defense other

than that um those are the two main

things as a guard now I could bring it

downward point guard you'll need more

Venice and shooting guard you'll need

more than that like I said we're just

going to keep it broad and keep it

general um with this question because he

just asked about guards um as a whole so

we'll keep it like that I hope you

enjoyed today's video I hope it helped

you out maybe answer the question you

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